Benjamin Ingrosso - "Better Days" + General Discussion

Just back from his London show and let me say, that man can sing. The setlist was made up of stuff mostly from his new album. Not including Dance You Off made me think he's probably trying to distance himself from that. The new material sounds a real mixed bag, not sure I'm sold on it but will wait for the record to drop. He said it'll be out later this year.
Better Days is a bop, as expected. It feels much more broad in its appeal too.

I’m gutted I missed the London show - ironically I was in Sweden. I thought the set list seemed very strange for his first European tour to be mainly songs people had never heard. I would be curious to know how the audience responded.
Last night was a fever dream. I somehow won the chance to meet Benjy, go to his soundcheck and eat cinnamon buns with him. He’s literally the sweetest and most passionate guy. He said the album is out after Summer, the choir that joined him briefly were singing what he said was the intro to the album.
The gig itself was great, I would’ve loved a couple of other “known” tracks in there but the new stuff does sound great. Just a shame we have to wait for so long for it, especially as he’s touring all summer.
Last night really was an amazing gig. Completely bizarre that he didn't throw in a Dance You Off and All Night Long but the new material really works. There was a track he did at the piano that did literally nothing for me but songs like Look Who's Laughing Now and Angela (I can still hear the melody in my head even though I've only heard it once) are going to be faves. He's also grown so much as a performer over the past year or so and just exudes charisma. I too managed to meet him (without the cinnamon buns unfortunately) and he really is one of the nicest people. It'll be so interesting to see how different the setlist is for the Swedish leg but I'm looking forward to it already.
Seems he's not hanging about and is (finally) releasing 'Honey Boy' at the start of May.
The track is listed as Benjamin, Purple Disco Machine, Nile Rodgers and Shenseea. Fingers crossed they chuck everything possible at this with the features hopefully it'll do well (outside of Sweden) I've never heard of Shenseea but she's got 7.1million followers on Instagram so that'll help give it as boost!

Now that is an exciting list of producers, but teasing something for May which is 2 weeks away?
Announce the album please, we deserve it.
Now that is an exciting list of producers, but teasing something for May which is 2 weeks away?
Announce the album please, we deserve it.
it's confusing that he said the album is "after Summer" maybe we'll get a preorder next month as well..?

I just hope he's not down as a featured artist on the track.
The studio version is thankfully a great translation of the live version. It even made New Music Friday UK (I mean it's very low down but we'll take what we can get). If there's any song of his that could be THE ONE it's this one so let's just hope.

It’s a shame the video isn’t more just Benjy dancing around or in the sun or anything but a random covered in “honey”.

The song is 10/10 though and really hopes with the Eurovision performance it blows up.