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Best Of 2016... Year End

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Nov 16, 2016.

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    Seems like me being fashionably late with these might be turning into a trend, I’m sorry @NecessaryVoodoo.

    I do have reasons for the delays, I’ve had everything pretty much ready to go since New Years but as always, things happen. The tl:dr version is that I’ve been moving towards getting me and my disabled self into some level of employment after a very long time of inactivity and this ended up taking a significant toll in some supremely not-unexpected ways, I’ve simply had to slam the brakes for a while. My apologies.

    But, I really wanted to finish this anyway. These projects have been a year-end tradition I've enjoyed for a while now and. well. It's grown somewhat more elaborate since the time I first slapped together 10 covers on tumblr and called it a day, let me leave it at that. Usually it's the song-list that receives the most attention each year but the hope of ever completing anything in that area was abandoned ages ago, it's all turned out quite a bit longer than usual this time. As always when it comes to any kind of change I’ve had to be dragged into it by the chin-beard but 2016 marked the point where I (very involuntarily) embraced streaming entirely, and, ha. Turns out that things more easily available are consumed in larger quantities, who would’ve thought.

    And ah, yeah. It’s now been a year since I ventured into this place for the first time, with a wanky mini-review in the Santigold thread. Never made an introductory post, Lord knows who approved me. I ain't gonna lie, posting here can sometimes veer into the more volatile sides of stress-exposure therapy, but, sincerely. It’s been a pleasure. I'm very aware that I'm generally quite reluctant when it comes to any sort of response to anything but let me I assure you, every gesture is and has been genuinely and deeply appreciated. Thank you very much, everyone

    But here we go. I haven't attempted to rank anything (nor will I ever), instead I've divided everything into three probably self-explanatory groups and yes I am at the moment very much doubting literally everything but let me just insist that they're all very much recommended no matter where they've ended up.

    I was going to put all of this behind a spoiler folder because it is a bit long but y’know what

    phuck it

    hold on to your data-plans, girls

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Most Amazingly Irritating Album of The Year
    “Painting With", by Animal Collective

    Best Pop-Album Nobody Fucking Heard
    (Though Feel Free To Give Her Videography A Miss Because It’s Kind of Shit)
    “Salt Ashes”, by Salt Ashes

    Least PJ-Friendly Record of the Year
    “Flood Network”, by Katie Dey

    Best Cross-Cultural Angst Album of the Millennium
    Mitski, Puberty 2

    Most Likely to be Confused With A Headless Electrified Chicken Undergoing Unanesthetized Castration
    The Body, No One Deserves Happiness

    2nd Most Famous Person To Have Her Vocal Tics Jacked by Rihanna
    Bibi Bourelly, "Free The Real"

    Favourite @backstreetjoe Discoveries of the Year

    Olympia, Betsy, Muna, Salt Ashes (technically made those two on my own first but nevermind), Yumi Zouma, Dua Lipa, Prince Rama, Kaye, Hildur, Gallant and many many more

    Favourite @A&E Discoveries of the Year
    Olga Bell, Kristin Kontrol, Kelsey Lu, Susanna, Chinah + more

    Best Kiwi Album of the Decade Not By Lorde
    "Conscious", by Broods
    (honourable mention: "Self Talk", by the Australian Olympia)

    Most Unsurprisingly Ostentatious Album
    “Transcendence”, by Devin Townsend Project

    Most Viable Album To Gift To Your Dad Next Father's Day
    (it's pretty great though really)
    "Here", by Teenage Fanclub

    Most Likely To Be The Subject Of An Extended @imperialsteroid Essay (And Probably Already Has Been)
    “Reflections In Real Time”, by Kilo Kish

    Best Soundtrack To The Most Luxurious Winter Fairytale Never Made
    "Citizen of Glass", by Agnes Obel

    Best Album By Artist Named After A Popjustice Resident
    (dissonance), by @Animalia

    Funkiest Zad of the Year

    Junior Boys, “Big Black Coat”

    Most Likely To Be Featured In The Background of Your Next Amateur Bedroom Porn
    “Sept 5th”, by dvsn

    Best Album Made With A Washing Machine
    Ultimate Care II, by Matmos

    Single Most Beautiful Song of The Year
    The Spoils, by Massive Attack

    Most Fundamentally Wretched Album Of The Year From Intent To Execution And A Straight Up Shilling Disingenuous Disgrace To Its Entire Fucking Genre With Its Bullshit Lazy Joyless Calculated And Willfully Contemptful Uninvested Approach Undermining And Cheapening The Entire Institution And Yes She Is Pretty Much Pop Satan Isn’t She:
    “This Is Acting”, by Sia, The Shrieking Hack

    (Reaper is alright, though)

    2016 in 300(+) songs, all ranging from great to essential

    or if you want go deeper, five highlights off each album featured above (currently WIP)

    or, if a heavy ambient prog-rock classical IDM folk with a light sprinkle of Inuit throat-singing mix isn’t quite your thing, you weirdo, worry not, here’s one featuring everything poppy and pop-ish I've stumbled over in 2016 (also a bit WIP).

    and my listing of 2017 highlights will be happening over here, I'll be keeping a separate main list over everything I'm going to and currently am checking out elsewhere but that's a complete meth so venture on your own risk.

    (they’re all a bit of a work in progress at the moment really but I promised I’d put this out before the week was over and I’ve got a bus I really need to catch so)
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    I'm speechless; this is/you are astounding.
  4. Yassss @LE0Night!

    I also love that the visuals for Glory have been so dire you just used Tinashe footage from the Samba Party video for that album square.


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  5. Hnn, yes, though Britbot wasn't even in the top 10 of the struggles I've had through this, to be honest. Quite a few of the indie guys had a lot of just terminally boring and unusable footage to sift through but the very worst one was probably the Fennesz album. Normally if there wasn't any sort of official video I'd just cheat a bit and use live shows (or when lacking even that, older music videos), but with him there was a such complete absolute dearth of any sort of even remotely dynamic footage that in the end I took a 40 minute 60.000 frame show clip and reduced it to that 35 frame thing you see up there, it took a while.

    The compiling had its issues too, right at the end I thought I'd just managed to complete all the individual 4x4 slides only to find that those medals had started blinking like shitty Christmas lights around slide 10 out of 60, I nearly powerbombed my laptop out a window aaaa

    also did A&E tell you anything in advance he kinda helped me proofread a bit

    he wasn't a fan of Joanne's presence nn

    You heard me.


    and @HeartSwells, I see you, demon.
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  6. brilliant list!
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