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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by nooniebao, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. He’s posted a Shampoo remix EP and the acoustic/Nause & Middle Milk mixes SLAP.

    Slightly questioning why they have put it out now, after the song has died and he’s spent two months instagramming from a yacht dddd The label real did bank on this becoming a Tik Tok sensation, huh?
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    But on the plus side I quite Nause & Middle remix.

  3. Bless him
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  4. I don't know why they are bothering to keep going with Shampoo - it's more than done. He really needs to move onto new material - preferably an album - it's been far too long. I can't complain about the imagery with Shampoo though.
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  5. Shampoo got a new video too

    He is going to do the Swedish show Så Mycket Bättre later this fall too (they put different artists in a house on the Swedish island Gotland, and they do covers of each over that are released at the end of each the episodes.)
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  6. Dddd this is a mess. Imagine pushing a summer song with a summer video... in October.

    Pushing is also a liberal word given he has only posted photos of pasta on his instagram for the past month.
  7. For the 1st episode of Så Mycket Bättre he made a cover of a Lisa Nilsson's song

    Studio version:
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  8. Well this is incredible.

    #1 on Swedish iTunes and Spotify too.
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    I'm obsessed with this song. Not a clue what he's singing but obsessed.
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  10. Another smash. I'm a sucker for The Weeknd-inspired production.

    Really glad that these have been so well received and he seems to be getting a lot of critical praise in Sweden.

    Edit: He’s #1 and 2 on Spotify Sweden. His imperial era is here.
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  11. This is an absolute banger and a HUGE upgrade on the original. He needs to record an English version of this pronto and get the global hit he deserves.
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  12. [​IMG]

    I'll st*n him forever for this cover alone.
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  13. I feel like the success of these covers makes a Swedish-language feel inevitable. I wouldn't be mad about it.
  14. This week Benjy put his spin on a Lili & Susie 90s track.

    Original here:
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  15. His version of Only Your Heart is great. His voice suits big synth and up-tempo production so well.

    He shared an article on his Instagram that he has two English albums ready to go but these might be dropped for a new Swedish album in 2021 due to the success of his covers.
  16. Only Your Heart is phenomenal.
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  17. I mean they'd be foolish not to release a full album as soon as this series ends. He's just had his first number one in Sweden - they need to capitalise on it now and not in six months time.
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  18. 'Only Your Heart' is another bop.

    Still holding out for an English version of 'Tänd Alla Ljus', in the meantime I'll bop and attempt to sing along.
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  19. MB


    All 3 of these “new” songs are great. So happy he’s finally getting some success.
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  20. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I wonder what Loreen song he'll cover.
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