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Benjamin Ingrosso

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by nooniebao, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. I remember when Agnes did that show. Allt Ljusf Pa Mig is incredible.
  2. OK, this could be the best song he's released so far:


  3. The performance (ignoring the slightly cringey Benji at Eurovision moments) takes it to another level and does things to me.
  4. The audience reactions is giving me life! Those lucky Swedes.
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  5. Only Your Heart needs to be the template for the next album.
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  6. Ah, I love Lilli & Sussie!
  7. I think about his performance of Dance You Off more than I probably should.
  8. Only Your Heart is seriously amazing, one of my songs of the year. We need a proper music video.

    So exciting to see actual Lili & Sussie in that video!
  9. I think I've said on this thread before that I met Benji at the airport once - nicest guy ever. Did photos and had a chat. Love this success for him. Lets keep him away from any "chilled summer bops" that every white guy ever peddles and get more "Only Your Hearts" going.

    Lets not forget he was Nummer 1 on Sverigetopplistan last week with this bop.
  10. MB


    new Swedish album Jan 15th.
  11. I'd also like a naked spread. He seems like one of those hairy ass blonde god.
  12. I second that emotion.

    I'm still waiting for an Only Your Heart video, contender for song of the year for me.
  13. So pleased he has a proper album coming. It's a shame the previous singles are going to be left floating forever more but I'll be happy to get new music from Benji.

    As @idratherjack said, Only Your Heart really is phenomenal as well so it's a real shame that won't get more attention as well.
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  14. He kept trying to make Shampoo happen when with a little push Only Your Heart could have really taken off. Such a bop!
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  15. MB


  16. Album cover reveal. En Gång I Tiden (Once Upon a Time).
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  17. The album sounds great! It's 23 minutes long though...
  18. MB


    It's a great little album. Could've done with a few more bops however. I'll whack 'only your heart' onto the end which will help!
  19. This is great - so glad that Tand alla ljus and Langsamt farval found a home somewhere.

    It's a shame though it's only 8 tracks - sis, that's not an album, that's basically an EP. It wouldn't surprise me if it was rush-released due to how well his Swedish covers were received.
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