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Bella Thorne

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, May 13, 2014.

  1. Good form Bella Thorne.
  2. It's nice to know that Jeffree Star was her true form all along isn't it.
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  3. I like this new song by her. It's really catchy.
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  4. I honestly cannot stand her.
  5. I thought this was the chick from Twilight.
  6. no its jeffree
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  7. It's not half bad, which is fantastic for Bella Thorne.
  8. She couldn't even make a Charli XCX co-write good ugh.
  9. It's fine. Sis is the definition of extra though.
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  10. I didn't know who was singing.
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  11. Yesssssss
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  12. She's so basic. I couldn't stand her in The Duff, and I love clich├ęd mean girls.
  13. I feel a bit bad for her. I enjoy her in Famous In Love and I just watched her movie You Get Me on Netflix. The amount of hate she gets is HUGE compared to other young celebs, I googled her age as I thought she was about 23 and shes just 19. Shes clearly going through that rebellious stage they all go through.

    Anyway, I like the song, chorus is a bit basic and typical but the beats are great throughout the verses and she sounds good.
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  14. I'm actually surprised she came back with more music. She admitted to being a shit singer and not even loving singing, but I was bopping to Paperweight and One More Night the last few days - so I'm surprised at the timing of new music!

    That being said I'm not interested in her as an artist anymore. Everything about her is tragic.
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  15. The release of this new single made me want to listen to the Jersey EP and I didn't remember how much I used to love Paperweight 3 years ago.
  16. Bitch. I see you. Are you in the Facebook group?
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  17. Jersey (the song) is a bit of a bop - and her only track where the vocal sounds passable. Just Call doesn't fall into that category...
    I don't know much at all about her, but she's popped up in quite a few things I've watched (like "The Duff") but I've noticed she gets a lot of flak. What's the dish? Or is there dish at all? I don't think she's that bad an actress, to be completely honest.
  18. Have you seen her lately?
  19. ...I get ya.
  20. Seeing this thread bumped made me want to go back and read LiLo in Training posts but they seem to have been deleted. Heartbroken.
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