Bertine Zetlitz - 500

I know nothing about her, or by her apart from 500, a fantastic song which was featured on a free CD of Norwegian artists in Music Week last week. It really is fab, and comes from the best titled album of the year - My Italian Greyhound!!

Anyway, from looking on t'internet I see she has released four albums since 1998 with the aforementioned album to be released in September.

So, is she any good?
She is very very good. I am surprised noone has picked up her songs here. My favourite tracks by her are "Fake Your Beauty" and "Ah-Ah" from the "Rollerskating" Album, but arguably her best track is "Girl Like You" part indie, part disco and part eighties pop, it's absolutely class and the best Rachel Stevens track that never was. I think Richard X had a big hand in her, producing her I mean.
I managed to acquire all her albums and my favourite, by far, is Rollerskating. It's full of genius electropop ditties that just surpass all her previous albums.

I'm not that keen on '500' but I think I'm jaded by the Rollerskating album. I must put everything she's done besides that on repeat play and love her unconditionally because she is ace.
'Girl Like You' may be the best pop song ever, big synths, French bit in the middle, twisted lyrics.....brilliant. Should've been etc etc......
if you hear all her albums on itunes, change the country to w/e she is from lol.. and you can put together 13 tracks from all her albums of the best work of pop music, "broken" her ballad is ace, she really blue me away with the crazy "naughty girl" beyonce flute ripp off on "back where i belong" i cant wait till the album leaks!! or more songs.. when is the single out?> does she have b-sideS?
i listened to 500 a couple times, didn't really impress me.

as mentioned on this thread, my favorite (probably only, shes very good but i think shes really hit or miss), is girl like you, and 'want you' off of rollerskating.
I wondered what 'Pleasure' was doing... It's good to see he is producing Bertine's new album. I think 500 is amazing, beautifully produced...

I'm quite glad to have discovered her. Thanks for mentioning her! Still, she doesn't shadow Robyn the slightest.
Wow - she's amazing! Heard quite a bit of her stuff after popjustice mentioning her - love 'Fate'. Brilliant!


"500" is absolutely amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you, POPJUSTICE!