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Best Disco Albums?

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Deleted member 5343, Mar 5, 2017.

  1. I discovered great soul/disco lp last night on Motown.

    The Dynamic Superiors - Pure Pleasure

    Hit And Run Lovers was standout

  2. [​IMG]

    Donna's disco masterpiece. You'll know Hot Stuff and Bad Girls and expect a whole album of that but then the last few tracks go into sonically interesting, almost electro production - check out Our Love, Lucky and Sunset People.
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  3. One day I'll get that album!
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  4. I've had the 2003 Deluxe Edition sitting on the shelf for years and finally got around to playing it last night! At first I thought it was a bit "too disco" for me (try as I might it's not a favourite genre of mine) but as it went on Donna's vocals, the songs and the production won through. By the end of the album I felt I was listening more to an early Divine/New Order electro track so I would recommend it. That edition also comes with a 12" Singles & More collection
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  5. I remember seeing the Deluxe in HMV a couple of years ago, when they would have a whole display of all the Polygram/Universal deluxes (Lionel Richie, Rush, Steve Winwood, Tom Tom Club etc). I think the first edition of the Bad Girls one came with the frosted outer slipcase, but now it's probably just a wraparound sticker.
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  6. Mine has the frosted outer slipcase and looks really quite cool. I love the artwork so much that I have Bad Girls on vinyl too!
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  7. Bad Girls and Voulez-Vous are hands down my favorite Disco albums of all times. But I do quite love Donna's pre-Bad Girls albums, Grace Jones - Muse, and I ferquently use this gem:

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  8. I miss those Mania compilations!

    Who could forget The Cheeky Girls trying to get their tongues around We Go Together?
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  9. Do not miss Diana Ross 'The Boss' album. It's disco at its best. All the songs by Ashford & Simpson.

    God, I have to stop recommending this. Or ask for some royalties.

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  10. The first two Amii Stewart albums - Paradise Bird and Light My Fire.
    The first is classical disco that offers Amii a good background for her powerful voice. The second album has a strong Moroder-influence and uses electronics to amazing effect. Her version of Knock On Wood is a disco-classic for the ages. The arrangement is so heavy and powerful that a lesser singer would easily be run over by the relentless beat. But Amii stands her ground as she burns the disco down.

    Light My Fire/137 Disco Heaven is a 9-minute disco bonanza that uses every trick in the book to tranport a dancefloor into another dimension. I love how they take a rock-classic and turn it into a science-fiction gospel monster (guaranteed to piss off the rockists). The call-and-respond part in the long version is amazing. Disco Heaven indeed!

    The Ritchie Family - American Generation/I Feel Disco Good.
    Sheila B. Devotion - Singing in the Rain (the album)
    Cerrone - The first 3 albums (Love in C Minor, Supernature and Paradise) are a seminal disco trilogy.
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  11. I'm making a compilation of 'baroque' disco/funk tunes at the moment, lookig for stuff with harpsichord/clavichord, any kind of 'baroque' string sections.... especially if mixed with a moog/synth solo over the top to give it a spacey feel... basically anything that sounds like it could be used in a 70s crime drama.

    Thread Hijack Over.
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  12. I never know what to call early 80s 'disco' - I am having a major deep dive on a day off.

    Sharon Redd 'You're A Winner' - I just love the way it gallops along.

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