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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by nooniebao, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. He promoted his three first albums but only in Sweden. Seems his label is focus only in his country and they have settle in there. He tried to do a very short and very little promo in France some years ago but we never heard anything about it again...
    No one knows him outside Sweden apart from hardcore Eurofans.

    His three albums were released in a very indie way, even in Sweden. Not understable for someone who has a bunch of Top3 and Top10 singles and his three albums were #1. His music is very unaccesible and out of stock everywhere, even Amazon. You can find him only in digital.

    Something is not working fine, and it's clear is not him or his music. Facts talks.
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  2. Did he have some sort of international deal with Shampoo? It shows as being licensed to HITCO on Spotify and it appeared on a ton of international playlists (before being abruptly pulled due to unfortunate timing with the George Floyd protests). I felt like there was somewhat of a plan there, which sputtered a bit when they pinned all of their hopes to making it go viral on TikTok.
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  3. Shampoo, All Night Long, Only Your Heart and Smile would had been a great debut singles in Europe. They were very radio friendly but the only time they tried they picked The Dirt for France (lol WTF) and Shampoo (which was abruptly pulled)
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    Another 'feature' coming this week.
  5. This sounds like everything I need and more from him.

    I kind of wish that he hadn't suffered from the Weeknd syndrome and just kind of oversaturated his releases in the build-up to this. He had a steady set of new music throughout the pandemic, but this past few months, it just feels a bit chaotic and unstrategic. They better have an actual promotional campaign lined up with this.
  6. New album ‘Playlist’ out June 17.
  7. So much this! I have no idea what they're doing.
  8. Most Swedish artist struggle to release ANYTHING but yet he's being allowed to release a full English album without a single??
  9. Queens and Afterlife are on the album so it has had something and then they are pushing a new track as well. It's a shame they haven't at least attached Smile to this even if it feels like a lifetime away from the likes of The Dirt and Shampoo.
  10. One of his fan sites kindly put my name forward to get one of the pre-listen speakers with a cute handwritten note from Benjamin. I’m really enjoying it so far - it has 13 tracks and, as @Robbietoxic said, Queens and Afterlife are the only previously released songs on it. The third track, Dance For Me is my current fave (I always love his uptempos). The single that’s out on Friday (Dancing on a Sunny Day) isn’t the strongest song on the album, in my opinion, so don’t be put off if you don’t love it.
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  12. The angle of that pic. They know what they did with that one.
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  13. [​IMG]

    Taking me back to how hot I found him in this image
  14. I love him, but he's on autopilot these days. None of the songs he has released lately are strong enough to make a proper impact.
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    Not a huge fan of the cover art. The visuals he’s been posting for the tracks have been great so it’s a shame this isn’t up to that standard.
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    He’s revealing the tracklist on his Instagram. Each song has a different cover image.
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    Some of the images are great. Shame the cover seems to be the worst image! I do wonder if we're getting a physical format. I'll keep banging that drum about how bizarre it is we don't get a preorder/different formats etc.
    It seems his last few English songs aren't doing that great in Sweden, hopefully the album does well. He's performing on Lotta på Liseberg but not till 4th July.
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