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Benjamin Ingrosso - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by nooniebao, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. He’s posted a Shampoo remix EP and the acoustic/Nause & Middle Milk mixes SLAP.

    Slightly questioning why they have put it out now, after the song has died and he’s spent two months instagramming from a yacht dddd The label real did bank on this becoming a Tik Tok sensation, huh?
  2. MB


    But on the plus side I quite Nause & Middle remix.

  3. Bless him
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  4. I don't know why they are bothering to keep going with Shampoo - it's more than done. He really needs to move onto new material - preferably an album - it's been far too long. I can't complain about the imagery with Shampoo though.
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  5. Shampoo got a new video too

    He is going to do the Swedish show Så Mycket Bättre later this fall too (they put different artists in a house on the Swedish island Gotland, and they do covers of each over that are released at the end of each the episodes.)
  6. Dddd this is a mess. Imagine pushing a summer song with a summer video... in October.

    Pushing is also a liberal word given he has only posted photos of pasta on his instagram for the past month.
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