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Best of 2017... Mid-Year

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by NecessaryVoodoo, May 29, 2017.

  1. Songs that i've really enjoyed so far

    Tsar B - Golddigger
    Lorde - Sober
    Lorde - Writer In The Dark
    Lorde - Supercut
    SZA - Drew Barrymore
    SZA - Broken Clocks
    Zola Jesus - Exhumed
    Chelsea Wolfe - 16 Psyche
    Perfume Genius - Slip Away
    Perfume Genius - Run Me Through
    Arca - Piel
    Arca - Desafio
    Laurel Halo - Moontalk
    Kelly Lee Owens - Arthur
    Kelly Lee Owens - Anxi
    SOHN - Rennen
    SOHN - Signal
    Sevdaliza - Bluecid
    Sevdaliza - Marilyn Monroe
    Banks - Crowded Places
    Clean Bandit & Marina & The Diamonds - Disconnect
    Kehlani - Do U Dirty
    Kehlani - Undercover
    Dua Lipa - Room for Two
    Dua Lipa - Be the One
    Dua Lipa - New Rules
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  2. Delete every list without MUNA.
  3. A very rough and incomplete list of where I'm at for this year so far:

    Aldous Harding - Party
    Austra - Future Politics
    Denai Moore - We Used To Bloom
    Lorde - Melodrama
    Lydia Ainsworth - Darling of the Afterglow
    MUNA - about u
    Perfume Genius - No Shape
    Pixx - The Age of Anxiety
    Sarah Belkner - But You Are, But It Has
    Sevdaliza - ISON - If pushed, I would probably say this was my favourite album of the year thus far
    Vanbot - Siberia

    Adna - Overthinking
    Adrijana - Amare
    Aldous Harding - Imagining My Man
    Austra - I Love You More Than You Love Yourself
    Beatrice Eli - Careful
    Blanche - City Lights
    BOSCO - Castles (feat. St. Beauty)
    Chelsea Jade - Life of the Party
    Clean Bandit & Marina - Disconnect
    Danny L Harle - 1UL
    Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton - Fatal Gift
    Jennifer Paige - Forget Me Not
    Kacy Hill - Hard to Love
    Little Dragon - Sweet
    Loreen - Statements
    LPX - Tightrope
    Lydia Ainsworth - Open Doors
    Maggie Rogers - On + Off
    Mai Lan - Vampire
    Miss Li - Aqualung
    MUNA - Crying on the Bathroom Floor
    Pale Waves - There's A Honey
    Perfume Genius - Die 4 You
    Pixx - Waterslides
    Sarah Belkner - Cellophane
    Sevdaliza - Hubris
    Shy Luv - Shock Horror (feat. JONES)
    Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner, Nico Muhly & James McAlister - Jupiter
    Susanne Sundfør - Undercover
    Svala - Paper
    Tei Shi - How Far
    Thomas Azier - Gold
    Torres - Skim
    Vanbot - Collide (Krasnoyarsk)
    Zola Jesus - Exhumed

    Albums I'm looking forward to:
    Benjamin Clementine
    Chelsea Jade
    Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton
    Kacy Hill
    LPX (hopefully she's leading up to an album or at the very least an EP release before the end of the year)
    St. Vincent (hopefully)
    Susanne Sundfør
    Torres (hopefully this year. If not, early next)
    Vera Blue
    Zola Jesus
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  4. Here's where I'm at now that June is almost over ... ranked via stats!

    Mid-Year Top Tracks

    1. $ - SOFI DE LA TORRE
    8. TEASE - RALPH
      4. NO FUX - MILA J
      7. TKO - ERIK HASSLE
    Mid-Year Album Rankings
    6. ABOUT U - MUNA
    8. CTRL - SZA
    10. FIN - SYD
    Mixtape/EP Rankings
    6. RALPH - RALPH
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  5. I posted about this in Random Pop Thoughts, but it definitely makes more sense here. My albums of the year so far kind of surprised me. Dua Lipa came out of nowhere to swiftly make my top five. In no particular order:

    • Witness
    • Number 1 Angel
    • Dua Lipa
    • CollXtion II
    • Humanz
    • Silver Eye
    Upcoming releases that will likely make appearances are Kylie, Carly Rae and Lana. The ladies are really killing it this year.
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  6. I know I already posted, but a lot has happened since and it actually is mid-year now... here is my first update:

    #1 Amy Lee - Love Exists
    #2 Lana Del Rey - Lust For Life (Feat. The Weeknd)
    #3 Lorde - Green Light
    #4 Texas - Round The World
    #5 Amy MacDonald - Under Stars
    #6 London Grammar - Hell To The Liars
    #7 Hurts - Beautiful Ones
    #8 Lady Gaga - The Cure
    #9 Sumera - Animal
    #10 Raelynn - Praying For Rain

    #11 Shania Twain - Life's About To Get God
    #12 Kendrick Lamar - God.
    #13 Carly Rae Jepsen - Cut To The Feeling
    #14 Mylene Cruz & The Soul Madonnas - Toy Box
    #15 Dan Stevens - Evermore
    #16 Blanche - City Lights
    #17 The XX - Say Something Lovin'
    #18 Katy Perry - Chained To The Rhythm
    #19 Sufjan Stevens (and others) - Saturn
    #20 Nelly Furtado - Sticks And Stones

    #21 Fall Out Boy - Young And Menace
    #22 Loreen - Statements
    #23 Lorde - Sober II (Melodrama)
    #24 Goldfrapp - Ocean
    #25 Koit Toome & Laura - Verona
    #26 SZA - Prom
    #27 Beth Ditto - We Could Run
    #28 Miley Cyrus - Malibu
    #29 Harry Styles - Signs of the Times
    #30 Niall Horan - Slow Hands

    Recent releases such as the one from Lorde, Sza and Beth Ditto are likely to rise.

    #1 Miranda Lambert - Runnin' Just In Case
    #2 Maren Morris - I Could Use A Love Song
    #3 Cam - Village
    #4 Lady Gaga - John Wayne
    #5 Ariana Grande - Thinking Bout You

    With the lack of strong country releases, sorry Raelynn, the top 3 from last year is sufficient to keep me warm.

    #1 Amy MacDonald - Under Stars
    #2 The XX - I See You
    #3 Kendrick Lamar - DAMN.
    #4 Texas - Jump On Board
    #5 London Grammar - Truth Is A Beautiful Thing

    #6 Lorde - Melodrama
    #7 Paramore - After Laughter
    #8 Nelly Furtado - The Ride
    #9 Goldfrapp - Silver Eye
    #10 Beth Ditto - Fake Sugar

    #11 SZA - Ctrl
    #12 Niia - I
    #13 Jennifer Paige - Starflower
    #14 Jessie James Decker - Gold
    #15 Michelle Branch - Hopeless Romantic

    Kehlani and Kacy Hill are a bit too fresh for me to decide, but she is looking to have a spot on here too.

    Albums still delivering in 2017
    #1 U2 - The Joshua Tree
    #2 Miranda Lambert - The Weight of These Wings
    #3 Rolling Stones - Blue & Lonesome
    #4 Lady Gaga - Joanne
    #5 Maren Morris - Hero

    #1 Linkin Park
    #2 Blondie
    #3 Rag 'N Bone Man
    #4 Mary J. Blige

    Upcoming of interest (pretty much certain)
    Foo Fighters
    Kerri Watt
    Lana Del Rey
    Shania Twain
    Fall Out Boy
    Arcade Fire
    The Killers

    Upcoming (formed prayer circle)
    Kelly Clarkson
    Ashlee Simpson
    Avril Lavigne
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  7. I think Collxtion is my favorite that have been released so far.I'm obsessed with it.
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  8. [​IMG]

    Are you lost?
  9. Missed the "disappointments" header? (I found it a disappointment as well, yes - I have some hope for him, he just needs music that can lives up to his vocal prowess.)
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  10. I know, but I don't get why you'd even have expectations for him. You explained it already so whatever...
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  11. Here's my list.


    Maren Morris - Hero (really got into her music early this year and haven't stopped obsessing over this)
    Rihanna - ANTI (got into this very late because I didn't initially like it upon first listen, but gave it another chance after hearing so many good things about it and damn if it didn't blow me away and made me fall in love with the rest of her discography all over again)
    MUNA - About U (the whole album is sublime)
    Lorde - Melodrama (really grew on me after a few more listens)
    Harry Styles - Harry Styles
    Haim - Something To Tell You
    Hey Violet - From The Outside
    Dia Frampton - Bruises
    Andy Suzuki & The Method - The Glass Hour


    Camila Cabello (my expectations are high; I've liked everything I've heard so far)
    Fifth Harmony (my expectations are low for this after the unremarkable Down)
    The Killers (too much to hope this will be similar to Sam's Town, their best album?)
    Arcade Fire
    Shania Twain
    Sara Bareilles (although this is pretty doubtful since she's not even in the studio yet)
  12. These will get rearranged, chopped and added to in due course:


    A/T/O/S – outboxed
    Airling – Hard To Sleep, Easy To Dream
    Allie X – CollXtion II
    Bonobo – Migration
    Brian Eno – Reflection
    CupcaKke – Queen Elizabitch
    Dua Lipa – Dua Lipa
    Gabriel Garzón-Montano – Jardin
    GAS – Narkopop
    Hiatus – All The Troubled Hearts
    Kelly Lee Owens – Kelly Lee Owens
    London Grammar – Truth Is A Beautiful Thing
    Lorde – Melodrama
    Lydia Ainsworth – Darling Of The Afterglow
    MUNA – About U
    Nelly Furtado – The Ride
    Niia – I
    Perfume Genius – No Shape
    Sampha – Process
    Tei Shi – Crawl Space
    The xx – I See You
    Thomas Azier – Rouge
    Ullrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk – Passage
    Way Out West – Tuesday Maybe
    Yasmine Hamdan – Al Jamilat
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  13. [​IMG]


    As certain people can attest, I've lowkey had this done since June, but, I caught a slight case of katyperry_stairs.png disease before I could properly wrap it up, so. Better late than never.


    (don't take the medals too seriously, know that I've already changed my mind thrice over since I hit post)

    I keep a running log over everything I listen to on Spotify, over here, if you want more tips.

    (very roughly sectioned don't @ me)

    soul, r&b, hip hop

    b.miles, a/t/o/s, little dragon, sevdaliza, mary j. blige, airling, thundercat, sampha, niia, miss tati, sza, mabel, ibibo sound machine, denai moore, kehlani
    lady leshurr, aristophanes, run the jewels, dj krush, cupcakke, kendrick lamar, gorillaz, vince staples

    singer-songwriter, acoustic
    valerie june, joan shelley, julie byrne, bedouine. laura marling, aldous harding
    amber coffman, wilsen, aimee mann, rebekka karijord, o+s
    mount eerie, ian william craig

    singer-songwriter, rock
    jane weaver, hazel english, juana molina, feist, beth ditto
    alison crutchfield, marika hackman, craig finn, benjamin booker, the magnetic fields, big thief, fazerdaze, alexandra savior, arto lindsay

    singer-songwriter, other
    clavvs, emel mathlouthi, jfdr, lydia ainsworth
    nick hakim, mac demarco, perfume genius, ásgeir, dirty projectors
    sarah slean, jennie abrahamson, camille, yasmine hamden, nelly furtado

    electronic, vocal
    passion pit, vók, vanbot
    goldfrapp, jamiroquai, soulwax, the golden filter
    austra, kelly lee owens, half waif
    lou canon, laurel halo, arca

    octo octa, of norway, ok sure, clark, actress, lone, com truise, joe goddard
    jlin, chino amobi, nathan fake, emptyset, yuji kondo, blanck mass, tsuzing
    forest swords, lusine, shinichi atobe, joakim, shearwood & pinch, james place, lao

    charli xcx, sigrid, mai lan, hugh, marnie, allie x, verite, ronika, betsy
    lorde, ralph, tennis, tei shi, anna wise, chinah
    phantoms, cashmere cat, calvin harris
    gothic tropic, muna, sylvan esso, pixx, san fermin

    bonobo, hiatus, gaussian curve, justin walter, jere cantu-ledesma, bing & ruth, earthen sea, , arve henriksen, noveller, moon diagrams
    gas, visible cloaks, ryuichi sakamoto, anjou, biosphere, the bug & earth, evan caminiti

    symphonic, hybrid
    william basinski, penguin orchestra, daniel brandt, carl craig, valgeir sigurdsson, hauschka, christian scott, max richter, sarah davachi, vicky chow, sufjan stevens

    rock, shoegaze, punk, metal, heavy, etc
    phoenix, mew, london grammar, tops, the xx
    misterwives, paramore, wavves, cloud nothings, jay som, cende, k.i.d.
    slowdive, au.ra, king gizzard and the lizard wizard, tiny deaths
    woods, future islands, the new pornographers, tinariwen, fleet foxes, grandaddy, agent blå, ulver, spoon, meatbodies
    girlpool, (sandy) alex g, heliocentrics, the relationship, the afghan whigs, xiu xiu, japandroids, damaged bug, kneebody, hanni el khatib, algiers
    mastodon, oxbow, pharmakon, sorority noise, hundredth, ex eye, crystal fairy

    Cool Your Heart
    Dirty Projectors x Dawn Richard
    Dirty Projectors

    (try also: Up In Hudson, Love Under Lights)


    Silver Eye
    (try also: Zodiac Black, Moon In Your Mouth)


    Drew Barrymore

    (try also: Prom, Normal Girl)


    Lost Maps
    Strange Words & Weird Wars

    (try also: Electric Youth, Invisible Girl)


    (try also: Underneath It, Unbound)


    Say You Do
    Tei Shi
    Crawl Space

    (try also: Running, Baby)



    (try also: Blue Window, Runner)


    Plot Twist
    Don't Kill My Vibe
    (try also: Dynamite, Don't Kill My Vibe)


    You Won Me Over
    Jennie Abrahamson
    (try also: Summer, Don't Talk)


    The Road
    Lydia Ainsworth
    Darling of the Afterglow
    (try also: Ricochet, Afterglow)



    Sarah Klang
    (try also: Sleep)


    Green Light
    (try also: Perfect Places, Liability (Reprise))


    Your Love
    Your Love
    (try also: No Love For The Wild)


    Here To Stay
    Miss Tati
    Finally, Tati
    (try also: You Got To, Together)



    (try also: Bluecid, That Other Girl)



    (try also: Lost & Found, Time)


    Slip Away
    Perfume Genius
    No Shape
    (try also: Wreath, Sides)

    and my favourite song of the year

    (so far)

    (though it's unlikely to change)




    (try also: Something More, Cold To The Touch)


    honourable mentions, ineligible for representation due to lack of half decent viable video-footage:
    St. Vincent's New York, Only Girl's Fortune, IDER's Face On


    (there have been literally hundreds of fantastic singles this year so to avoid a mile long list the only ones I've picked here are the ones I've personally had a bit of an obsession with at some point.)

    (for the rest, I keep a rough list over my favourite pop-tracks of the year on Spotify, if you want to check out more, look over here.)

    Have a nice day.

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  14. stop showing us up.
  15. POPDROID REWIND: FAVORITE SINGLES (Best of 2017 So Far...)

    001 TOPS: Petals
    002 Polo & Pan: Coeur croisé
    003 The War on Drugs: Thinking of a Place
    004 Jain: Makeba
    005 Cigarettes Afer Sex: Apocalypse
    006 Paradis: Toi et moi
    007 Juniore: Panique
    008 Lana Del Rey: Love
    009 Juliette Armanet: L'amour en solitaire
    010 Haim: Want You Back

    011 Blanche: City Lights
    012 Calypso Valois: Le jour
    013 Pumarosa: Dragonfly
    014 Fishbach: Un autre que moi
    015 Lorde: Green Light
    016 Alexia Gredy: Paradis
    017 The Lemon Twigs: I Wanna Prove to You
    018 Tennis: Modern Woman
    019 Blondino: Jamais sans la nuit
    020 Noga Erez: Off the Radar

    021 Clara Luciani: Comme toi
    022 Eugénie: Puis danse
    023 Témé Tan: Ça va pas la tête?
    024 Fazerdaze: Take It Slow
    025 Aldous Harding: Imagining My Man
    026 Michael Kiwanuka: Cold Little Heart
    027 Peter Peter: Bien réel
    028 Ibibio Sound Machine: Give Me a Reason
    029 Chromatics: Shadow
    030 Frànçois & the Atlas Mountains: Tendre est l'âme

    031 Amy Shark: Weekends
    032 STUFF.: Galapagos
    033 Fleet Foxes: Fool's Errand
    034 Arcade Fire: Everyting Now
    035 La Féline: Senga
    036 Father John Misty: Pure Comedy
    037 Laura Marling: Next Time
    038 London Grammar: Oh Woman, Oh Man
    039 Marika Hackman: My Lover Cindy
    040 Hazel English: More Like You

    041 Desperate Journalist: Hollow
    042 Grimes feat. Janelle Monáe: Venus Fly
    043 Calypso Valois: Vis à vie
    044 Bedouine: One of These Days
    045 Aimee Mann: Goose Snow Cone
    046 Bazart: Lux
    047 Témé Tan: Sè Zwa Zo
    048 NAO: In the Morning
    049 Soulwax: Missing Wires
    050 Lindsey Buckingham / Christine McVie: In My World

    051 Julien Doré: Sublime & Silence
    052 Jane Weaver: Did You See Butterflies?
    053 Steven Wilson feat. Sophie Hunger: Song of I
    054 Kevin Morby: City Music
    055 Childish Gambino: Redbone
    056 Marie Flore: Passade digitale
    057 Amber Coffman: No Coffee
    058 Juniore: Difficile
    059 Julie Byrne: Natural Blue
    060 Steven Wilson feat. Ninet Tayeb: Pariah

    061 Paradisia: Dancing in the Dark
    062 Marble Sounds: Ten Seconds to Count Down
    063 The Weeknd: Secrets
    064 Fleet Foxes: If You Need, Keep Time on Me
    065 Gorillaz: Andromeda
    066 City of the Sun: Sugar
    067 Moonchild: Cure
    068 Queens of the Stone Age: The Way You Used to Do
    069 Dope Lemon: Home Soon
    070 Holybrune: Nuit noire

    071 Pond: Paint Me Silver
    072 Phoenix: Goodbye Soleil
    073 Wilsen: Centipede
    074 Fishbach: Y crois-tu
    075 Juliette Armanet: Alexandre
    076 Austra: I Love You More Than You Love Yourself
    077 Declan McKenna: Brazil
    078 Millionaire: I'm Not Who You Think You Are
    079 Pumarosa: Lion's Den
    080 WWWater: WWWater

    081 Grand Blanc: Bosphore
    082 The Jungle Giants: Feel the Way I Do
    083 Lo Moon: Loveless
    084 The War on Drugs: Holding On
    085 Rolling Blackouts Coast Fever: French Press
    086 School Is Cool: Trophy Wall
    087 Peter Peter: Loving Game
    088 Spoon: Hot Thoughts
    089 Thievery Corporation feat. Racquel Jones: Letter to the Editor
    090 Elastic Bond: Honey Bun

    091 Black Mirrors: Funky Queen
    092 Becca Stevens feat. Laura Mvula: Well Loved
    093 Dan Auerbach: Shine on Me
    094 Vince Staples: Big Fish
    095 Feu! Chatterton: Porte Z
    096 Feist: Pleasure
    097 Real Estate: Darling
    098 Fleet Foxes: Third of May / Odaigahara
    099 Timber Timbre: Grifting
    100 Amatorski: Welcome

    101 Sylvan Esso: Radio
    102 Le Manou: L'homme
    103 Dans Dans: Rumour
    104 Tsar B: Golddigger
    105 My Baby: Love Dance
    106 London Grammar: Big Picture
    107 VUURWERK feat. Khazali: Face It
    108 Novella: Change of State
    109 HMLTD: To the Door
    110 Mathilde Fernandez: Mon Dieu

    111 Rive: Nuit
    112 Urban Cone: Old School
    113 The Mysterons: Sold My Medicine
    114 Thurston Moore: Aphrodite
    115 Bleached: Flipside
    116 Gretta Ray: Drive
    117 Bonobo feat. Nick Murphy: No Reason
    118 Amber Arcades: Can't Say That We Tried
    119 Beach House: Chariot
    120 Paramore: Hard Times

    121 Intergalactic Lovers: Between the Lines
    122 The Japanese House: Saw You in a Dream
    123 Andrew Combs: Blood Hunters
    124 Anna of the North: Oslo
    125 The Weeknd feat. Daft Punk: I Feel It Coming
    126 Grandaddy: Evermore
    127 Cosmo Pyke: Chronic Sunshine
    128 Slowdive: Sugar for the Pill
    129 The Aces: Physical
    130 Now, Now: SGL

    131 Soldout: Forever
    132 BRNS: Pious Platitudes
    133 Arca: Desafío
    134 Kendrick Lemar: DNA.
    135 Dua Lipa feat. Miguel: Lost in Your Light
    136 The xx: On Hold
    137 Radiohead: Promise
    138 Anteros: Cherry Drop
    139 Honeyblood: Walking at Midnight
    140 Ella Vos: White Noise

    141 Mr Little Jeans: Stitches
    142 Marlene: Next to Me
    143 Rae Morris: Reborn
    144 Mogwai: Coolverine
    145 Marika Hackman: Boyfriend
    146 Goldfrapp: Anymore
    147 Susanne Sundfør: Undercover
    148 Briana Marela: Quit
    149 Inheaven: Treats
    150 Ibeyi: Walk Away

    151 Lana Del Rey feat. The Weekend: Lust for Life
    152 Mellow Diamond: Ashes to Breathe
    153 Laure Briard: Les pins des Landes
    154 Lorde: Perfect Places
    155 Benjamin Clementine: Phantom of Aleppoville
    156 Ruelle: The Other Side
    157 Maya Payne: Self Defined
    158 Lorde: Sober
    159 The Regrettes: Seashore
    160 Pale Waves: There's a Honey

    161 Sir Sly: High
    162 Girls in Hawaii: This Light
    163 DíSA: Reflections
    164 Oscar and the Wolf: Breathing
    165 L'impératrice: Sultans des îles
    166 Camila Cabello: Crying in the Club
    167 Courtney Barnett: How to Boil an Egg
    168 Sharon Van Etten: Not Myself
    169 Lana Del Rey: Coachella - Woodstock in My Mind
    170 Cloves: California Numb

    171 Sale Gosse: Boys
    172 Trentemøller feat. Jennylee: Hands Down
    173 Ionnalee: Not Human
    174 Angus & Julia Stone: Snow
    175 Trouble: Snake Eyes
    176 liv: Heaven
    177 Blondino: Bleu
    178 The Courtneys: Silver Velvet
    179 Maggie Rogers: On + Off
    180 Paramore: Told You So

    181 Dan Auerbach: King of a One Horse Town
    182 Tennis: In the Morning I'll Be Better
    183 Arcade Fire: Creature Comfort
    184 First Aid Kit: You Are the Problem Here
    185 Iron & Wine: Call It Dreaming
    186 LCD Soundsystem: American Dream
    187 Father John Misty: Ballad of the Dying Man
    188 Allison Pierce: Evidence
    189 Rive: Vogue
    190 Liv Dawson: Searching

    191 Cat Pierce: Weapon of War
    192 Liam Gallagher: Wall of Glass
    193 Wild Beasts: Alpha Female
    194 David Bowie: No Plan
    195 Big Thief: Shark Smile
    196 Toro y Moi: You and I
    197 Sparks: What the Hell Is It This Time
    198 OMD: Isotype
    199 Halo Maud: Du pouvoir
    200 Corine: Pluie fine (Polo & Pan Remix)

    201 Foxygen: On Lankershim
    202 Metronomy feat. Robyn: Hang Me Out to Dry
    203 Blood Orange: Better Than Me
    204 Melanie De Biasio: Gold Junkies
    205 Sigrid: Don't Kill My Vibe
    206 Aldous Harding: Blend
    207 Lucy Rose feat. The Staves: Floral Dresses
    208 Fyfe feat. Kimbra: Belong
    209 Hazel English: Love Is Dead
    210 Bedouine: Solitary Daughter

    211 Pixx: Waterslides
    212 Kevin Morby: Come to Me Now
    213 Vendredi sur Mer: La femme à la peau bleue
    214 The Preatures: Girlhood
    215 Declan McKenna: Humongous
    216 Depeche Mode: Where's the Revolution
    217 Luminize: Twilight
    218 Grizzly Bear: Mourning Sound
    219 Valerie June: Shakedown
    220 Kate Tempest: Europe Is Lost

    221 Beach Fossils: This Year
    222 Few Bits: It Will Set You Free
    223 Soul'art: Django
    224 TaxiWars: Fever
    225 Julien Doré: Coco Câline
    226 Fishbach: À ta merci
    227 SOHN: Hard Liquor
    228 Yelle: Ici & maintenant
    229 John Mayer: Still Feel Like Your Man
    230 LCD Soundsytem: Call the Police

    231 Cigarettes After Sex: Each Time You Fall in Love
    232 Brutus: Drive
    233 Thundercat feat. Michael McDonald & Kenny Loggins: Show You the Way
    234 Day Wave: Promises
    235 A/T/O/S: Blackout
    236 Baloji: Spoiler
    237 Julie Byrne: Sleepwalker
    238 Oddisee feat. Toine: NNGE
    239 La Féline: Séparés (Si nous étions jamais)
    240 Loyle Carner: The Isle of Arran

    241 Regina Spektor: Black and White
    242 Agnes Obel: It's Happening Again
    243 Tei Shi: How Far
    244 Yelle: Interpassion
    245 Skott: Glitter & Gloss
    246 Woods: Hit That Drum
    247 Superpoze: Azur
    248 Real Estate: Stained Glass
    249 Lenachka: Private Eyes
    250 Grizzly Bear: Four Cypresses

    251 Temples: Strange or Be Forgotten
    252 Grizzly Bear: Three Rings
    253 Methyl Ethel: Ubu
    254 Shaefri: Monster
    255 Nite Jewel: 2 Good 2 Be True
    256 Clare Louise: La vase
    257 Fufanu: Liability
    258 The Big Moon: Sucker
    259 Saint Etienne: Magpie Eyes
    260 The Sherlocks: Chasing Shadows

    261 Earl: Baddabing Baddaboom
    262 Warhola: Jewels
    263 Sink Ya Teeth: If You See Me
    264 Joe Goddard: Home
    265 Cathedrals: Don't Act Like a Stranger
    266 Is Bliss: Into a Dream
    267 From Indian Lakes: Sunlight
    268 NxWorries: Scared Money
    269 The Kooks: Be Who You Are
    270 Snail Mail: Thinning

    271 Ride: Charm Assault
    272 Maud Geffray: Polaar
    273 Matt Watts: Joanne
    274 Phoenix: J-Boy
    275 Vérité: When You're Gone
    276 AlunaGeorge: Not Above Love
    277 Haim: Right Now
    278 Arcade Fire: I Give You Power
    279 Wolf Alice: Yuk Foo
    280 Bleu Toucan: Matin à Toucanopolis

    281 Dua Lipa: Thinking 'Bout You
    282 Los Angeles Police Department: Grown
    283 Ionnalee: Samaritan
    284 Puma Blue: Want Me
    285 Sylvan Esso: Die Young
    286 Cléa Vincent: Samba
    287 Laure Briard: On dit que je ne suis pas sage
    288 Crooked Colours: Flow
    289 Thurston Moore: Smoke of Dreams
    290 Bernache: Your Name

    291 Sweet Spirit: The Power
    292 Paradisia: Warpaint
    293 Tim Dup: Moïra Gynt
    294 Kelly Lee Owens: Throwing Lines
    295 The Killers: The Man
    296 Little Dragon: High
    297 Kina Grannis: When Will I Learn
    298 Archive: Splinters
    299 Circa Waves: Love's Run Out
    300 Las Aves: Antistar
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  16. POPDROID REWIND: Favorite EP (Best of 2017 So Far)

    Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever: The French Press

    Alexia Gredy: L'habitude

    Hazel English: Just Give In - Never Going Home

    Rive: Vermillon

    Amy Shark: Night Thinker

    Marie-Flore: Passade digitale

    Maggie Rogers: Now That the Light Is Fading

    Clara Luciani: Monstre d'amour

    Black Mirrors: Funky Queen

    Holybrune: Pandemonium

    Sale Gosse: The First Dick I Ever Saw Was Iggy Pop's

    The Aces: I Don't Like Being Honest

    Bleached: Can You Deal?

    Laure Briard: Sorcellerie

    Mai Lan: Vampire
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  17. POPDROID REWIND: Favorite Albums 2017 - January>June

    Webpage with all of the album-artwork: Link


    01 Fleet Foxes: Crack-Up
    02 Lorde: Melodrama
    03 Father John Misty: Pure Comedy
    04 Tennis: Modern Woman
    05 Juliette Armanet: Petite amie
    06 Pumarosa: The Witch
    07 TOPS: Sugar at the Gate
    08 Aldous Harding: Party
    09 Bedouine: Bedouine
    10 Millionaire: Sciencing

    11 Cigarettes After Sex: Cigarettes After Sex
    12 STUFF.: Old Dreams New Planets
    13 Laura Marling: Semper Femina
    14 Aimee Mann: Mental Illness
    15 Fazerdaze: Morningside
    16 Marika Hackman: I'm Not Your Man
    17 Fishbach: À ta merci
    18 Julie Byrne: Not Even Happiness
    19 Desperate Journalist: Grow Up
    20 Jane Weaver: Modern Kosmology

    21 Polo & Pan: Caravelle
    22 Peter Peter: Noir éden
    23 Grandaddy: Last Place
    24 Kevin Morby: City Music
    25 London Grammar: Truth Is a Beautiful Thing
    26 Soulwax: From Deewee
    27 Amber Coffman: City of No Reply
    28 Phoenix: Ti Amo
    29 Juniore: Ouh là là
    30 Blondino: Jamais sans la nuit

    31 Arca: Arca
    32 Feist: Pleasure
    33 Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains: Solide mirage
    34 Timber Timbre: Sincerely, Future Pollution
    35 Spoon: Hot Thoughts
    36 Becca Stevens: Regina
    37 Ibibio Sound Machine: Uyai
    38 Ryan Adams: Prisoner
    39 Thurston Moore: Rock n Roll Consciousness
    40 Dan Auerbach: Waiting on a Song

    41 Andrew Combs: Canyons of My Mind
    42 Nick Hakim: Green Twins
    43 The Courtneys: The Courtneys II
    44 Pond: The Weather
    45 La Féline: Triomphe
    46 Brutus: Burst
    47 Wilsen: I Go Missing in My Sleep
    48 Buckingham-McVie: Buckingham-McVie
    49 Goldfrapp: Silver Eye
    50 Paradisia: Sound of Freedom

    51 Noga Erez: Off the Radar
    52 John Mayer: The Search for Everything
    53 Real Estate: In Mind
    54 Novella: Change of State
    55 Depeche Mode: Spirit
    56 Saint-Etienne: Home Counties
    57 Paramore: After Laughter
    58 Loyle Carner: Yesterday's Gone
    59 Sylvan Esso: What Now?
    60 Soldout: Forever

    61 Thievery Corporation: The Temple of I & I
    62 Rhiannon Giddens: Freedom Highway
    63 Allison Pierce: Year of the Rabbit
    64 Superpoze: For We the Living
    65 Maud Geffray: Polaar
    66 Oddisee: The Iceberg
    67 Illuminine: Illuminine #2
    68 Woods: Love Is Love
    69 Bonobo: Migration
    70 Molly Burch: Please Be Mine

    71 Ty Segall: Ty Segall
    72 Mark Lanegan Band: Gargoyle
    73 Tuxedo: Tuxedo II
    74 Dua Lipa: Dua Lipa
    75 Kelly Lee Owens: Kelly Lee Owens
    76 Fufanu: Sports
    77 Valerie June: The Order of Time
    78 Temples: Volcano
    79 Stef Kamil Carlens: Stuck in the Status Quo
    80 SOHN: Rennen

    81 Pixx: The Age of Anxiety
    82 The Mysterons: Meandering
    83 Matt Watts: How Different It Was When You Were There?
    84 Day Wave: The Days We Had
    85 My Baby: Prehistoric Rhythm
    86 Moonchild: Voyager
    87 Tei Shi: Crawl Space
    88 Joe Goddard: Electric Lines
    89 Cherry Glazerr: Apocalipstick
    90 The Black Angels: Death Song

    91 The Regrettes: Feel Your Feelings Fool!
    92 Austra: Future Politics
    93 The Big Moon: Love in the 4th Dimension
    94 The Shins: Heartworms
    95 Little Cub: Still Life
    96 Roméo Elvis x Le Motel: Morale 2
    97 Methyl Ethel: Everything Is Forgotten
    98 Jacle Bow: What's All the Mumble About
    99 The xx: I See You
    00 Hippo Campus: landmark
  18. A&E


    You've got some nerve tagging me in this after what you've done to Magnetized!

    Also ddd I love the selections and the colour palette arrangement it just took me the longest time to figure out what the rating system was with the 2016 list and frankly it's still messing me up.
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2017
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  19. Songs

    1. Jain - "Makeba"
    2. SZA - "Drew Barrymore"
    3. SZA - "Love Galore"
    4. RAYE - "The Line"
    5. Sabrina Claudio - "Confidently Lost"
    6. Zara Larsson - "TG4M"
    7. Lana Del Rey - "God Bless America - and All the Beautiful Women in It"
    8. CupcakKe - "33rd"
    9. Feist - "Any Party"
    10. Goldfrapp - "Anymore"
  20. My playlist for songs that i've enjoyed this year

    Fickle Friends - Swim
    Alice Merton - No Roots
    Lorde - Perfect Places
    Stockholm Noir - Boy Like a Girl
    Lana Del Rey - In My Feelings
    Halsey - Walls Could Talk
    SZA - Drew Barrymore
    MUNA - Loudspeaker
    Goldfrapp - Anymore
    Katy Perry - Bon Appetit
    Sigrid - Plot Twist
    Cashmere Cat & Ariana Grande - Quit
    Future - Selfish
    Tei Shi - Keep Running
    Astrid S - Such a Boy
    Clean Bandit - Symphony
    Drake - Passionfruit
    Iggy Azelea - Mo Bounce
    Calvin Harris - Slide
    Verite - When You're Gone
    Harry Styles - Sign of Times
    Allie X - Casanova
    Lights - Giants
    That Poppy - Lowlife
    Cruel Youth - Alexis Texas (Darth Vader Remix)
    Zola Jesus - Exhumed
    ionnalee - Samaritan
    Vanbot - Collide
    Kasabian - III Ray (The King)
    Tori Amos - Cloud Riders
    Tove Lo - Vibes (Tigertown remix)
    Dua Lipa - New Rules
    Kesha - Praying
    Charli XCX - Roll With Me
    SOHN - Conrad
    Sevdaliza - Bluecid
    Perfume Genius - Slip Away
    Empress of - Go To Hell
    Selena Gomez - Bad Liar
    Niall Horan - Slow Hands
    Julia Michaels - Uh Huh
    Jessie Ware - Midnight
    Jax Jones - Instruction
    Pvris - What's Wrong
    Clean Bandit - Disconnect
    Susanne Sundfor - Undercover
    Carly Rae Jepsen - Cut to Feeling
    Dagny - Wearing Nothing
    Camila - Havana
    Fleet Foxes - I Am All That I Need
    Paramore - Fake Happy
    Kate Nash - Call Me
    Laura Marling - Soothing
    Tennis - Please Don't Ruin This For Me
    Japenese Breakfast - Body is a Blade
    St. Vincent - New York
    Beach House - Equal Mind
    Broken Social Scene - Protest Song
    Cloud Nothings - Enter Entirely
    EMA - Aryan Nation
    Adore Delano -Negative Nancy
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