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Berlin (80s US New Wave Group)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by AfternoonsInUtopia, May 21, 2016.

  1. Did a search and couldn't find a thread on these guys,

    Just wondered if there are any Berlin fans here, i only just discovered them a few years ago and became a fan very quickly, Love the albums Pleasure Victim & Love Life, wasnt keen on Count 3 & Pray despite it being their only charting album in the UK.

    Top 5 tracks without a doubt

    01 - Tell Me Why
    02 - Sex (I'm A.....)
    03 - Dancing In Berlin
    04 - The Metro
    05 - Like Flames
  2. They were mentioned in the New Wave thread not so long ago... I wish we could have the debut album with the original vocalist on CD.
  3. Yes ive been longing for a copy of Information on CD!
  4. Oh, I liked Berlin. And especially Terri Nunn.

    Like the Alphaville username,@AfternoonsInUtopia ..!
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  5. Thanks! Ive always liked that album title, actually moreso than the album itself!!
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  6. I've never heard this album but looking at discogs I'd just always assumed it was Terri on vocals from the start?
    So she joined from the second album onward?
    It seems strange that she is the only one using the band name now when she wasn't an original member.
    I'm seeing Terri's Berlin live for the first time this year, quite looking forward to it.
  7. Yes, it's slightly puzzling as she was never a main songwriter either, I do know there was apparently some upset between her and John Crawford over the rights to the name, she had apparently went over his head to get the name or so the story goes. Nonetheless I think Terri is fab! Let us know how the gig went!!!
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  8. Songs I recommend:
    A matter of time, Rumor of love, For all tomorrow's lies, Will I ever understand you, You don't know, Heartstrings, Take my breath away, Hideaway, Pink and velvet, Blink of an eye, Lost my mind, The world is waiting, Drug, With a touch, Scream, Big time, Animal, It's the way, Blame it on the world, With the lights on... Also, take a listen to Under the gun, a song Terri did with Sisters of Mercy.
    And about the first album, Terri was in the band, but left temporarily to pursue an acting career, and the first album was recorded with Virginia Macolino. After this Terri comes back and they put out Pleasure victim.
    Frictions in the band start with the release of Take my breath away. John disliked that they had to perform a song which had become a mega hit and it wasn't created by them.
    In 1999 Terri relaunches the band with new members, and releases two EPs, followed by a live album the following year. In 2004 the members of the classic line-up reunite for a VH1 show, and perform a one off. Last year some former members of that line-up performed together on a stage with Berlin. And currently Terri is writing songs with John and David.
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  9. Terri Nunn's Star Wars audition for those who havent seen it!!
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  10. I never got into Love Life so much (though it's not without some tunes), but both Pleasure Victim and Count Three & Pray are sublime.

    Pink & Velvet is just so dreamy and a little bit harrowing.
  11. I only know (most of) the singles, but was obsessed with 'Dancing In Berlin' in 2007 (the year I [re-]discovered it).

    Flogging my youtube uploads (since I don't think they appear when you search for them by artist/title):

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  12. Love Life is essentially perfect. Gwen should cover Beg Steal or Borrow. This album was probably on repeat for her and Tony.
  13. Take My Breath Away was an anthem of my childhood.
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  15. I love Terri Nunn's voice. I love her duet with Paul Carrack for the flop film "Sing" from 1989 which was supposed to be the Footloose of the late '80s and never was.

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  16. Yes I happened across this song when compiling a Paul Carrack retrospective last year. I never even knew it existed before that.

  17. This is giving me:

    - Let's ask Madonna and George Michael to duet for our theme song!
    - Ah they said no!
    - OK let's ask Cyndi Lauper and Bruce Springsteen to duet for our theme song!
    - They said no.
    - OK let's ask Paula Abdul and Richard Marx!
    - No.
    - What about Debbie Gibson and Tommy Page?

    Etc Etc
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  18. Oh I forgot to post a quick review after the recent 80s festival gigs in Australia.
    Berlin were amazing, definitely the highlight. Terri Nun looked and sounded amazing and made all the other artists seem like amateurs.
    I look forward to a proper full tour with the original lineup next year.
    Set List:
    Martika was ok... never been a big fan but I enjoyed Love Thy Will Be Done (with a bit of Purple Rain thrown in) and Toy Soldiers.
    Limahl was great, but he only played 3 songs: Too Shy, Never Ending Story and Save A Prayer. (DD cover)
    Stacey Q looked great but maybe a bit crazy, unfortunately she had the worst vocals of the evening.
    Paul Lekarkis was hilarious and hasn't aged since the 80s/90s, he was very into his own set.
    Katrina and the Waves were ok, not a fan.
    Wa Wa Nee were a lot of fun, looked and sounded great.
    Men Without Hats were kind of creepy.
    Real Life were great.
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  19. That's great to hear that Terri still sounds amazing.

    Also, she is a very good actress. I'm surprised she didn't have a long acting career. She was so charming in Thank God It's Friday with our beloved Donna Summer.
  20. Madonna came and swept all the gherlzz aside tbh, nobody could get a look in, till 1989 no?
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