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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Deleted member 312, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. La Luna and Summer Rain were both stunning - but both were released in the UK in December in '89 and '90 respectively. Perfect for songs about love in the summertime.

    I used to dislike Circle in the Sand but it's grown on me in recent years, whereas I Get Weak has become a bit of a chore. Nobody Owns Me, I Feel Free, and maybe even Fool for Love would all have been great (international) singles.
  2. Yeah, 'Love Never Dies' had a very 'fifth single from an album' vibe about it. It's OK, but I'm not surprised it flopped.

    I really liked 'I Feel Free', but I guess the record label decided not to go with that after it tanked as a single in the US.
  3. 'World Without You' should've been the last single, 'Love Never Dies' kept as an album track. I'm fine with 'Nobody Owns Me' as a single, but I slightly prefer 'We Can Change' and 'Fool For Love.'
  4. Some of you all never had sand between your toes growing up and it shows.

    I Get Weak is the one I like but not love.
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  5. Real is the album I struggle with to identify what else coulda/woulda been singles after the two we got.

    I have a vague recollection of a sticker saying 'includes the singles Big Scary Animal, Lay Down Your Arms and One With You' but I could just be inventing Boplinda singles campaigns again.
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  6. 'You Came Out of Nowhere' on Live Your Life Be Free has to be up there as one of the great missed singles opportunities.
  7. I feel 'Live your life' could have easily spawned 7 singles. The 4 released plus 'you came out of nowhere', 'I plead insanity' and 'You're nothing without me'.
  8. Nothing Without Me and Emotional Highway for me.
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  9. Nobody Owns Me
    Fool For Love
    You're Nothing Without Me

    Those 3 should all have been released as singles.
  10. She shot a video for I Plead Insanity so assume it was good to go in that gap before Little Black Book, but just ...didn't?
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  11. I think she was ill plus the video was deemed unsuitable as it could cause seizures or something. Shame, it's such a great song. At least it made The Best of CD.
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  12. Yes, there were remixes and it was on the Best of Belinda Vol 1. The video was filmed pre pregnancy but I assume they just didn’t have time to release before she gave birth and then went for Little Black Book instead.
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  13. Kinda wish she'd released 'Little black book' and 'Insanity' to wrap up the '..Free' campaign then released The best of but adding 'Mad about you' and led by 'Big scary animal' and 'Lay down your arms'.
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  14. I think it was meant to be a US single but the label canned the whole release.
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  15. “I Plead Insanity” and “Half The World” videos were shot pretty much back to back and Belinda pregnant and very sick. The choice not to release Insanity was Belinda’s as she didn’t like how she looked in the video.
    Hence Little Black Book got a video shot post-pregnancy and release in August 1992, tied in with the release of The Best of Belinda Vol 1 which landed in September.
  16. What an absolute piece of joy this song truly is.
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  17. They screwed her over a lot by the sound of it during Runaway Horses and thereafter. She didn't have much love for her US representatives in her biog.
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  18. Runaway Horses was Belinda's biggest era in Australia. I was quite surprised to learn that the singles didn't do much better in the US & UK once I got the interwebz and could look up such things.
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  19. Just came across Diane Warren singing I Get Weak live and Rick Nowels comments on the video:

    Rick Nowels
    5 months ago
    I got the demo from Diane of "I Get Weak" and recorded it with Belinda Carlisle. It became a big hit. This is what the demo sounded like. Great song Diane. Thank you!
  20. As for potential singles from Live Your Life Be Free…. I refer you to my post from some time ago (2011):

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