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Best 'Comeback' Singles?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by bonnieetclyde, Nov 29, 2021.

  1. From an artist or group who were away for a while and then came back to music.

    This is one I've always loved (and wish it had been more successful)

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  2. Definitely Scared of the Dark by Steps

    Still so devastating that it wasn't a number 1 smash.
  3. I remember Maria by Blondie feeling like an amazing comeback

  4. The greatest comebacks in music history.
  5. Technically 'Let's stay together' was Tina's comeback. 'What's love..' was the third single of the campaign. I mean 'Let's stay together' was pretty special too.
  6. I really like her take on Let's Stay Together, she turned the order of the verses around and made it her own.
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  7. Cher's first solo hit in 13 years and the start of her imperial phase in the UK that lasted all through the 90s.
  8. Also, after a 40 year break, this is pretty special:

  9. Cher: Believe
    Steps: Scared Of The Dark
    Kylie: Spinning Around
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  10. Wig blown out into the stratosphere.

    Obligatory mention of it being so good Cheryl had the audacity to say it was ripping Girls Aloud off (which also simultaneously exposing her musical ignorance).

  11. Blondie having a UK no. 1 after so many years.

  12. Surprise 90s comeback after a few years in the wilderness.
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  13. Dannii seemingly emerging from nowhere with new music ‘All I Wanna Do’, now blonde and scoring her first UK Top 5 with very little promo :

  14. Classic right here.
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  15. The song that set the stage for Mimi’s return to the world stage, showing everyone how it’s done in the noughties.
  16. Taste right here

  17. This gave Donna Summer her first UK Top 10 hit in 10 years and brought her to a whole new audience.
  18. [​IMG]

    The original Diva's biggest hit in years, and presented an new Diana Ross for the 80s.
  19. A total bop that sounds better now than it did then, but in all fairness she was scoring transatlantic top 3 hits less than 2 years before this!
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