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I am surprised the digital release was so soon. I have not got the same conviction. I could not wait until my CD arrives in August and have listened to the EP. Belinda is sounding INCREDIBLE. A very strong collection of songs. Hopefully, there is a full album in pipeline.
I saw the May release date and figured it was applicable to all formats (honestly what is going on with much later release dates months after for actual things…).
As it happens, because I bought this via Amazon I just noticed an email informing me I can have a digital copy now (result!) so that’ll be first thing I listen to when I get home tonight
I’ve been travelling for work all week so only now getting the chance to sit and listen to the EP. I’m impressed. Belinda’s voice has held up so well over the years. I’m really enjoying the new stuff - but agree a full album would’ve been better. I think I’ll playlist the covers she did for the deluxe editions of Heaven On Earth/Runaway Horses plus Sun and Goodbye Just Go and that will create my album!
Looks like there's going to be another Belinda box set coming. Volume 1.


Belinda Carlisle: Decades Volume 1: The Studio Albums Part 1