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Best Coast - California Nights

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Remyky22, May 2, 2015.

  1. Excuse me if there is already a thread for this and if no one listens to them.

    01. Feeling Ok
    02. Fine Without You
    03. Heaven Sent
    04. In My Eyes
    05. So Unaware
    06. When Will I Change
    07. Jealousy
    08. California Nights
    09. Fading Fast
    10. Run Through My Head
    11. Sleep Won’t Ever Come
    12. Wasted Time

    Few days ago the whole album leaked (they've also put it up on streaming or something) and it's got some of their finest songs. I think it's amazing, but I have to hear it a couple times more.
  2. Yes. Going to the open fan release party tomorrow in Hollywood should anyone LA PJers care to join?
  3. Did anyone pick up the vinyl today? Does it have a DL code? Just wondering. I'm getting the album either way, just in time for Summer :)
  4. Heard 'California Nights' for first time yesterday - instantly appealing
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