Best 'Comeback' Singles?

Interesting topic. So many to mention, but here's a first few that spring to mind as amazing returns from the pop wilderness(ish)...

Bananarama - Move In My Direction

The B-52s - Funplex

Alison Moyet - Should I Feel That It's Over

Sade - Soldier Of Love

Kim Appleby - Don't Worry
A total bop that sounds better now than it did then, but in all fairness she was scoring transatlantic top 3 hits less than 2 years before this!
That's true, but also do feel this was a comeback in that respect. Those years of the early 00s, certainly didn't feel the same compared to the 90s. This whole album, felt like an true return to commercial form. Only cemented more so with this:
Was going to post this too, fantastic comeback song.

The conversation about Mariah above made me think about this one too. The Mel & Kim era felt like a lifetime away when "Don't Worry" was released, yet it was only 2 years after their last single. I guess with these things it can be more about perception as well.

One of my favourite comebacks was Tiffany with The Color Of Silence. It was exciting to follow that era.