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Best Of 2016... Year End

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  1. Here's my album a list, rather than with all the videos embedded.
    1 Prince Rama, XTreme Now
    2 Charlie Hilton, Palana
    3 Client Liaison, Diplomatic Immunity
    4 St Lucia, Matter
    5 M83, Junk
    6 Flock Of Dimes, If You See Me, Say Yes
    7 Dne, These Semi Feelings, They Are Everywhere
    8 Tegan & Sara, Love You To Death
    9 Lucius, Good Grief
    10 Arc Iris, Moon Saloon
    11 Kate Jackson, British Road Movies
    12 Bright Light Bright Light, Choreography
    13 Emma Louise, Supercry
    14 Jessy Lanza, Oh No
    15 Shura, Nothing's Real
    16 Pet Shop Boys, Super
    17 Lady Gaga, Joanne
    18 The Midnight, Endless Summer
    19 Niki & The Dove, Everybody's Heart Is Broken Now
    20 Olympia, Self Talk
    21 Diana, Familiar Touch
    22 TEEN, Love Yes
    23 How To Dress Well, Care
    24 Ariana Grande, Dangerous Woman
    25 Lovecat, Great Catsby
    26 Cellars, Phases
    27 Clare Maguire, Stranger Things Have Happened
    28 Julia Jacklin, Don't Let The Kids Win
    29 Marie Davidson, Adieu Au Dancefloor
    30 Josefin Ohrn and the Liberation, Mirage
    31 Lapsley, Long Way Home
    32 Britney Spears, Glory
    33 Kristin Kontrol, X-Communicate
    34 Weyes Blood, Front Row Seat To Earth
    35 KING, We Are King
    36 Banks, The Altar
    37 Myzica, Love & Desire
    38 Springtime Carnivore, Midnight Room
    39 Tove Lo, Lady Wood
    40 Ladyhawke, Wild Things
    41 Roisin Murphy, Take Her Up To Monto
    42 Anna Meredith, Varmints
    43 Chairlift, Moth
    44 Broods, Conscious
    45 Sabrina Carpenter, EVOLution
    46 Petite Meller, Lil Empire
    47 Negative Gemini, Body Work
    48 Nite Jewel, Liquid Cool
    49 Katy Steele, Human
    50 Sad13, Slugger.
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  2. Phew, thanks!
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  3. rdp


    So far...
    1. Frank Ocean - Blonde/Endless
    2. Kevin Abstract - American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story
    3. Rihanna - Anti
    4. Gallant - Ology
    5. Beyoncé - Lemonade
    6. Tinashe - Nightride
    7. Mahmundi - Mahmundi
    8. The 1975 - I like it when you sleep...
    9. Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman
    10. Lady Gaga - Joanne

    11. Solange - A Seat at the Table
    12. Bat for Lashes - The Bride
    13. Zayn - Mind of Mine
    14. Shura - Nothing's Real
    15. Tegan & Sara - Love You To Death

    Honorable mentions: Starboy, Lady Wood & The Colour in Anything
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    There's an older version of Photoshop that's free to download on Adobe, I find that easier to use than GIMP personally.
  5. TOP 12 ALBUMS
    1. Beyoncé - Lemonade [Sorry, Freedom]
    2. Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman [Touch It, Thinking Bout You]
    3. Rihanna - ANTI [Same Ol' Mistakes, Close to You]
    4. Chance the Rapper - Coloring Book [Juke Jam, Finish Line / Drown]
    5. JoJo - Mad Love. [Edibles., Reckless.]
    6. Sabrina Carpenter - EVOLution [Run and Hide, Space]
    7. Set It Off - Upside Down [Life Afraid, Hypnotized]
    8. Lady Gaga - Joanne [Joanne, Angel Down]
    9. Maren Morris - Hero [I Could Use A Love Song, Just Another Thing]
    10. Panic! at the Disco - Death of a Bachelor [Crazy=Genius, The Good, the Bad and the Dirty]
    11. Britney Spears - Glory [Man on the Moon, If I'm Dancing]
    12. Kevin Abstract - American Boyfriend: A Suburban Love Story [Yellow, Miserable America]

    TOP 6 EPS

    1. MUNA - The Loudspeaker [So Special, Winterbreak]
    2. Hayley Kiyoko - Citrine [Ease My Mind, Palace]
    3. Carly Rae Jepsen - Emotion Side B [Cry, Roses]
    4. Bridgit Mendler - Nemesis [Atlantis, Do You Miss Me At All?]
    5. Charli XCX - VROOM VROOM [Vroom Vroom, Trophy]
    6. Olivia Holt - Olivia [Thin Air, What You Love]

    TOP 20 SONGS
    Or in other words, songs that didn't show up on albums or EPs above.
    1. MUNA - I Know A Place
    2. Fifth Harmony - The Life
    3. Shura - What's It Gonna Be
    4. BROODS - Full Blown Love
    5. Yuna - Too Close
    6. Zayn - Rear View
    7. The Veronicas - In My Blood
    8. The Summer Set - All My Friends
    9. Little Mix - No More Sad Songs
    10. Tinashe - Touch Pass
    11. Allie X - Too Much to Dream
    12. Zara Larsson - Ain't My Fault
    13. MAX - Lights Down Low
    14. Tegan and Sara - Dying to Know
    15. The Weeknd - I Feel It Coming (feat. Daft Punk)
    16. 5 Seconds of Summer - Girls Talk Boys
    17. Foxes - Devil Side
    18. Wet - Body
    19. Chloe x Halle - Thunder
    20. Daya - Cool
  6. Favourite Songs (including non-singles)

    #10: Bruno Mars - Perm
    #9: Sia - Reaper
    #8: Kanye West - Famous
    #7: Beyoncé - Don't Hurt Yourself
    #6: Frank Ocean - Pink + White
    #5: Britney Spears - Slumber Party (ft. Tinashe)
    #4: The Weeknd - Party Monster
    #3: Beyoncé - Formation
    #2: Beyoncé - 6 inch (ft. The Weeknd)
    #1: The Weeknd - Secrets
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  7. Late addition to the mix (but I don't want to bother re-ranking). I strongly suggest people check it out.


    The song I heard in a PJSC contest that made me check the album out and I'm just getting into it now, but it's very consistent.

  8. [​IMG]

    Niki & the Dove x Everybody's Heart Is Broken Now

    N&TD is one of those acts I can positively say changed my life, discovering them in late 2010 made me write songs unlike those I'd done until then, made me discover other artists they were compared to, got me into the likes of Björk, Kate Bush and The Knife. But I always felt they had their own sound either way. Instinct was as close to the perfect pop debut as it can get. EHIBN came after a long 4 year wait and I was a bit let-down by the first single 'Play It on My Radio' but that's because it is a good album track, not lead single worthy. Unlike Instinct, EHIBN is a bit of an alien in the Scandipop landscape.
    My favorite track have changed a lot throughout the year, at some point it was 'You Stole My Heart Away' which has a nice moment during the second verse, "Straaaanger, move away!" [SYNTH BREAK], 'Ode to Dance Floor', the closing song, is not built around a chorus and it makes it all the more interesting. 'Scar for Love' has a build-up to a gospel-like chorus that's inescapable. But my favorite over time became 'Lost UB,' a tribute to one of Malin's friends, which hits close to home for me.
    EHIBN is indeed an album for the broken hearts in search of tunes to drown their sorrow into. The love and (healing) power of music has always been an undercurrent theme in N&TD's lyrics, it's just more obvious in here. Impeccable melodies, strong cohesiveness, not one song sounding like the other, an unmistakable voice, songs full of heart, soul and passion, makes this my album of 2016.

    ANOHNI x Hopelessness

    Antony & the Johnsons I'M SORRRYYYY but I could never get into her music and I didn't like her collabs with Björk. So imagine my surprise the first time I hear Drone Bomb Me. I immediately downloaded the album and I was flabbergasted. An experimental album built around gorgeous melodies and synths which fit her voice better than the real instruments on her previous material. I will give more of a chance to it but hopefully she doesn't ditch the Hopelessness sound completely.

    Carolina Falkholt x Ord, Ljud och Kön

    Carolina Falkholt, a 39 year old graffiti artist, debuts with an astounding unique album. You can tell she's been influenced by a lot of different art throughout her life and as a result when it comes the time to make music, it ends up in a colorful, complex, multi-layered, bonkers product. Very experimental and haunting, she's the type of discovery I love to make. The kind of album only 29 people will listen to, but boy am I glad to be one of them. Also the only non-English language album in here.

    Bat for Lashes x The Bride

    BFL doesn't have a bad album under her name. Some are uneven, but there are always magical numbers on them, such as the title track of her 3rd album. The Bride didn't set the world on fire, as most of it is downtempo but I just find it to be an amazing conceptual collection of love songs.

    BANKS x The Altar

    Outside of Brain and Beggin' for Thread, I was not the biggest Banks listener during her first era. Gemini Feed and especially Mind Games piqued my interest. The whole record is smooth, dark and forward-thinking. Some tracks such as This Is Not About Us have some kind of coolness to them that seems effortless.

    Shura x Nothing's Real

    Shura appears to have been around for years but I only first listened to her when her debut was released. This is a strong collection of synthpop songs, sometimes bordering on samey for some, but fresh nonetheless. She reminds me a bit of Little Boots, specifically their voices are similar, but I hope she will be more successful than Boots in the future. Every song has been a favorite of mine at some point or another, except (...) Touch which seems to be her signature song. There's an anthemic side to her choruses, something about those harmonies, especially on the title track and What Happened to Us, my two faves. I'm not surprised this album is so beloved, I'd say it's 2016's Emotion.

    Crystal Castles x AMNESTY (I)

    I barely gave the new incarnation of Crystal Castles a chance but then curiosity got hold of me and I checked the new record. Very happy I did. They have something unique to them, even sans Alice, which I could call chaotic melancholy. Most Crystal Castles songs are very melancholy and sad I find. Char, Enth and Frail are highlights on a relentless album.

    Aurora x All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend

    Much like Shura, I had not heard her songs that were around for a long time. This is a mindblowing album for someone so young to make. I honestly thought she could have some type of Lorde success or fanbase but the potential to turn her into a superstar one day is there. Some people criticize her habit to go for the bombastic choruses, I say why not? There's only one song I could do without, and the rest has been a revelation at some point or another during this year. Aurora, despite the annoying album title, I am rooting for you!


    Fallulah x Perfect Tense
    I almost forgot that one. I heard of Fallulah back in 2011 but never checked her albums. I decided to with her 3rd full-length that came very early in the year and while it doesn't reinvent the wheel, it has some gems, if you ignore Vandalain which is the "Through the Eyes of a Child" of that album. Otherwise it's a meticulously put together Scandipop album.

    NAO x For All We Know
    So yeah, this is pretty good. Discovered it late but it's an album I'll play in the first few months of 2017. Very current production, and is that a shout-out to Kate Bush's This Woman's Work at the beginning of In the Morning? Yas!

    Dragonette x Royal Blues
    Dragonette are hit-and-miss for me, and I actually prefer overall as an album Bodyparts to the first two although their highs are much bigger than Bodyparts. As long as you don't have Get Lucky's and Okay Dolore's I'm good.

    Empire of the Sun x Two Vines
    There are some very good moments on here much like on their previous albums, I'll still be waiting for them to make an album better than a 7 but I'm glad we got a third album from them. Friends is my favorite because of its icy atmosphere and anthemic chorus although it's very Alive part 2. The following track, There's No Need, is beautiful, and so are the likes of Digital Life and ZZZ.

    Tove Lo x Lady Wood
    And here I thought when I heard the title she was going all mysterious nature-oriented Scandinavian princess, but no it's just a Tove Lo metaphor. I ignored her debut because it was a bit too in-your-face and didn't include Out of Mind, one of the best pop songs of the decade, this album seems polarizing but I quite like it, there's just a feeling of songs too overcooked here and there.

    Ladyhawke x Wild Things
    It's a post-Allie X and CHVRCHES album, in the sense that it feels like these songs could belong to either one of those acts, but it's a nice enough offering that will always have a special place in my heart. A Love Song and the title track in particular.

    M83 x Junk
    I tend to forget most songs on it, they don't leave a big impression, but when I do listen to this album I feel it was misunderstood.

    Petite Meller x Lil' Empire
    Another French artiste. She knows how to craft superpop and I love putting on the "forever! foreeeevvveeeer! forrrrreeeevvvveeer!" part in Lil' Love.

    Kanye West x The Life of Pablo
    A restless creative mind. A bit too many interludes/short tracks, but the quality is there. Wolves is a career high (so is 30 Hours).

    Lady Gaga x Joanne
    Lady Gaga remains my favorite popstar. I'll listen to this album a lot more than ARTPOP in years to come. I like the more simple approach to beats and production. Gotta love how the big synth-y moment is the duet with Florence, which is the best pairing of two popstars I can think of in recent times (another that worked as well recently was Karin Dreijer and Shannon Funchess, shoot me!). And justice for Perfect Illusion!


    Zola Jesus x Taiga
    I could never get into Nika Danilova's music back when there was hype circa 2011. I just thought Austra did what she was doing in a more welcoming and accessible way. I gave a chance to Taiga two years after its release and it's such a transcending album, propelled all the way to 2014's top 3 along with twigs and iamamiwhoami. Her vocals never sounded better, the choruses are huge, there's some proper bangers on there, I get lost in Go (Blank Sea). So I hope she returns next year with an album that turns her into a bigger name.

    Empress Of x Me
    I found the hype last year around that album a bit over-the-top but I've come back to it a lot this year. It's fabulously produced but I wish for the future she builds bigger choruses.

    Prince x The Gold Experience
    I was always interested in more Prince, I knew of his 80's albums but after his passing I checked out this 90's classic. Some of his shiniest ever pop moments there, I did delete all the interludes!

    Janet Jackson x The Velvet Rope / Rhythm Nation 1814
    What About is a brilliant song, if I have to single one out, but getting into these albums more this year I understand why she's an icon some feel is not respected enough. These are some cutting edge albums even for someone really discovering them in the 2010's.


    Hana x Hana
    Birth of a major alt-girl right there.

    Same. A lot more experimental and less pleasant though.


    1. Niki & the Dove - Lost UB
    2. ANOHNI - Crisis
    3. Bat for Lashes - Close Encounters
    4. BANKS - Gemini Feed
    5. Shura - What Happened to Us?
  9. LTG


    I got into ANOHNI much more than I've ever got Antony other than a few songs, but this is perfection

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    ~Top 12 Albums of 2016~
    + 3 Best Songs Off That Album

    01. Shura - Nothing's Real (Nothing's Real, What Happened To Us, 2Shy)
    02. Tegan & Sara - Love You to Death (That Girl, Stop Desire, 100x)
    03. Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman (Into You, Touch It, Thinking Bout You)
    04. BANKS - The Altar (Trainwreck, Weaker Girl, Mother Earth)

    05. Rihanna - ANTI (Consideration, Kiss It Better, Higher)
    06. Lady Gaga - Joanne (Joanne, Million Reasons, Hey Girl)
    07. Utada Hikaru - Fantome (Michi, Nijikan Dake no Vacance, Kouya no Ookami)
    08. JoJo - Mad Love. (Music., FAB., High Heels.)

    09. Britney Spears - Glory (Invitation, Slumber Party, If I'm Dancing)
    10. Carly Rae Jepsen - E•MO•TION Side B (Higher, Fever, Store)
    11. How To Dress Well - Care (What's Up, Lost Youth / Lost You, Anxious)
    12. Yuna - Chapters (Crush, Unrequited Love, Best Love)

    ~Click the Spoiler for my K-Pop favourites~

    ~Top 12 K-Pop Albums and Mini Albums~
    + 3 Best Songs Off That Album

    01. B1A4 - Good Timing (A Lie, Nightmare, I Will Find You)
    02. Lee Hi - Seoulite (World Tour, Hold My Hand, Passing By)
    03. SHINee - 1 of 1 (Prism, 1 of 1, Don't Let Me Go)
    04. Red Velvet - Russian Roulette (Russian Roulette, Bad Dracula, Some Love)

    05. BTS - Wings (Blood, Sweat & Tears, First Love, Awake)
    06. BLACKPINK - Square Two (Playing With Fire, Whistle, Boombayah)
    07. Oh My Girl - Windy Day (Windy Day, Liar Liar, One Step Two Step)
    08. B.A.P - Noir (Ribbon In The Sky, Killer, Fermata)

    09. Ladies' Code - STRANG3R (Lorelei, The Rain, Jane Doe)
    10. I.O.I - Miss Me? (Very Very Very, Hold On, Ping Pong)
    11. Taeyeon - Why (Why, Starlight, Hands On Me)
    12. DEAN - 130 mood: TRBL (Pour Up, bonnie & clyde, 21)
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  11. Here's my 50 best non-lp tracks (stand alone singles or from an EP).
    1 Grace Lightman, Faultless
    2 The Novelties, Intro From the Other Side
    3 Maja Francis, Come Companion
    4 Chelsea Lankes, Bullet
    5 Cote, Green Light
    6 Johnson & McAuley, Illuminated Dream
    7 Noella Nix, Bye Bye
    8 Betsy, Fair
    9 Maggie Rogers, Alaska
    10 Cilia, Hardcore Heartbreak
    11 Nina, Beyond Memory
    12 LANY, Current Location
    13 Young Summer, Old Chunk Of Coal
    14 Time Masters, Milky Way
    15 Hannah Jane Lewis, Hide And Go Seek
    16 Memorry, Turning The Page
    17 Kirsten Izer, Up
    18 Ruth Koleva, Oceans
    19 Allie X, All The Rage
    20 Brendan Maclean, Hugs Not Drugs
    21 Lione, Leave This Place
    22 Ralph, Something More
    23 Noonie Bao, Reminds Me
    24 Ben Hobbs, Wishful Thinking
    25 White Sea, Arcadia
    26 Scavenger Hunt, Never Enough
    27 Samantha Jade & Cyrus, Hurt Anymore
    28 Mavrick, The Weight
    29 Katelyn Tarver, Hate To Tell You
    30 Youngr, Out Of My System
    31 Battle Tapes & Party Nails, Solid Gold
    32 Florrie, Real Love
    33 Ohlayindigo, Love You To The Moon
    34 DownVega, Give You My Love
    35 Shields, Chequered Love
    36 I Grow Paper Wings, Run
    37 Great Good Fine OK, Already Love
    38 GENTS, Love Is Tears
    39 Golden Age, Tinted Windows
    40 Audrey Air, Night Terror
    41 The FatRat, The Calling
    42 Fred Falke and Elohim, It's A Memory
    43 Kid Froopy, bb (Four Missed Texts)
    44 St Niklas, Porcelain
    45 Rainsford, S.I.D
    46 Eden xo, El Barrio
    47 Abi Hudson, Fragile Around You
    48 Rywolf, Like You
    49 Cappa, Next Ex
    50 Mark Johns, Molino
    Here's the blog link with videos embedded
  12. I'm still giving my singles list a bit of time to breathe but here are my top 10 albums:

    1. Beyoncé - Lemonade
    2. Lady Gaga - Joanne
    3. Rihanna - ANTI
    4. Shura - Nothing's Real
    5. Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman
    6. Britney Spears - Glory
    7. Kanye West - The Life Of Pablo
    8. Sia - This Is Acting
    9. Tove Lo - Lady Wood
    10. The Weeknd - Starboy

    A very good year for Big Pop Girls it seems, and the least alternative for a few years now.
  13. Let's do a countdown!

    20 - Love You To Death - Tegan & Sara
    It's no Heartthrob, but what is? Still a reliable collection of songs from pop's best Canadian lesbian double act.

    19 - X-Communicate - Kristin Kontrol
    Surprisingly strong album that brings the bops.

    18 - Anohni - Hopelessness
    It's a bit moody and blunt, but after this year maybe that was a good choice.

    17 - Lil Empire - Petite Meller
    Polarising and a tad repetitive, but any album with Baby Love and Lil' Love was always going to be amazing.

    16 - This Is What The Truth Feels Like - Gwen Stefani
    Imaging if Maroon 5 released an album with good songs and a decent singer. This is that album.

    15 - Familia - Sophie Ellis-Bextor
    A good balance between Wanderlust and the disco-electro years.

    14 - For All We Know - NAO
    Perfect album for a chilly autumnal day.

    13 - Nightride - Tinashe
    No it's not the much-anticipated Joyride. No it's not Aquarius. But it'll do for now.

    12 - KIN - KT Tunstall
    Didn't expect to like this, but I really do! Give it a chance.

    11 - Mind Of Mine - Zayn
    A slice of brilliantly done RnB.

    10 - 7/27 - Fifth Harmony
    Fifth Harmony live and die on how good the songs are. And these are some great songs.

    9 - Anti - Rihanna
    Rihanna's coolest album, simply because she isn't trying to be cool: she just is.

    8 - Hero - Maren Morris
    Fucking fantastic from beginning to end.

    7 - A Seat At The Table - Solange
    Well worth the 4/8 year wait for a new album (depending on what you see True as).

    6 - Choreography - Bright Light Bright Light
    Camp as anything with some absolutely joyous songs. And superb watching them coming alive on stage.

    5 - Emotion Side B - Carly Rae Jepsen
    It's a bit awkward when a collection of B-sides/leftovers is better than most music released this year.

    4 - Nothing's Real - Shura
    Near perfect electropop.

    3 - Joanne - Lady Gaga
    SHE DID IT Y'ALL. I can't wait to see these songs on tour.

    2 - Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande
    What should be a collection of great songs becomes a superb piece of work thanks to Ariana's voice and some other form of witchcraft.

    1 - Lemonade - Beyoncé
    Well, it couldn't be anything else, could it? A blockbuster of an album, tour, era etc. that's shows everyone how it's done.
  14. [​IMG]

    It was pure happenstance that I couldn't seem to narrow down my favorite albums of the year to anything less than sixteen in the year 2016 but hey, here we are:

    16. Freetown Sound - Blood Orange

    A bit overly long while also housing some of the best songs of the year, Freetown Sound is the sound of Dev Hynes firing on all cylinders and proving why he is one of the best contemporary music producers in the industry. That would be enough for a great album, but Freetown Sound is also exercises an academic understanding of race politics, giving space for the voices of recording artists, writers, journalists and poets.

    15. Joanne - Lady Gaga

    Joanne feels both sizably huge as a pop album but also quaint in a sense. By honing her songwriting and focusing her vision, Gaga was able to deliver one of the most exciting left turns in pop music this year.

    14. A Moon Shaped Pool - Radiohead

    The saddest divorce album of 2016 without actually being a divorce centric album, A Moon Shaped Pool harkens back to Radiohead at their best, be it the paranoia of The Numbers, the extravagant sadness of Daydreaming or the lonely second guessing of Glass Eyes. There's nothing as ambitious as the best moments of Kid A or OK Computer, but career highlight True Love Waits more than makes up for it.

    13. Anti - Rihanna

    Anti arrived in the dead of winter like a late Christmas miracle. After being riddled with delays, false starts and ambiguous details, Anti is both removed from this journey and indebted to it. It takes a specific attention to detail to make the skyline carving guitars of Kiss It Better sound right in place next to the skittering abrasiveness of Woo or the zero gravity lovemaking of Yeah, I Said It. Rihanna proves the appropriate vessel for every sound as she has throughout her career. The difference now is that she no longer has to make these songs her own; they are natural manifestations of the artist we've come to know.

    12. 4 Your Eyez Only - J. Cole

    The album I didn't know I wanted from Cole. At just ten tracks he keeps it concise and straightforward, alternating from the perspective of himself and a recently deceased friend. While Cole does detail drug violence and police brutality, he also intersects this with a more intimate retelling for his friend's daughter. This further illuminates Cole's talents as not only a rapper but also a storyteller.

    11. 22, A Million - Bon Iver

    People generally do too much towards Bon Iver, and this album is no exception. Structureless and at times frustratingly abstract, Justin Vernon still knows how to deliver a lyric like "these will just be places to me now" amongst a collage of memories and it feel devastatingly resolute.

    10. Nightride - Tinashe

    Nocturnal ruminations and songs for that late night booty call you'll regret in the morning. Nightride restored my faith that even as commercial success continues to allude her, Tinashe will always be a fierce artist to contend with under her own terms.

    9. Lemonade - Beyonce

    I've found it tough to remove Lemonade from the zeitgeist stranglehold Beyonce has clasped relentlessly since 2013. Taking the music as it is, much of it holds up as the best of the year. If it didn't trail off towards the back end, Beyonce would have easily snagged a higher spot. As it stands, Lemonade is still a masterclass in genre bending, image renovation and the art of the imperial phase.

    8. The Weight of These Wings - Miranda Lambert

    The Weight of These Wings signifies a lot of things in Miranda's career besides being an incredible traveling woman's album that could stand alongside Joni's. Since Revolution, Miranda has continued to push herself artistically up to a standard she can occupy alone. Even as a double album The Weight of These Wings has almost no hitches, urging the listener to jump in the passenger's seat and join Miranda on the open road.

    7. Coloring Book - Chance the Rapper

    No other album these year feels quite as fun as Coloring Book. Granted it isn't all happy; Same Drugs and Summer Friends are the sort of songs you put on when you feel starkly removed from your youth, when adulthood is terrifying because it means there are people and places you cannot hold onto anymore. Even in these moments Chance is wildly entertaining with his flow and word play, making songs like Blessings so gospel-saturated they could lead the most fervent unbeliever to the pulpit.

    6. Hopelessness - Anohni

    This one was another late entry. Deeply unsettling and gratuitously sad, Hopelessness lives up to its namesake throughout. The dynamic electronic production allows these songs to speak with a captivating voice throughout themes of political corruption, terrorism masked as imperialism and personal fallout.

    5. A Seat at the Table - Solange

    I mean, what is there to be said that hasn't been said by every music journalist in the past year? Much has been made of the subject matter on A Seat at the Table, and Solange's dismantling of the American social climate is both astute and captivating. Sonically, A Seat at the Table is as much a warm cocoon as it is a sword and shield.

    4. Hero - Maren Morris

    I had a feeling Hero would sneak into my top ten, but when sifting through the albums and deciding an order I realized how much a part of 2016 Hero was for me. Homespun country feels more like a starting point than a template here, and Maren's attention to detail left me returning to every track in some capacity just to discover intricacies throughout.

    3. Nothing's Real - Shura

    Nothing's Real ended up being a bit of a late entry for me. What initially passed over me as inconspicuous ambience returned to me when I was traveling across the country in November. Utilizing an 80's template to invigorate songs of uncertainty and isolation is an inspired choice, and Shura pulls it off thanks to her skill with a pen.

    2. Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande

    Ariana reminded me in 2016 just how satisfying pop music can be. Seeing her come into a sound and style fully her own was satisfying enough, but to witness it against the monolithic choruses of Into You, Touch It and Thinkin' Bout You reminded me why pop music is my favorite genre. Immaculately constructed and ridiculously well sung, Dangerous Woman is THE pop album of 2016.

    1. Blonde - Frank Ocean

    I've said enough about this album across the forum. The open ended nature of the album left many people unsatisfied but I found one of the best contemporary songwriters delving through memories and coming up with a sprawling and resonating album. I listened to Blonde when I wanted to understand, and that makes it my indispensable album of the year.

    I also did write-ups for my favorite song from each album if anyone is interested.
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  15. 1. Anti
    2. Freetown Sound
    3. Blonde
  16. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    I made four lists. Because I'm extra. They are in alphabetical order because you can't ask me to choose favorites - with the exception of the albums, where I do have three ultimate favorites and the songs.

    TOP 5 EPs
    +30mg - Cruel Youth (Must listen: Alexis Texas)

    1992 - Princess Nokia (Must listen: Brujas)

    Citrine - Hayley Kiyoko (Must listen: Gravel To Tempo)

    Emotion Side B - Carly Rae Jepsen (Must listen: Higher)

    Lauren - Keke Palmer (Must listen: Got Me Fucked Up)

    Augustine - Blood Orange

    Befour - Zayn

    Boy Problems - Carly Rae Jepsen

    Don't Touch My Hair - Solange

    Drone Bomb Me - ANOHNI

    Formation - Beyoncé

    Kill v. Maim - Grimes

    Nikes - Frank Ocean

    Starboy - The Weeknd

    Shout Out To My Ex - Little Mix

    TOP 15 SONGS
    15. Your Love - Little Mix
    14. Grigio Girls - Lady Gaga
    13. Cruel - Snakehips feat. Zayn
    12. Into You - Ariana Grande
    11. Boogieman - Childish Gambino

    10. Chunky - Bruno Mars
    9. Freedun - M.I.A. feat Zayn
    8. Drone Bomb Me - ANOHNI
    7. Godspeed - Frank Ocean
    6. Love On The Brain - Rihanna

    5. All Night - Beyoncé
    4. I Feel It Coming - The Weeknd
    3. Thinking Of You - Mabel
    2. Befour - Zayn
    1. Cranes In The Sky - Solange


    • 24k Magic - Bruno Mars (Must listen: Chunky, Versace On The Floor, Finesse)
    • 99¢ - Santigold (Must listen: Chasing Shadows, Rendezvous Girl, All I Got)
    • A.I.M. - M.I.A. (Must listen: Freedun, Borders, Visa)
    • American Boyfriend - Kevin Abstract (Must listen: Yellow, Empty, Miserable America)
    • ANTI - Rihanna (Must listen: Love On The Brain, Needed Me, Woo)
    • Blonde - Frank Ocean (Must listen: Godspeed, White Ferrari, Nikes)

    • Brown Girl - Aaradhna (Must listen: Welcome To The Jungle, Devil's Living In My Shadow, Talk Sweet To Me)
    • Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande (Must listen: Moonlight, Into You, Knew Better/Forever Boy)
    • For All We Know - NAO (Must listen: Adore You, Bad Blood, Fool To Love)
    • Freetown Sound - Blood Orange (Must listen: Best To You, With Him, Augustine)
    • Joanne - Lady Gaga (Must listen: Grigio Girls, Million Reasons, Dancin' In Circles)
    • LEMONADE - Beyoncé (Must listen: Sorry, Formation, All Night)

    • Love You To Death - Tegan and Sara (Must listen: That Girl, Stop Desire, U-Turn)
    • Mahmundi - Mahmundi (Must listen: Eterno Verão, Hit, Azul)
    • Nightride - Tinashe (Must listen: Soul Glitch, Sacrifices, Touch Pass)
    • Ology - Gallant (Must listen: Weight In Gold, Bone + Tissue, Talking To Myself)
    • Problema Meu - Clarice Falcão (Must listen: Irônico, Vagabunda, Eu Escolhi Você)
    • Starboy - The Weeknd (Must listen: Secrets, I Feel It Coming, A Lonely Night)

    The Top 3

    • A Seat At The Table - Solange (Must listen: Cranes In The Sky, Borderline (An Ode To Self Care), Don't Touch My Hair, Weary, Where Do We Go)
    • "Awaken, My Love!" - Childish Gambino (Must listen: Redbone, Me and Your Mama, Boggieman, Zombies, The Night Me and Your Mama Met)
    • Mind Of Mine - ZAYN (Must listen: Befour, Rear View, She Don't Love Me, It's You, Truth)
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  17. YATH!
  18. [​IMG]

    BANKS The Altar
    [Gemini Feed / Lovesick / Poltergeist]

    BEYONCE Lemonade
    [Pray You Catch Me / Sorry / Daddy Lessons]

    [Pay For It / Oceans / I'll Meet You There]

    SALT ASHES Salt Ashes
    [Save It / Somebody / Half the Battle]

    WET Don't You
    [Deadwater / Weak / You're the Best]

    RIHANNA Anti
    [Desperado / Needed Me / Same Ol' Mistakes]

    HANA Hana EP
    [Clay / Avalanche / White]

    TOVE LO Lady Wood
    [Lady Wood / Keep It Simple / WTF Love Is]

    MUNA The Loudspeaker EP
    [Loudspeaker / So Special]
  19. You bloody showoffs with the fancy graphics... *runs off to make fancy graphics*
  20. A L B U M S


    1. All Saints - Red Flag
    2. Christine and The Queens - Chaleur Humaine
    3. Beyoncé - Lemonade
    4. Bat For Lashes - The Bride
    5. Shura - Nothing's Real
    6. Regina Spektor - Remember Us To Life
    7. Banks - The Altar
    8. Britney Spears - Glory
    9. Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Familia
    10. Lady Gaga - Joanne

    - Have to also include David Bowie's final masterpiece Blackstar in this list and my goddess Kate Bush's incredible album of her breathtaking Before The Dawn shows. (also I know Chaleur Humaine came out 2015 most other places, but the UK only got the album this year...)

    S I N G L E S


    1. Danny L Harle Feat. Carly Rae Jepsen - 'Supernatural'
    2. Ariana Grande - 'Into You'
    3. Fickle Friends - 'Crybaby'
    4. Biffy Clyro - 'Rearrange'
    5. Allie X - 'Old Habits Die Hard'

    - Honourable mentions to The 1975's 'Somebody Else' and countless others, but those five stood out for me.

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