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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by nooniebao, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. Island

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    I guess since he announced the album like 10 days before release, he didn’t do a preorder. But, Tove Styrke announced hers around 2 weeks before and had a pre order option… but she’s sort of an international act too so it makes sense.

    I don’t really think Sweden does a lot of physical formats. Molly Sanden’s last album had a physical copy but only if you bought the magazine.
  2. I do like the fact that his songs at least make an appearance (albeit fairly briefly!) on the Spotify Top 50 - nothing I like ever seems to crack the Top 50 in the UK!

    I would love a physical format - imagine those images in a vinyl sized booklet! Maybe he’ll change the cover by the time the vinyl release comes around like he did with En gång I
    i tiden (although I guess that was parts 1 and 2 combined, so it made sense that it had a different cover).
  3. Rewatching his performance of 'Långsamt farväl' on Så mycket bättre and this is me

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  4. Tomorrow is release day and there's no information about any physical pre-order release. Ridiculous
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  5. I’m afraid that’s pretty standard for Sweden. The typical pattern nowadays seems to be vinyl only, but at least six months later (e.g. Agnes, Victor Leksell, Benji’s last album). Miss Li had a CD on release week and a vinyl about a month later, but that’s pretty unusual. Molly Sandén had a magazine on release week, but it didn’t actually have a CD with it (despite having a picture of a CD inside it!) I can only assume that they sell in such small quantities that it’s not worth their while.
  6. It's very summery
  7. The production and Bee Gees backing vocals on Don’t Leave Me Hanging…

  8. MB


    Honestly, I appreciate I’m biased being a huge Stan but this is such a strong stellar pop album. Some great nods to the 90’s pop and of course bee gee’s but it’s so good. I hope it does really well for him.
  9. I’m a stan as well, but I’m not impressed by the album. I mean, he’s Sweden’s biggest pop star and got everything going for him, and he still can’t get stronger material than this? I just can’t get my head around him recording in LA and this is what he came home with…
  10. MB


    How can you say tracks like Bullet, Dance For Me, Rewind It and Me Without You aren’t strong?
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  11. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I think it’s his taste level and not really who he was working with.

    He was recording in LA, but I believe the majority of the album was still written and produced by more local Swedish people.

    I did like Bullet and Dance for Me though. Don’t Leave Me Hanging is a banger!
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  12. Bullet and Dance For Me are okay, but he shows zero progression on this album and the lyrics are ridiculously lame on most of the songs.

    Smile was great. Dance You Off was great. His version of Only Your Heart was great. But most of his recent releases aren't good enough when you consider he's Sweden's biggest pop star.
  13. Is obvious he growed in terms of music and production. This album is far better than the previous two. It's great to enjoy his music in English again.

    It's obvious he was influenced of the 70s, 80s and 90s pop and he mixed really really good. Sounds fresh, I really like it.

    I'm going to burn the album the following months to decide my favs tracks. But for the moment, Happy Birthday is a great opening song.
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  14. This is… fine? But what do the label actually want it to do? I can’t understand why Smile and Not Anybody’s Fault (career highlight) aren’t included when he said this album is a collection of recent songs. And Smile did ok numbers for him so??

    I wish he’d fully committed to the disco theme - Heart of Glass and Don’t Leave Me Hanging are highlights. Happy Birthday and Can Somebody Find Her are instant skips, and Afterlife and Loser scream The Weeknd lite. I like the nod to Popcorn on Bullet though (but why didn’t he call it Killer?). Anyway, I’ll keep listening to my faves.
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  15. Rewind It for me is the obvious summer smash from the album. It is so breezy and radio friendly.

    I think it’s funny that on Instagram he kept playing up that it’s called Playlist because it doesn’t necessary flow together as an album and is just a collection of recent songs. I think sonically it hangs together really well - particularly that opening run of four songs. What makes it feel like a dump of recent songs is the fact that the label has no strategy for it ddd
  16. MB


    Does anyone know how well it's doing?
  17. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I’m pretty sure he hinted at this album pretty much being fan service for people craving English material.
  18. It's entered at number four in Sweden which sounds fine until you realise it's the only album he's released which hasn't got to number one. Still, it's a cracking bunch of songs and I'm still addicted a week on...he also looked rather nice in the gym today which didn't hurt.
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  19. MB


    Anyone any ideas how a UK'er can watch his Lollapalooza show on the TV4 website? I've tried a VPN and the TV4 site is too clever for that. Anyone any ideas or help!?
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