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Best Disco Albums?

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Deleted member 5343, Mar 5, 2017.

  1. Which are the best to listen to, the most upbeat, the most melodic? The best of the best?
  2. Uno


    Donna Summer's On the Radio is an obvious choice here.

    Voulez-Vous by ABBA
    Confessions on a Dancefloor by Madonna
    Club Disco by Dannii
    Discovery by Daft Punk are also great.

    Boogie 2Nite by BootyLuv
    2079 by Shena are also fun, but are more guilty pleasers for me rather than properly "amazing". They have quite a few gems.
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  3. Change are hugely underrated and were responsible for some considerable bops, one of the finest being this

    Can't go wrong with:

    - A Love Trilogy, Donna Summer (incredibly sexy)
    - Off The Wall, MJ
    - C'est Chic or Chic, Chic
    - Supernature, Cerrone
    - From Here to Eternity, Giorgio Moroder

    And this remains one of my favourite disco vids. Wish I had been an adult back then to enjoy properly

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  4. Seeing as the bulk of it is Disco, I'd say Kylie's Light Years. Never fails to give me a lift when down.
  5. Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor and Nile Rodgers are a must. Also a recent one.
  6. Some strange choices here.

    This is the Bible. You haven't experienced peak disco until you've listened to the full MacArthur Park Suite.
  7. Thanks
    Yep already onboard with Madonna, Kylie, ABBA etc. Just wanted some ideas for more classic disco albums from the disco era so will definitely check out done Donna Summer.
  8. Uno


    In that case, just download the Casablanca Records compilation album that I got a few years ago.


    It's 4 discs and has all of the big classics. You can venture off into specific artists if you like their songs based on the compilation.
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  9. I was just coming in here to recommend this. It really is an excellently curated compilation.
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  10. The Chic albums already mentioned, plus Risqué, are essential disco, as are the Chic-produced Norma Jean - Norma Jean Wright (includes Saturday), We Are Family - Sister Sledge, and Diana - Diana Ross.

    Track down the 2CD deluxe reissued of the Diana album for some amazing bonus tracks and two whole versions of the album, the original Chic-produced and rejected by Miss Ross version, and the remixed released version.
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  11. Grace Jones' first three albums are disco classics.
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  12. Boney M - Love For Sale

    Their biggest hits are on other albums but this remains their best album...
  13. I can't find this on iTunes
  14. It's worth hunting down a physical copy in my opinion.
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  15. Sister Sledge - We Are Family
    Change - The Glow Of Love
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  16. Bumblebee Unlimited - Sting Like A Bee
    Cloud One - Atmosphere Strut (Dust to Dust is possibly the greatest jam ever)
    The Bygraves - Discolongamax
  17. Amanda Lear! Sweet Revenge and I Am A Photograph are both amazing. Cory & Me by Cory Daye is also quite something.
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  18. Big YES to this. Angel In My Pocket remains that bop.
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