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Best and worst remixed re-released singles

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by The_Rani, Jan 12, 2020.

  1. It is on iTunes! On the Everything is Everything expanded edition!
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  2. It is? Hurrah! Thanks for the heads up, would have never thought of looking there.
  3. Yes it’s deffo there as I downloaded it a while back as wanted a HQ version. It’s divine!
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  4. You don't know happy I am to know it's legally available! I thought I would never ever own it.
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  5. The ultimate remixed re-released?
  6. Happy to help! Enjoy listening to such a classic.
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  7. I discovered this on Now 32 the other day, and Berri - Sunshine After the Rain aptly followed.
  8. Yeah, Donna had a number of these, and they did well in the UK charts, didn't they? Like the remix of State of Independence.

    Speaking of Donna, she covered Barry Manilow's Could It Be Magic. I love her version. But I love this remix of Barry's own version. Just don't call me a Fanilow!

    Edit: I had no idea until now this was produced by Trevor Horn - and it was stated as such on the cover!

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  9. Very, very good this one.
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  10. I forgot about this one too....this is my go to version for sure! A classic!
  11. The 1993 version of 'Living On My Own' is probably my favourite remix of all time. I'd also add the always controversial but delightful in my opinion 90's Version of Tina's 'Nutbush City Limits'.
  12. Yeah, Living On My Own remix is excellent. I think I prefer it over the original.
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  13. It really IS delightful that version! Even the video where she just loses it in the studio!
  14. The Human Nature remix of SWV's Right Here took the song to a different (and better) direction from the new jack swing original.

    The Love Sensation 2006 remix by Loleatta Holloway is so great too. I always use it while exercising.

    As for worst remixes, any of those cheap best ofs with crappy re-recordings a la Dollar or Sinitta are, above all, a ripoff.

    Alannah Myles' 2006 version of Black Velvet was horrible, too.

    Also, the Exotica remixes were the lowest point in Bananarama's career.
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  15. I don't even bother listening to the original one ever since I found the remix.

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  16. Just genius. Easily one of the best floorfillers of all time. This version and the superb '83 original too.
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  17. I completely agree but I thought of this first (in a positive way).
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  18. I must say I am loving this thread. So many bops I adore in remixed form.
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  19. I know several prefer the album version (which I also enjoy) I think this Shep Pettibone remix gave the single version a needed spruce up.
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