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Best 'Comeback' Singles?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by bonnieetclyde, Nov 29, 2021.

  1. I'm glad "Move In My Direction" by Bananarama was mentioned. Yay!

    I'll say "Tell Me When" by The Human League

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  2. Man-eater was the one that sprung to mind for me too. When that dropped my God it was unreal. An absolute game changer.
  3. Now that's a song that truly deserved to be number 1!
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  4. And then she did it again....coming out of no where...

  5. This should have been her Believe.

  6. Her biggest selling single too I believe. And rightfully so.
  7. Alison Moyet's 2002 comeback has already been mentioned, but in terms of chart action, new 90s dance sound and the video - as well as her new hair colour - "Whispering Your Name" was a rather interesting comeback in 1994 after a while away from the charts.

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  8. Simultaneously the best comeback AND best final single:

  9. Let’s not forget Texas… whose 1993 album felt like a last hurrah in the U.K. until this came out.

  10. Absolutely. I hate "Believe" being described as Cher's comeback as I cannot stand for "One By One" erasure, but I also know that outside of UK/Europe it's reasonably accurate. Likewise, I struggle to call "Frozen" a comeback, it's not like Madonna was not having hits for the previous eight years, but I get it, it was a return to her 1984-1990 heights.

    Also cannot abide this new trend of "comeback" and "lead single" being interchangable terms.
  11. Oh yes, and set them up for their biggest couple of albums too, not to mention an huge selling Greatest Hits.
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  12. I remember thinking at the time: "Is this the same Texas from all the way back in 1989?"
  13. Yes, that was pretty remarkable. Patience surprisingly isn’t that much of a stand-out in their discography, but it was everything their comeback single had to be and it did its job better than anyone could have ever imagined. Of course, they bettered it with The Flood!
    I don’t think they have it in them anymore to come back with such an epic single again, but I love a nice surprise.

    Summer Moved On was a great comeback single for A-Ha, but there was even better stuff on the album (as well as on the other post-comeback albums).
  14. Agreed - a comeback single to me is when an artist/band has had several years in the pop wilderness usually preceded by a sting of flop singles and albums.
  15. Duran Duran’s Ordinary World seemed an unlikely return to form after a few singles and an album of arguable quality. It was three or four years since they’d last bothered the top 10 and with the move into the 90s it was easy to write them off as done and dusted.
  16. And then they topped it with Come Undone. What a comeback!
  17. Just going to drop this absolute banger. So huge it needed 2 versions.

    I class this as a comeback as it was the first single from a new album in 10 years. In between it was remakes, remixes and greatest hits one off singles.

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