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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, May 13, 2014.

  1. Re: Bella Thorne - Debut Album + Singles

    She clearly can barely sing, so the talk-sing thing might be a call. I don't see much of a music career for her. K$ would make that song amazing.
  2. Re: Bella Thorne - Debut Album + Singles

    Album is supposedly coming out next week (21st)


    1. Daydream
    2. Drop The Beat
    3. Paperweight (Possible Lindy Robbins cowrite)
    4. Down Like That (featuring Jacob Latimore)
    5. Call It Whatever
    6. One More Night
    7. Boomerang
    8. Boyfriend Material (Charli XCX cowrite)
    9. Jersey
    10. Bad Case of You
    11. Break Into My Heart (Icona Pop cowrite)
  3. Re: Bella Thorne - Debut Album + Singles

    Omg it really is so kesha but obviously not as good. But looks like she's deliberately trying to copy her.
  4. Re: Bella Thorne - Debut Album + Singles

    Her face and styling remind me so much of Wilam Belli...
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  5. I was briefly terrified, for her sake, that Boyfriend Material was the unreleased Ariana song. It is not, but now I'm wishing it was.
  6. So far, this is an OK ep. One More Night is pretty good, as one would expect from Dreamlab. Boyfriend Material is probably the weakest Charli XCX-penned song to date, but it might grow on me.
  7. Jersey sounds exactly like a Zendaya song, and dare I even say Bella sounds exactly like her?

    I think she has potential.
  8. The EP is not very good. Even the Charli song is quite weak.

    That's already happened.
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  9. 'Jersey' and 'Paperweight' are surprisingly solid.
  10. She's coming back to save pop music!

  11. In the meantime I'll keep bothering her to release her old tracks.

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  12. Didn't she admit she was a shit singer and didn't want to go down that path anymore?
  13. She wants to be a popstar so bad, but at the same time seems to be somewhat aware that she doesn't make a very good one.
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  14. She doesn't have a modicum of talent.
  15. She's got new music coming out.

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