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Belle and The Devotions/Bardo/Sweet Dreams/Vikki

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by backstreetjoe, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. Hi.....being of a certain age these are the four UK tracks from about 82-86 I would really love to have on CD/MP3....any ideas?
  2. The single version of the Vikki entry is on a compilation CD called "Puppets on a String" (now deleted I think, but you can probably get it for under a tenner), and Bardo is on last year's compilation "Ultimate Eurovision Party".

    Belle and the Devotions is on a compilation called "This Is Eurovision" (as is Bardo), though this is long-since deleted, so you might have to pay a premium.

    Not sure about Sweet Dreams though...
  3. Thanks! I've found the Ultimate Eurovision Cd but not sure how much I want to pay for it!
  4. Attempting to fill more gaps in my 80s iTunes Singles Logs, and obviously one of the biggest culprits of said holes are the UK Eurovision entries from that decade; Bucks Fizz and Bardo excepted, they seem incredibly difficult to find. There's a YouTube channel with vinyl rips of them all, which means you can hear them again, but they're not of any actual use.

    Rikki's Only The Light is - I think - available as a 7.30 "club mix" on mp3, and it's actually quite brilliant. But it's not the single version. I was sure I had the Scott Fitzgerald one somewhere, but at the moment I can't locate it in my collection (probably on a Formel Eins I got this year?).

    Someone really ought to locate the mastertapes, buy the rights, and stick out a "UK Eurovision Entry" CD compilation. I bet there's a market for it!
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  5. Aha, I found "Go" was on a Super Willi's Powerhits compilation....
  6. 'Love Games' is Britain's greatest ever Eurovision entry. FACT!!!
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  7. Am with you Baby Clyde - or maybe tied with Bardo?
  8. Not tied as its actually Bardo. FACT.
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  9. I've been so addicted to all but Vikki! See my and Thisismyjam below! I miss the orchestra!
  10. There just aren't enough Eurovision CD's. I wish they'd release some more.... and not with the same old tracks time and time again. I don't need "Puppet On A String" & "Save All Your Kisses For Me" again, thanks.

    Sweet Dreams still isn't on CD unfortunately. It came 6th in the competition and made No. 21 in the UK single chart. But it was on Ariola records. There seems to be a problem with getting some Ariola songs/albums on CD for some reason (Amii Stewart springs to mind).

    I didn't remember Vikki. I just YouTubed it. Still don't remember it and personally I don't like it.

    Belle & The Devotions is faded about 18 seconds early on "This is.... Eurovision" and it doesn't seem to be on any other CD, which is a real shame. It's just about long enough though to still be enjoyable. There was also a 12" extended version but that isn't on CD at all. It came 7th in the competition and reached No. 11 in the UK singles chart. I'm sure a lot of people would remember it. It was on CBS records, so I would have thought Sony would still have this lurking in the vaults somewhere.

    The best ever UK entry was Josh Dubovie "That Sounds Good To Me".... (just kidding, that was tripe). I have to agree with @Rooneyboy , although I love Belle & The Devotions, Bardo "One Step Further" made me excited when I first heard it and it still does to this day. I can even forgive the made up word "tooken" because it's such a great song. It's definitely my favourite UK entry.

    I would love to see a compilation done by someone like Cherry Pop of all the Andy Hill productions. They could regurgitate the obvious Bucks Fizz tracks, but also include all 3 of the Bardo singles (the other two have never been on CD), plus "Am I Normal" by David in 7" & 12" versions (neither of which have been on CD before)... plus other singles from Carol Kenyon, Celena Duncan, David Van Day etc.
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  11. My favourite 80s entry is Sweet Dreams' I'm Never Giving Up. I had it on vinyl as a kid and I far prefer it to Making Your Mind Up. There I said it!


    You don't get much more 80s than that!
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  12. I too prefer it to Making your Mind up.
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  13. My second favourite is Bardo's One Step Further. What a tune that is!

    Weirdly I don't know any of our entries from the second half of the 80s. Am I missing anything amazing?
  14. Rikki's Only The Light is quite good. But the 1985, 1986, 1988 and 1989 entries didn't make much of a mark on me. I vaguely remembered a couple of them.
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  15. Bardo's One Step Further is currently at number 75 in the iTunes songs chart (thanks to it being featured in the first episode of the new series of Car Share shown on BBC One last night)
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