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Best Of 2016... Year End

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Nov 16, 2016.

  1. K94


    Finally doneeee:

    1. Hotter Than Hell – Dua Lipa
    2. Into You – Ariana Grande
    3. Formation - Beyonce
    4. Work From Home – Fifth Harmony
    5. I’m In Control – AlunaGeorge ft. Popcaan
    6. Who Do You Think Of? – M.O.
    7. That’s My Girl – Fifth Harmony
    8. Sorry - Beyonce
    9. Lush Life – Zara Larsson
    10. Cruel – Snakehips ft. Zayn
    11. You Don’t Know Love – Olly Murs
    12. In Common – Alicia Keys
    13. All Night - Beyonce
    14. Kiss It Better - Rihanna
    15. Cake By The Ocean - DNCE
    16. Never Ever –Royksopp ft Susanne Sundfor
    17. Cool Girl – Tove Lo
    18. Black Beatles – Rae Sremmurd
    19. Drone Bomb Me - Anohni
    20. Cranes In The Sky - Solange
    21. Fuck Apologies – Jojo ft. Wiz Khalifa
    22. Make Me (Ooh) – Britney Spears ft. G-Eazy
    23. Like I Would - Zayn
    24. Touch – Little Mix
    25. Slumber Party – Britney Spears ft. Tinashe
    26. False Alarm – The Weeknd
    27. Ain’t My Fault – Zara Larsson
    28. Blow Your Mind (Mwah) – Dua Lipa
    29. 24K Magic – Bruno Mars
    30. I Feel It Coming – The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk
    31. Sexual - NEIKED
    32. Thinking of You - Mabel
    33. NO – Meghan Trainor
    34. Somebody Else – The 1975
    35. Side To Side – Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj
    36. Genghis Khan – Miike Snow
    37. This Ain’t Over – Alex Newell
    38. A Love Song - Ladyhawke
    39. Work – Rihanna ft. Drake
    40. Befour – Zayn
    41. Tilted –Christine and the Queens
    42. Hold Up - Beyonce
    43. Starboy – The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk
    44. Drop – Chloe x Halle
    45. Cheap Thrills – Sia ft. Sean Paul
    46. Make Me (Cry) – Noah Cyrus ft. Labrinth
    47. Cold Water – Major Lazer ft. Justin Bieber and MO
    48. Don’t Let Me Down – The Chainsmokers ft. Daya
    49. Be The One – Dua Lipa
    50. Hymn For The Weekend - Coldplay
    1-3 are pretty much interchangeable but some seriously great singles all-round!
  2. Thank you so much for this list, for the last week I have been discovering so much amazing music that I wasn't aware of before! Flawless taste
  3. What a panel of PJ voters decided were the Top 20 for 2016:


    1) Ariana Grande - Into You
    2) Fifth Harmony - Work From Home
    3) Beyoncé - Formation
    4) Rihanna - Kiss It Better
    5) Lady Gaga - Perfect Illusion
    6) Britney Spears - Do You Wanna Come Over?
    7) Ariana Grande - Greedy
    8) Carly Rae Jepsen - Higher
    9) Shura - What's It Gonna Be?
    10) Ariana Grande - Be Alright
    11) Röyksopp ft. Susanne Sundfør - Never Ever
    12) Britney Spears ft. Tinashe - Slumber Party
    13) The 1975 - Somebody Else
    14) Solange - Cranes In The Sky
    15) Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman
    16) Beyoncé - All Night
    17) Allie X - That's So Us
    18) Tegan And Sara - Boyfriend
    19) Britney Spears - Make Me...
    20) Beyoncé - Sorry


    1) Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman
    2) Britney Spears - Glory
    3) Beyoncé - Lemonade
    4) Rihanna - ANTI
    5) Fifth Harmony - 7/27
    6) Shura - Nothing's Real
    7) Carly Rae Jepsen - E•MO•TION Side B
    8) Lady Gaga - Joanne
    9) Zayn - Mind Of Mine
    10) The Weekend - Starboy
    11) Tegan And Sara - Love You To Death
    12) Solange - A Seat At The Table
    13) Tove Lo - Lady Wood
    14) Frank Ocean - Blonde
    15) Gwen Stefani - This Is What The Truth Feels Like
    16) BANKS - The Altar
    17) Mitski - Puberty 2
    18) The 1975 - I Like It When You Sleep...
    19) SHINee - 1 Of 1
    20) Delta Goodrem - Wings Of The Wild
  4. Ooh this is really nice, thank you! Me and my ego would very much like to hear about what you've discovered from my lists sometime xx
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  5. I discovered Emmy The Great from your list and i really enjoyed her record.The song she did with the guy from Wild Beasts is completely mesmerizing.
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  6. Here's my 2016 favorites list. I have a runner up list coming out soon but I'm still putting the order together. I wrote it on my blog first. I think there are a few run ons or no transitions in some paragraphs but anyway:
    1) Rihanna- Anti
    Before Anti, I thought the best thing Rihanna would put her name on was Reb’l Fleur, a perfume I tried out at Sears once (okay, her last three moments had fleeting moments of greatness that were undoubtedly the result of no quality control and rushing to get them out quickly). This campaign didn’t get any help at all from the bad pre album singles and the messy Diary whatever. When this album came out, and I heard that Tidal was giving it away for free, I was confused, rolled my eyes, and downloaded it anyway. I was in shock by how much I liked the album when I listened to it on my commute the next morning. Although very little was immediate, you could tell there was way more focus and effort on this. Even months later, awkward duds that could’ve sink Loud or Unapologetic like Sex with Me have grown and become enjoyable. I think what makes this album work the most, without a doubt, is the variety. I didn’t have to swap it out at all at any point in the year. While most of the songs are either about relationships or professional growth, the genres are everywhere. Dancehall, dub, doo wop, acoustic, psychedelic, 80’s power ballads, regular ballads, and neo soul all are found throughout the album, even on the same song.
    2) Kristin Kontrol- X Communicate
    This is the best of the 80’s inspired indie albums post Emotion. She’s probably between Carly Rae Jepsen and Kitten on the “dance vs indie” scale (so maybe Tegan and Sara?). Sure, Kristin is a Sub Pop musician with a background in indie rock, but this solo album has all her pop influences shining through. I can listen to the album constantly without getting bored. Also, if you have a chance to see her, you should definitely go. I’m biased because I did see her (lol) but we met her after the show and talked and she’s so nice and cool. It was my first meet and greet (can you call it that if that’s the merch stand?) but she talked with us and was enthusiastic and helped count my change lol. The title track, Skin Shed, and White Street (aka the Tom’s Diner of our generation) are my personal favorites.
    3) Jessy Lanza- Oh No
    Electronic whisper queen. Reinvents her sound through minimal 80’s inspire arcade noise bops. It’s hard to describe all the songs individually but this time she skipped the ballads and downtempo for something with more of a pulse. The title track, sarcastic VV Violence, and It Means I Love You are my personal stand out tracks.
    4) Tinashe- Night Ride
    My fall 2016 professional album. It chronicles her struggles at RCA throughout the making of Joyride with edgy, dark, electronic R&B. Lots of people say this but this is genuinely for her fans. This album consists of Tinashe coming to terms that combining artistic integrity and success will be more difficult than she initially imagined, through songs like C’est La Vie, Sunburn, Sacrifices, and You Don’t Know Me. She managed to find a home for all of the fake lead singles over the last year, like Party Favors, Ride of Your Life, and Company, but updated them to make it more relevant and at least serve us something a little more fresh (all the instant grat single people can learn from Tinashe). I even love High Speed Chase (she needs to make a full length version as a lead single for the next Teen Dystopian movie soundtrack. Maybe even Passengers?). There are still more (somber, electronic) bops like Spacetime and Touch Pass. This won’t be the album to end Tinashe’s commercial problems or get her into RCA’s priority promotion agenda, but at least fans are reassured that even after songs like an insipid Chris Brown duet, she can still make great music that stays true to herself.
    5) Solange- A Seat at the Table
    My taste in Solange was informed by others. I never knew she put music out until 2014, maybe, and I just assumed it wasn’t worth listening to so I never did. Last year, I really got into True, which she somewhat doesn’t like because Blood Orange overshadowed her during the creative process and has the flack of being her “hipster album” instead of the “real” Solange (okay, but if none of your albums are that similar and you take 4 year breaks in between each cycle, it’s too hard to notice a trend). I didn’t expect another album from her for a while and I was surprised when it came out. Obviously, it’s a little similar on its first listen, but each song has a lot of weight to it. Cranes in the Sky, a song about coping mechanisms, is the stand out single, but my personal favorites include Don’t Wish Me Well, a song with fuzzy guitars (are they guitars? I never was good in music class. I’m calling them guitars) that alludes to people who are unhappy with you growing and changing in your life (aka us Blood Orange hipsters), and Borderline, a song about taking time off for your own sanity.
    6) Garbage- Strange Little Birds
    Strange Little Birds was true to its advertising of dark, creepy,and cinematic music. Besides Empty, nothing is a first time listen. Really, I think it was a smart strategy to have the most generic song as the lead single so people would be shocked by how it turned out to be. I don’t think their first album could happen today because of how expensive recording is and that style of production with heavy sampling and mixing everything possible being expensive/outdating, but this was basically an album full of more downtempo stuff (I guess more generic versions of Milk and Queer). Magnetized is probably the happiest song on the album. Night Drive Loneliness feels like a Halloween soundtrack song that lives up to its title. Teaching Little Fingers to Play, another random favorite of mine, can be used for any supernatural show that has a Wizard/Witch/Slayer academy. Sometimes feels like a lost film noir intro that becomes into a heartbeat noise.
    7) Kilo Kish- Reflections in Real Time
    Left wave alternative R&B. Reinvents herself from “basic” alt R&B (Locket is still iconic though) to spoken word minimalism. Her lyrics reflect a lot of existential, unique, and personal insights. Titles like “The Fears of a Dilettante”, “Existential Crisis Hour”, and “Age + Self Esteem: Fun House Mirror” let you know you’re in for a ride not unlike The Bell Jar. Hello, Lakisha is the only name song I’ve heard that isn’t gimmicky or celebratory.
    8) Childish Gambino- Awaken, My Love!
    I didn’t even know this album was dropping until I decided to listen to it while procrastinating for finals and I loved it. It sounds like it’s right out of the 70’s with Baby Boy, Zombies, and other songs. I never listened to Childish Gambino (The Community fandom was insufferable and it took me until early 2016 to stop rage scrolling any mention of Childish Gambino. It’s weird because I almost entirely forgot about this when I started watching Atlanta in September) before but this is a pastiche album that I’ll listen to for a while.
    9) Britney Spears- Glory
    Just like Obama, Glory had the unfortunate placement of following an extremely mishandled mess and needing to bring it up to speed with its Scandinavian counterparts. Fortunately, Britney did everything short of reinventing herself as an IDM queen (although I still stan the fan made album Bare from last year) to deliver a solid album that takes risks. Is every song on it perfect? No, but there’s like 18 tracks from this era so you can have a solid 10-12 track album regardless of your tastes. Critics might say it’s a Justin and Julia by the numbers abum. Just like Revival, it has lots of vague tropical house and club bangers, but unlike Revival, Glory is aware of Britney’s vocals and don’t subject her (or us) to such humiliation. Just stay away from unaminous flops like Private Show, Clumsy, and What You Need and you’ll be set. Thanks to Karen Kwak for having more musical taste than Will.I.Am.
    10) Beyonce- Lemonade
    Here’s a disclaimer, I went from being anti Beyonce’s stans to appreciating and recognizing her talent after her self titled. I like songs by her, but let’s put it this way. Lemonade isn’t on Spotify and I waited until December to rent it from my local library. I listened to it and it’s definitely the best performance of 2016, musically and visually. That being said, I don’t care for the ballads so it knocks the album down for me. Is it still great? Yes, the uptempos (and All Night and Love Drought) are all at least 8/10’s for me, so that’s still good. My favorite parts of her self titled are the experimental (**for Beyonce) moments. After 2 albums of ballads and midtempos, songs like No Angel, 7/11 and Haunted (does Partition count?) stood out to me as courageous and bold, and I’m glad you can see that in Six Inch, Sorry, Formation, and Don’t Hurt Yourself. I realize this is more of an “it’s okay I GUESS” review and I have it more here for fear of backlash but yeah. I’m sure Sorry and Don’t Hurt Yourself will supply my next FOMO induced rage, while Six Inch will sound great while I shovel.
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  7. Uno


    I only included singles (and promo singles) - if I were to do straight up songs, the Top 9 would be all of Side-B.

    1. Into You - Ariana Grande
    2. Formation - Beyoncé
    3. The Big Big Beat - Azealia Banks
    4. That's My Girl - Fifth Harmony
    5. Blow Your Mind (Mwah) - Dua Lipa
    6. Side To Side - Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj
    7. Ain't My Fault - Zara Larsson
    8. Honey - Katy B ft. KAYTRANADA
    9. Never Ever - Royksopp ft. Susanne Sundfor
    10. Cool Girl - Tove Lo
    11. Cruel - Foxes
    12. Real Love - Florrie
    13. Cheap Thrills - Sia ft. Sean Paul
    14. Supernatural - Danny L. Harle ft. Carly Rae Jepsen
    15. This Girl - Kings & Cookin' on 3 Burners
    16. NO - Meghan Trainor
    17. Human - Rosie Lowe
    18. Starboy - The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk
    19. Hotter Than Hell - Dua Lipa
    20. So Much It Hurts - Nikki & The Dove
    21. Ashes of Love - Danny L. Harle ft. Caroline Polachek
    22. Perfect Illusion - Lady Gaga
    23. One Strike - All Saints
    24. One Dance - Drake ft. Wizkid & Kyla
    25. Mean What I Mean - AlunaGeorge ft. Leikeli47 & Freezy
    26. X-Communicate - Kristin Kontrol
    27. Love Me Like That - Knocks ft. Carly Rae Jepsen
    28. Chewing Gum - Nina Nesbit
    29. Work - Rihanna ft. Drake
    30. Do You Wanna Come Over - Britney Spears
    31. Bonbon - Era Istrefi
    32. Sink Like A Stone - Naomi Pilgrim
    33. All In My Head (Flex) - Fifth Harmony ft. Fetty Wap
    34. Thinking of You - Mabel
    35. Girls Like - Tinie Tempah ft. Zara Larsson
    36. Send My Love (To Your New Lover) - Adele
    37. Basically Over You - Alex Newell
    38. Secret Love Song - Little Mix ft. Jason Derulo
    39. Superlove - Tinashe
    40. Do It Right - Martin Sloveig ft. Tkay Maidza
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  8. Albums

    1. Hinds – Leave Me Alone
    Petite Meller - Lil Empire
    Lady GaGa – Joanne
    4. Christine & the Queens - Chaleur humaine
    Britney Spears – Glory
    Solange - A Seat at the Table
    Rihanna – ANTI
    Kate Tempest - Let Them Eat Chaos
    Roísín Murphy - Take Her Up to Monto
    10. Fifth Harmony – 7/27
    11. Tove Lo - Lady Wood
  9. If i had done this today, Fantome and Awaken My Love would have made it to my top 10.Perfect records.
  10. Me and Cosima's South Of Heaven teebs.


    I played myself by making my list just a bit too early.
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  11. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    I forgot to include it but Christina Aguilera's Telepathy is an amazing song, it still holds up and people are still loving it.
  12. K94


    Might have to revise this because I forgot these bops!

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  13. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Staff Member

    My favorite overall song of 2016
  14. My list of Top 50 songs (50-31)

    31. M.I.A. – “Ali r u ok?”
    32. Mitski – “Happy”
    33. All Saints – “Red Flag”
    34. Lady GaGa – “Hey Girl” feat Florence Welch
    35. Fonkynson feat Le Couleur – “Caresse”
    36. Tove Lo – “Cool Girl”
    37. Little Mix – “Touch”
    38. Roísín Murphy – “Pretty Gardens”
    39. Flume – “Say It” feat. Tove Lo
    40. Hinds – “Fat Calmed Kiddos”
    41. Femme – “Romeo”
    42. Jessy Lanza – “Oh No”
    43. Grace – “Say”
    44. Britney Spears – “Do You Wanna Come Over?”
    45. Kate Tempest – “Lionmouth Door Knocker”
    46. Fifth Harmony – “That’s My Girl”
    47. M.I.A. – “Bird Song” (Diplo Remix)
    48. Grace – “Church on Sunday”
    49. Rihanna – “Yeah, I Said It”
    50. Deap Valley – “Gonnawanna”
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  15. I was waiting for @LE0Night and @eccentricsimply to finish ghostwriting my lists.

    Also ... I cheated.

    ALBUMS | < 2016 >


    01 | BeyoncéLemonade | SolangeA Seat At The Table
    Two projects of breathtaking ambition that deconstruct and reconstruct the very idea of narrative across personal, familial, communal and historical lines. Exceptional artistry that challenges what an album can be as a storytelling device – lithographing personal trial in textured, meticulous detail and rechanneling it through stunning visualisation as collective tribulation. As two artists, they push their already formidable vocal, songwriting and performative talents to arresting heights. As two black women, they rupture the world. Oh, and apparently they’re sisters? (+, + | +)
    ►“All Night”, “Pray You Catch Me”, “Freedom”
    ►“Cranes In The Sky”, “Weary”, “Mad”

    03 | ShuraNothing's Real
    Queer introversion – and the many shades of insecurity and indecision therein – captured in thoughtful, gorgeous analogue; undeniable pop instincts bringing to shimmery life endearing ruminations on identity and memory. Damn straight it’s *glittering electro-pop melancholia*, superlatively so. (+)
    ► “White Light”, “2Shy”, “Touch”

    04 | All SaintsRed Flag
    The year’s most unexpectedly beautiful surprise. A lush, poignant album which plays at the edges of the pop-R&B canon with an unfussed assurance. It also doubles very quietly as a neat, empowering sidestep of girlband trope and fate, all the more moving because of their own history. Their best, delivered like they never left at all. (+)
    ► “PIECES” (+), “One Strike”, “Red Flag”

    05 | Laura MvulaThe Dreaming Room
    A magisterial work of frighteningly sharp focus, capturing the journey from grief to resolution in plush allegory. A soundscape that exists entirely in its own time and space, with interiors that are as velvety smooth as they are opaquely onyx. In an imagined conversation between herself and her nan, “Nan” encourages Laura to “write a song that can lift me spirits. Write a song I can jig me foot”. She did, and then some.
    ► “Overcome”, “Phenomenal Woman”, "Show Me Love"

    06 | KINGWe Are KING
    A florid, organic terrain created through slow-burning and imaginative funk, groove and soul, and brought to fluttering, breathing life by a trinity of luxuriant, honeyed voices. There are barely any discernible song breaks across the seamless assemblage, but the dreamy, beguiling savour lingers, intoxicates.
    ► “Red Eye”, “The Greatest”, "Oh, Please!"

    07 | Carly Rae JepsenE•MO•TION: Side B
    The most delightful victory lap. Her sharp, inventive pop instincts are rendered – in sharp, concise fashion – emphatically unimpeachable. She leaves heartbreak reverberating, pop music giddily joyful and feeling itself in warm technicolour. (+)
    ► “ROSES” (+), “Fever”, “Store”

    08 | ZaynMind of Mine
    Such a deep recession into the self to unearth an embarrassment of ponderous riches. Each song is held down by the weight of consideration and burden, just as they are lifted by an imaginative, distracted levity. It all hangs together in mid-air like hazy, layered smoke just before midnight; dazedly, alluringly romantic.
    ► “Befour”, “Rear View”, “Drunk”

    09 | Josef SalvatNight Swim
    Brooding, angst-ridden pop with an ear for exultation and comedown in equal measure that, as a collection, creates superbly proficient atmosphere: desire, yearning and self-importance all unfolding across a heady, red wine-soaked, sea breeze-tempered night.
    ► “Open Season”, “Constant Runners”, “Night Swim”

    10 | TychoEpoch
    Succinct, incrementally layered gems, arousing tendrils of wistfulness and painting up a late summer sky with gathering clouds in the distance; all muted golds, oranges and violets, backlit by a discomforting grey. A wordless simile for this age.
    ► "Field", “Epoch”, "Horizon"

    11 | Salt AshesSalt Ashes (#BUYSALTASHESONITUNES)
    ► “Save It”, “If You Let Me Go”

    12 | RihannaANTi
    ► “Kiss It Better”, “Love On The Brain”

    13 | Ariana GrandeDangerous Woman
    ► “Into You”, “Moonlight”

    14 | Blood OrangeFreetown Sound
    ► “Augustine”, “Best To You”

    15 | Moderat III
    ► “Eating Hooks”, “Finder”

    Oooh, this year.
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  16. < 2016 > | SINGLES


    (+) “All Night” – Beyoncé | “Cranes In The Sky” – Solange | 01
    (+) “One Strike” – All Saints | 03
    (+) “Kiss It Better” – Rihanna | 04
    “Thinking Of You”Mabel | 05
    (+) “Befour” – Zayn | 06
    (+) “Never Ever” – Röyksopp feat. Susanne Sundfør | 07
    “Old Friends”Pinegrove | 08
    “Hardcore Heartbreak” Cilia | 09
    “That’s My Girl” – Fifth Harmony | “Freedun” – M.I.A feat. Zayn | 10

    “Save It”Salt Ashes | 12
    “Overcome” – Laura Mvula feat. Nile Rodgers | 13
    ΝΝΝ “Breathing Underwater” – Emeli Sandé | 14
    “Into You” – Ariana Grande | 15

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  17. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Okay but not even I could write something this beautiful about Mind of Mine.
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  18. I wanted to post my first message here first,because this thread made me discover so many great records.So i appreciate every one of these lists and fancy graphics,thank you all.

    Without further ado,here is my fairly short list because i always find it hard to adapt into new records.

    1.Garbage- Strange Little Birds
    Key track : Night Drive Loneliness
    2-Swans - The Glowing Man
    Key track: The Glowing Man
    3-Beyonce - Lemonade
    Key Track: Sorry
    4-Banks - The Altar
    Key Track: Trainwreck
    5-Shura - Nothing's Real
    Key Track: What's It Gonna Be?
    6-Tinashe - Nightride
    Key Track: Sacrifices
    7-Josef Salvat - Night Swim
    Key Track: Shoot and Run
    8-The 1975 - I Like It When You Sleep...
    Key Track: Somebody Else
    9-Bat for Lashes - The Bride
    Key Track: Close Encounters
    10-Rihanna - ANTI
    Key Track: Consideration

    I've also grown to love Everything Everything's Get to Heaven though it was released in 2015.
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  19. yas, welcome!
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  20. Amazing taste!
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