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Best Additions To A Greatest Hits?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by WhatKindOfKylie?, Dec 15, 2016.

  1. It's common knowledge that to entice the fans who have everything of theirs already, to buy an artist's Greatest Hits set with the enticement of new material. But what would you say was great worthy additions in their own right as opposed to just added on filler?

    Mine would go as follows:

    Madonna ,The Immaculate Collection: Justify My Love and Rescue Me
    Janet Jackson, Design Of A Decade: Runaway and Twenty Four Foreplay
    Donna Summer, On The Radio GH Volume I and II: No More Tears and On The Radio
    Kylie, Greatest Hits: What Kind Of Fool and Celebration

    Timebomb would be on their if Parlophone put it on Kylie's 2012 Best Off!
  2. Hands down - I Believe In You by Kylie Minogue.
  3. Yep, that's a good one too!
  4. I think Pet Shop Boys have done a good job with this...sometimes.

    The good: PopArt's Miracles (really great) and Flamboyant (really, really great). And Discography's DJ Culture is one of their best ever, I reckon.

    The not so good: Discography's Was It Worth It? (It's not terrible or anything, it's just a bit throwaway), Ultimate's Together (not good)
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  5. Steps - Gold : Baby Dont Dance & Chain Reaction.
    P!nk - Perfect
    Kylie - Difficult By Design, Stay This Way & Gotta Move On
    Dannii - Gone, I Can't Sleep At Night, So Under Pressure & Love Fight
    Moloko - Bankrupt Emotionally

    I actually really like Pet Shop Boys - Together (from Ultimate)

    It annoys me when brand new tracks are labelled as Previously Unreleased. If they were genuinely unreleased like Difficult By Design, Gotta Move On and Stay This Way that's fine but if they were newly written and recorded for that hits project then it's wrong and inaccurate.
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  6. Kate Bush - Experiment IV (The Whole Story)
    Girls Aloud - Something Kinda Ooooh (The Sound Of)/Something New (Ten)
    Prince - Peach (Hits)
    Saint Etienne - He's On The Phone (Too Young To Die)
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  7. I think My Probative, Do Somethin and I've Just Begun (To Have My Fun) are top notch too. Britney was on fire during those early years.
  8. YES. And one of my favourite ever TV performances to go with it:
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  9. What about the two new singles on ABBA's The First Ten Years.....Day Before You Came and Under Attack.
  10. Before the days of adding singles to deluxe editions, I would say the original 1981-1985 Depeche Mode Singles Collection had Get The Balance Right & Shake The Disease. (I also love It's Called A Heart)
    And from Singles 96-98 Only When I Lose Myself is a great addition.
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  11. Bananarama - Greatest Hits Collection: Love, Truth and Honesty
    Donna Summer - Endless Summer: Melody of Love
    Eurythmics - Ultimate Collection: I've Got a Life
    Madonna - Something to Remember: I Want You (okay, it was really for the Marvin Gaye collection but still), You'll See
    Girls Aloud - Something New, On the Metro, Every Now and Then
    Dannii Minogue - Hits and Beyond: So Under Pressure
    The Saturdays - Greatest Hits: What Are You Waiting For?
    Belinda Carlisle - ICON: Sun
  12. How could I possibly have forgotten the DIVINE Love, Truth and Honesty by the mighty Bananarama! One of their all time best. And Melody Of Love by Donna Summer has really grown on me since getting The Ultimate Collection.
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  13. Come on now - you can't take the good and selectively ignore the One More Chance!
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  14. A lot of brilliant suggestions have been made already. Justify My Love, Runaway, On the Radio, I Believe in You, Something Kinda Oooh, Love/Truth & Honesty, What Are You Waiting For? and So Under Pressure would get my vote if this were a rate.

    A few more suggestions:
    "Easy" by Sugababes. I loved it back in the day, not sure if it still holds up.
    "Tell Me Where It Hurts" by Garbage, while I thought it sounded lacklustre at the time of release, I kind of think it encapsulates their sound pretty well to be used as a song for a best-of collection and the video is gorgeous.
    "Night Is Young" by Nelly Furtado ist also cute, albeit a bit basic.
  15. I'm not trying to ignore One More Chance.

    I'm trying to forget it ever existed (I know - reported).
  16. For the Oldies; Rules of the Game and When We Were Young from Bucks Fizz's greatest hits, superb tracks in their own rights.

    But from the lists produced so far Rescue Me, Justify and What Kind Of Fool would get my top marks in any such rate!
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  17. I really liked Tell Me Where It Hurts as well, my main gripe with Absolute Garbage were the omissions of several singles/hits.

    Agree about the Depeche Modes....Shake The Disease/It's Called A Heart was a brilliant double whammy to trail Singles 81>85 with. Also:

    When We Dance by Sting (1994's Fields of Gold)
    Like You Do (from Lightning Seeds' 1997 Best Of)
    and...True Faith (Substance 1987)!
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  18. 'Shake the Disease' and 'True Faith' are two of the greatest songs of the 80's, absolutely no doubt about that.
    I also liked '1963' from Substance a whole lot. (not the single mix though!)
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  19. Roxette were on fire in 94/95. The additions to Don't Bore Us, Get to the Chorus were ace, even if they didn't set the charts on fire:
    -You Don't Understand Me
    -June Afternoon
    -She Doesn't Live Here Anymore
    -I Don't Want to Get Hurt
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  20. Yes, "You Don't Understand Me" was one of the others at the top of my list when I thought about it earlier.
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