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Bertine Zetlitz - Electric Feet (Album) and singles

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by xondus, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. am i crazy or is her voice kinda deeper??
  2. Never got into her, but this album is pretty ace.
  3. So who's behind the production - Fred Ball produced all the songs?
  4. how could you not????? her music is amazing!!!
  5. These songs are to die for. Pretend To Dance is one of those songs that hits your emotional spot barely a second in. I can't fault a single track. Immaculate. Only that ersatz "eh eh oh oh" dafty spoils it if at all.
  6. It's no Sweet Injections or Rollerskating but it's an album Sophie or Kylie would kill for ...
  7. I think it's by far her most accessible record. The neurosis is slightly tamed though, but it's a masterstroke as far as I'm concerned. Also: Starlight is an early peak for me.
  8. I'm in love with this album. It's quirky and fun, and it sounds really current, especially Electric Feet. Pop Pop Pop and Wrap Me 'Round Your Finger are my current favourites.
  9. I'm really excited to hear the new album!! I managed to find a reasonably priced copy off a dutch seller on discogs.... looking forward to receiving it.
  10. This is why I love Popjustice - I know nothing about Bertine, haven't heard any of the songs but am heading to cdon to order this based on what everyone is saying!
  11. Get Me Out Of Bed is becoming my favorite.
  12. Hooray! Get Me Out Of Bed for the second single! It has hit written all over it!

    Really gorgeous song. Was crying while listening to it last night (true story!!!!)
  13. It really does strike quite the emotional chord, doesn't it? Moreso than any of the other songs. My opinion of each song is slowly changing - my favorites now are One In A Million, Bittersweet Embrace, Stuck in Reverse (?!), and Wrap Me 'Round Your Finger.

    My FAVORITE favorites are Pop Pop Pop (which I've decided is the child of Death in her Room and Ah Ah) and Get Me Out Of Bed.
  14. She sounds a lot like Madonna on the title track (complete with its own 'ticking clock' lyric!)
  15. Great album - I must buy the physical. "One in a Million" for next single please. That song, along with "Pop Pop Pop" and the title track are my faves, however this album is really all killer and no filler. I love this woman.
  16. Am I the only one who adores Wrong?
    Love this record but the tracks I've listened to the least are Electric Feet and Pop Pop Pop. Hoping Wrap Me will be the next single.

    By the way, aren't we supposed to get the video for Electric Feet today?

    It was funny hearing Bertine talk about the recording of Girl Like You on Hver Gang Vi Motes. She said she laid the vocals in Richard X's smelly bedroom and that it wasn't as nice for her as the song turned out to be.
  17. Yeah I have no idea what's happening with this video - she said it would be out today.. It was shot ages ago so I wonder what's been taking so long, particularly considering the single's been out since early February and the album already released!
  18. Just got in to find it delivered by CDON. Hurrah! Nice glossy booklet.
  19. My oh my, this is something else! Madonna watch out, there maybe some competition but I still love you.............
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