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Best of 2017... Year End

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. Ok, my final list; and not much has changed

    - Green Light / Lorde
    - Cut To The Feeling / Carly Rae Jepsen
    - The Cure / Lady Gaga
    - I Know A Place / Muna
    - Don't Delete The Kisses / Wolf Alice
    - Power / Little Mix
    - Anywhere / Rita Ora
    - Beautiful Trauma / P!NK
    - Don't Take The Money / Bleachers
    - Long Time / Blondie

    Albums -
    - Lust For Life / Lana Del Rey
    - Melodrama / Lorde
    - About U / Muna
    - Beautiful Trauma / P!NK
    - Everything Now / Arcade Fire
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  2. My top 50-30 songs:

    50. Ibibio Sound Machine - “The Pot is on Fire”
    49. Ralph - “Tease”
    48. Nadine - “Go to Work”
    47. Sofi Tukker - “Fuck They”
    46. Dua Lipa - “New Rules”
    45. Wolf Alice - “Don’t Delete the Kisses”
    44. Miley Cyrus - “Miss You So Much”
    43. Cashmere Cat - “9 (After Coachella”) feat Mo and SOPHIE
    42. Alvvays - “Plimsoll Punks”
    41. Lily Allen- “Trigger Bang” feat Giggs
    40. Inna - “Gimme Gimme”
    39. Tyler, the Creator - “Enjoy Right Now, Today”
    38. Kelela - “LMK”
    37. Camila Cabello - “Havana”
    36. Rita Ora - “Anywhere”
    35. Zara Larsson - “TG4M”
    34. Sabrina Claudio - “Confidently Lost”
    33. Kali Uchis - “Tyrant” feat. Jorja Smith”
    32. Yaeji - “Raingurl”
    31. Fever Ray - “To the Moon and Back”

    11-30 soon :) I love listmaking!
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    I really should have posted my albums list by now's proved difficult ddddd hopefully tomorrow!
  4. [​IMG]

    2017 wasn't quite as strong as 2016 in sheer quantity, but the quality was equal if not superior. Most of these albums demonstrate career peaks for the artists involved, and I'm so happy to have spent the year with them. Well done to SZA, Lorde and MUNA in particular.
  5. It's time girlies.

    (shout out to GULLHERRME on Coverlandia for the Green Light artwork since some artists are deciding single covers aren't cool anymore)

    1. Lorde - Green Light
    What is there to say really? That chorus gave me whiplash upon first listen and despite the fact that I've been hammering it non-stop, I'm still not sick of it. Easily one of the most incredible songs of the year. That rush of euphoria you get every single time you listen to it is unmatched.
    2. Katy Perry f/ Migos - Bon Appetit
    Max Martin pulls out one of his most interesting & odd-ball productions in recent years. Yeah, Katy is back to using food for puns & metaphors but the final execution is flawless. When the beat kicks in during the 2nd chorus... my wig collection has not been seen since that first listen. Migos was a perfect addition to this, despite the justified draggings that ensued.
    3. Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do
    Easily the pop moment of the year. I'm not sure any of us knew what she had up her sleeve but it certainly wasn't some early 2000s Peaches inspired Right Said Fred sampling affair. I'll discuss the video later, but this entire package was one of the most baffling things that any pop star has thrown at us in recent years and it all works. For me, it's actually held up pretty well too despite the fact that it was obviously meant to be a "statement piece" for the album & was most likely not going to be remembered very well. I'm not entirely sure about its tongue-in-cheek-ness after everything that has gone down with this album campaign, but I adore this in all of its sociopathic glory.
    Probably the best produced song of the year. BROCKHAMPTON is probably the most exciting new act in Hip Hop that we've seen in a minute and this song shows why. It's chaotic & messy but it all clicks well together. The production manages to sound incredibly expensive and weirdly cheap at the same time but the atmosphere it creates is captivating. Hearing this for the first time was definitely my biggest "oh shit" moment of the year when it comes to music. I encourage everyone to listen to this & its parent album immediately.
    5. Kesha f/ The Dap Kings Horns - Woman
    This has become one of my most played songs of the year. It's a shamelessly fun feminist anthem that really doesn't get old. It's not as streamlined as it could be, but that works in its favor. All of the little quirks make this into something special and it's easily one of my all-time favorite Kesha songs.
    6. Fifth Harmony - He Like That
    One of the best throwaway basic bops of the years. He like the girls with the bon cinnabon, etc.
    7. Kelela - LMK
    8. Rita Ora - Anywhere
    9. Grace Mitchell - Now

    Underrated banger of the year.
    10. Lily Allen f/ Giggs - Trigger Bang
    11. EXID - DDD

    Okay but this is the forum anthem. Educate yourselves.
    12. Thomas Rhett f/ Maren Morris - Craving You
    13. Tove Lo - Disco Tits

    Fully charged, nipples are hard, ready to go.
    14. Julia Michaels - Uh Huh
    Annoying Queen.
    15. Bleachers - Don’t Take the Money
    Too bad about the album.
    16. Lana Del Rey f/ The Weeknd - Lust for Life
    17. Jax Jones f/ Demi Lovato & Stefflon Don - Instruction
    18. Selena Gomez - Bad Liar

    Fight me.
    19. Shania Twain - Life’s About to Get Good
    I thought Now was kind of disappointing but this remains one of my favorites of the year. The uplifting bop that we all need.
    20. Kendrick Lamar - HUMBLE.
    21. Linkin Park f/ Kiiara - Heavy
    22. Tove Styrke - Mistakes
    23. George Maple - Hero
    24. TWICE - Likey
    25. Iggy Azalea - Mo Bounce

    26. Taylor Swift - …Ready for It?
    27. Red Velvet - Peek-a-Boo
    28. Niall Horan - Slow Hands
    29. LOONA/Kim Lip - Eclipse
    30. Dua Lipa - New Rules

    Album Tracks/Honorable Mentions/etc.:
    Lorde - The Louvre

    110% the best song of the year and one of the best of the decade. She is 1 month older than me and managed to release THIS? Way to make a sis feel like garbage! It's flawlessly written. The production and quirks are all so precise. It's just so... satisfying and gut wrenching. I don't even know what else to say honestly. Y'all have ears.
    Kelly Clarkson - Heat
    Wasn't completely sold on the album but BOP.
    Sofi Tukker f/ The Knocks, NERVO, & Alisa Ueno - Best Friend
    WHY is this clusterfuck so good?
    Astrid S - Breathe
    Niall Horan - Slow Hands
    Taeyeon - Make Me Love You
    Leikeli47 - Miss Me
    Olivia Holt - Generous

    The Selena Gomez single that should've been.
    Anton Powers & Pixie Lott - Baby
    Who knew that a random DJ and the world's most tragic pop star (I say this with love) would deliver THE basic bawp?
    EXID - Night Rather Than Day
    They've had a fantastic year, haven't they?
    Lady Gaga - The Cure
    Avicii f/ Rita Ora - Lonely Together

    Music Videos:
    Everyone seems to have stepped up their game this year, so why not?
    1. Katy Perry f/ Skip Marley - Chained to the Rhythm
    When Katy gets it right, she REALLY gets it right. Easily the best video she's ever done. Even if there's an editing error or 2, the visual effects and overall execution is immaculate. It's a bit on the nose, but it's Katy Perry. Everything about this single release was a home run and angers me that this video isn't getting as much praise as it deserves.
    2. Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do
    Everything about this is excessive. She blew her budget into smithereens with this chaotic mess. It's such an over-the-top, campy mess that I can't help but love it. She looks fucking amazing throughout it too. Ms. Taylor really brought her ode to insanity to life.
    3. Dua Lipa - New Rules
    Low budget kween. This video literally saved her career. Iconic.
    4. Kelela - LMK
    It's relatively simple, but extremely well done. This video came in straight out of 1995 and I got my life.
    5. Kendrick Lamar - HUMBLE.
    He truly SNAPPED. I honestly don't even know how to describe how amazing this video is. Kendrick's eye for visuals is incredible. The "The Last Supper" scene followed by his hair being set on fire... wig flew.
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  6. Albums:
    1. Lorde - Melodrama (The Louvre/Green Light/Supercut)
    What more is there for me to say that multiple year-end lists haven't? We all know that she's incredibly talented for her age but to pull out an album like this at age 20... a "when will your fave?" moment of whatever. It's just... incredible. Some of it took a bit to click with me, but when it did? LordT. The Louvre is one of the greatest songs of all time and I'm not exaggerating. I feel like "Writer in the Dark" is the only weak moment on the album, but when THAT is your album's weakest song, I can truly say she did that.
    2. Katy Perry - Witness (Bon Appetit/Tsunami/Roulette)
    Fully prepared for the lashings this will provoke nn. Getting to know the person behind the mask has made Katy into one of my favorite pop stars. Now, that doesn't necessarily mean that all of her music is 10/10 flawless, but Witness has really stuck with me. There's a very blunt honesty to a lot of the lyrics on the album. It's not amazingly well written, but Katy's upfront-ness & abuse of metaphors/similes paired with the harsh production and the obvious personal issues she's been going through create something that's weirdly captivating. It's borderline outsider-art levels of fuckery at some points but all of it just works for me. It's personal & warm while being cold & standoff-ish. During Witness World Wide, the biggest thing that stuck with me was when she talked about her upbringing. She's trying her hardest trying to balance her liberal, evolving world view while trying to have some kind of relationship with her born-again Christian parents. This kind of uncertainty, fear, and confusion feels extremely present throughout the album and it's something that really resonated with me during a confusing, unsettling year. I understand the technical criticism that the album gets and I fully understand why people would dislike it, but it's easily one of my favorite albums of the year and one that will stick with me in the future.
    3. Charli XCX - Number 1 Angel (3am (Pull Up)/Roll With Me/Dreamer)
    Flawlessly produced, bonkers pop music. Charli is one of the most forward-thinking people in the pop world. She has no problem jumping into new sounds or collaborating with artists that are drastically different from her. It doesn't always work, but her incredible ear for melodies & a good chorus can salvage even the worst of her material. Number 1 Angel captures all of that into a streamlined package. The gag being, it's not even a damn album. The lyrics range from gut wrenching ("Go fuck yourself, don't say you're sorry") to complete foolishness (the entirety of Cupcakke's presence). It's the perfect album to throw on when you don't know what to listen to. It gives you everything you could possibly want in a pure-pop album and then some. Number 1 Angel is easily Charli's most accomplished project and is honestly one of my favorite albums of all time.
    There's a lot of groundbreaking things happening in Hip Hop at the moment but nothing is quite as interesting as BROCKHAMPTON. They're honestly the most exciting new act in music in general. The album is flawlessly produced & polished to the point where I think they're lying when they say it was entirely recorded in their house nn. It's progressive, forward thinking, and shamelessly them. They released 3 different albums this year, but I think this one excels the most in showcasing the talent that all of them have. Acts like them & Charli XCX showcase a more punk, self-made side of pop music that has been made possible by the widespread availability of recording equipment & software. It feels like we're just in the beginning of this new phase of indie pop/hip hop music and it's exciting to see. The possibilities are endless.
    5. Dua Lipa - Dua Lipa (Bad Together/Room For 2/New Rules)
    I still cannot @ the fuckery that ensued to get this damn album out but in the end, she delivered a very high quality collection of bops. There isn't really anything I hate on it. This could've easily ended up as messy as Zara Larsson's collection of stale leftovers, but she pulled out a cohesive 17 track pop album that does what it says on the tin. Nothing is groundbreaking, but very well done and shows immense promise for one of pop music's exciting new acts.
    6. Kesha - Rainbow (Woman/Boogie Feet/Hunt You Down)
    I never thought we were gonna get another Kesha album so I'm glad this ended up being a triumph. It veers into "self help novel" in some parts but it's a great album full of the ridiculousness that makes Kesha one of my favorite pop stars.
    7. Lana Del Rey - Lust for Life (Tomorrow Never Came/When the World Was At War We Kept Dancing/Get Free)
    Nothing will ever really top "Born to Die" for me but after a few years of middling releases (Ultraviolence has finally grown on me, but let me have this), this is a triumph for her. It's extremely varied and shows all sides of her. It's nice to see a slightly more positive spin on the Lana Del Rey formula. Let me also say that Tomorrow Never Came is the best song on the album and we can fight in the Taco Bell parking lot if you disagree.
    8. Red Velvet - Perfect Velvet (Peek-A-Boo/Look/My Second Date)
    Easily the best K-pop album of the year. Flawlessly produced, high quality bops. It's not changing the game or anything, but it's such an enjoyable, fun album. Any lover of basic bops will get their absolute LIFE from this album.
    9. Paloma Faith - The Architect (Crybaby/My Body/Til I'm Done)
    I never thought I'd love a Paloma Faith album but she really did that. It's kind of like if Katy went full "Chained to the Rhythm" for an entire album. Great pop music with some interesting political undertones.
    10. HAIM - Something to Tell You (Right Now/Little of Your Love/You Never Knew)
    HAIM is more of an aesthetic than a band at this point, but I still got a lot of use out of this album. It's not pushing any boundaries, but I don't quite get the vitriol that this album seems to get. Different strokes I guess.

    Honorable Mentions:
    Niall Horan - Flicker (On the Loose/Seeing Blind/Slow Hands)
    Lights - Skin&Earth (Kicks/Skydiving/Fight Club)
    Kelela - Take Me Apart (LMK/Onanon/Frontline)
    Leikeli47 - Wash & Set (Miss Me/$/Bags)
    MONSTA X - The Clan Pt. 2.5 (Beautiful/Miss You/All I Do)

    We got a few great ones this year so...
    1. Rina Sawayama - RINA
    2. Aly & AJ - Ten Years
    3. BC Unidos - Bicycle
    4. MØ - When I Was Young

    5. yaeji - EP2

    Apologies for any errors because I'm not gonna bother proof reading any of this dddd. Thanks for reading tho.
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  7. [​IMG]

    Full blog post

    Honourable Mentions

    Girl Ray - Earl Grey
    Everything Everything - A Fever Dream
    Emily Haines - Choir Of The Mind
    Grizzly Bear - Painted Ruin
    Anna of the North - Lovers
    Torres - Three Futures
    Shugo Takumara - TOSS
    Alex Lahey - I Love You Like A Brother
    Katie Von Schleicher - Shitty Hits

    50. Nadine Shah - Holiday Destination
    49. Tei Shi - Crawl Space
    48. Julien Baker - Turn Out The Lights
    47. Phoebe Bridgers - Stranger In The Alps
    46. Molly Burch - Please Be Mine
    45. Wolf Alice - Visions of a Life
    44. Loyle Carner - Yesterday's Gone
    43. Briana Marela - Call It Love
    42. Rose Elinor Dougall - Stellular
    41. Ibeyi - Ashes

    40. EMA - Exile In The Outer Ring
    39. Vagabon - Infinite Worlds
    38. Austra - Future Politics
    37. HAIM - Something To Tell You
    36. Fleet Foxes - Crack-Up
    35. George Maple - Lover
    34. Tyler The Creator - Flower Boy
    33. Susanne Sundfør - Music For People In Trouble
    32. Carmen Villain - Infinite Avenue
    31. King Krule - The Ooz

    30. Arca - Arca
    29. Alvvays - Antisocialites
    28. Laura Marling - Semper Femina
    27. Kedr Livanskiy - Ariadna
    26. SZA - CTRL
    25. Tegan and Sara - The Con X Covers
    24. Charli XCX - Number 1 Angel
    23. Kendrick Lamar - DAMN.
    22. Chelsea Wolfe - Hiss Spun
    21. Hundred Waters - Communicating

    20. Aldous Harding - Party
    19. The xx - I See You
    18. London Grammar - The Truth Is A Beautiful Thing
    17. Jane Weaver - Modern Cosmology
    16. Zola Jesus - Okovi
    15. Lydia Ainsworth - Darling of the Afterglow
    14. Waxahatchee - Out In The Storm
    13. Japanese Breakfast - Soft Sounds From Another Planet
    12. Julie Byrne - Not Even Happiness
    11. Perfume Genius - No Shape

    10. Fever Ray - Plunge


    I don't care how recently this is came out, it's legitimately my 10th favourite album of the year. Fever Ray's self-titled debut is one of my favourite albums of all time and this somehow met the impossibly high expectations I set for its follow-up. From the brash aggressiveness of 'Wanna Sip', to the twinkling sapphic synths of 'To The Moon And Make' and the Baltic, cinematic curveball of 'Red Trails'; Karin gave the gays everything they want.

    Highlights: Wanna Sip, To The Moon And Back, Red Trails

    9. Tove Lo - Blue Lips


    I was seriously debating whether I should be putting such a recent album this high but I came to the conclusion that I would still adore this if it came out months before. I've been following Tove for years now (she has also been following me for years now...on Twitter), but Lady Wood nearly turned me off her entirely. Thankfully Disco Tits came along and now I stan forever. My stannage is cemented by the fact that the rest of the album is just as good.

    Highlights: Disco Tits, Bitches, Hey You Got Drugs?

    8. MUNA - About U


    At a time where synthpop is often looked down upon and deemed 'generic', 'hollow' and 'meaningless', LA rising stars MUNA come along with one of the most polished and consistent debuts of the year. Packed full of huge choruses, shimmering melodies and powerful lyrics, About U carries a punch. Aside from 'After' being garbage, this album is perfect.

    Highlights: So Special, Around U, Everything

    7. Valerie June - The Order Of Time


    I have been waiting for the follow-up to Valerie's Pushin' Against a Stone for years and she finally came through with exactly what I wanted - a more polished and evolved version of her already pretty-darn-great sound. I had the pleasure of seeing Miss Valerie perform this live back in the summer and it was honestly one of my favourite gigs I've ever been too.

    Highlights: Shakedown, Astral Plane, Got Soul

    6. Lana Del Rey - Lust For Life


    I love everything this women does (literally, everything) but this might just be the best body of work she has put out so far. Lust For Life is one long-ass album and yet it doesn't drag to me. There is structure and there is purpose to the sequencing and every song has it's place - from the hip-hop infused first half to the acoustica reflective 60s sheen of the second half; this is the first time Lana seemingly knows what she's doing and executes that fully. Gone is the girl singing about daddies in a red dress under a pale moonlight and here is a woman taking on the fucked up world we inhabit. And I'm so proud to see it.

    Highlights: Love, Cherry, Get Free

    5. Kelly Lee Owens - Kelly Lee Owens


    Technojustice, anyone? I think it's high time that someone sissified the genre of techno and Miss Kelly did that. 'Techno has no vocals!' Kelly sings all over this mf thing. 'Techno is boring!' Bitch, listen to Lucid. 'Techno has no hooks!' Listen to Throwing Lines. This is the best electronic album of the year, hands down.

    Highlights: Lucid, C.B.M, Throwing Lines

    4. Sampha - Process


    I actually forgot this came out this year until someone on campus started playing '(No One Knows Me) Like My Piano' on a public piano and my wig flew all the way back to February. I am a famed misandrist (clock there being like...4 men in my entire top 50), but I adore everything about this album. The production is gorgeous, this voice is incredible and the songwriting is second-to-none.

    Highlights: Blood On Me, Kora Sings, (No One Knows Me) Like The Piano

    3. Lorde - Melodrama


    After a rocky-ass roll out, I'm still astounded at how good this record ended up being. I wasn't too sure about any of the singles at first and yet somehow they all suddenly became incredible the moment I pressed play on the album? It manages to be relatable to me in this exact point in my life without being try hard. The lyrics are bold. The production is ambitious. The song structures are challenging. The sequencing is impeccable. This record is everything.

    Highlights: The Louvre, Liability Perfect Places

    2. Kelela - Take Me Apart


    Considering that I can only fully enjoy this record at night time, I don't even know if I would love it as much if it came out in the summer. But it didn't, it came out in perfect time for me to stay in most nights and blast it from front to back with a cup of peppermint tea and a scented candle burning. Again, I've already discussed why I adore this ad nauseam in my review for my student newspaper, so read that instead kii.

    Highlights: LMK, Truth Or Dare, Blue Light

    1. St. Vincent - Masseduction


    No surprises here, I can comfortably call Annie my favourite artist at this point and so 40 minutes of her breathing into a mic would've still placed on this list. It helps that Masseduction is a genuine artistic achievement and marks her most polished body of work today. Rather sound like a broken record (much like my vinyl copy of this because the packaging is fucking garbage, cheers Annie), feel free to read and like my review in the calendar thread and cheer the good sis on in my ongoing rate xx

    Highlights: Los Ageless, New York, Young Lover​
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  8. Singles

    In alphabetical order.

    One per artist.

    Camila Cabello - Havana
    Cardi B - Bodak Yellow
    Childish Gambino - Redbone
    Dagny - Wearing Nothing
    Dua Lipa - New Rules
    Fifth Harmony- Down
    Jidenna- Bambi
    Julia Micheals - Issues
    Kelela- LMK
    Kendrick Lamar- HUMBLE
    Lorde - Homemade Dynamite
    LEON- Body
    Post Malone,21 Savage - rockstar
    Sampha - No One Knows Me Like The Piano
    Selena Gomez - Bad Liar
    Sza - Drew Barrymore
    Tove Lo - Disco Tits
    Tove Styrke- Say My Name

    Honourable bops

    ALMA - Chasing Highs
    Avicii, Rita Ora - Lonely Together
    DJ Khaled, Rihanna, Bryson Tiller - Wild Thoughts
    Drake - Madiba Riddim
    Dua Lipa - Begging
    Iggy Azalea, Anitta - Switch
    Khalid - Young, Dumb & Broke
    Lana Del Rey - Get Free
    Lorde - Supercut
    Miguel - Caramelo Duro
    MJ Cole - Pictures In My Head
    Syd - Know
    Sza - Garden (Say It Like That)
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  9. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    A L B U M S
    40. The War On Drugs - A Deeper Understanding (Knocked Down)
    39. P!nk - Beautiful Trauma (Whatever You Want)
    38. Tei Shi - Crawl Space (Say You Do)
    37. Arcade Fire - Everything Now (Everything Now)
    36. Pixx - The Age Of Anxiety (Everything Is Weird In America)
    35. St. Vincent - Masseduction (New York)
    34. Fifth Harmony - Fifth Harmony (He Like That)
    33. Charlotte Gainsbourg - Rest (Ring-a-Ring O' Roses)
    32. Goldfrapp - Silver Eye (Everything Is Never Enough)
    31. Anna Of The North - Lovers (Feels)

    30. Steps - Tears On The Dancefloor (Scared Of The Dark)
    29. Taylor Swift - reputation (Dancing With Our Hands Tied)
    28. Kelly Clarkson - Meaning Of Life (Meaning Of Life)
    27. Verité - Somewhere In Between (Floor)
    26. Paloma Faith - The Architect (Kings & Queens)
    25. Jessie Ware - Glasshouse (Your Domino)
    24. Gorillaz - Humanz (She's My Collar)
    23. Foster The People - Sacred Hearts Club (I Love My Friends)
    22. Lana Del Rey - Lust For Life (13 Beaches)
    21. Charli XCX - Number 1 Angel (Babygirl)

    20. Betsy - Betsy (Wanted More)
    19. LANY - LANY (Good Girls)
    18. London Grammar - Truth Is A Beautiful Thing (Everyone Else)
    17. Mura Masa - Mura Masa (Nuggets)
    16. Haim - Something To Tell You (You Never Knew)
    15. George Maple - Lover (Lover)
    14. Hey Violet - From The Outside (All We Ever Wanted)
    13. Tove Lo - Blue Lips (Stranger)
    12. PVRIS - All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell (What's Wrong)
    11. Dua Lipa - Dua Lipa (Begging)

    10. The Killers - Wonderful Wonderful
    (The Man, Run For Cover, Tyson vs Douglas)


    9. Paramore - After Laughter
    (Hard Times, Pool, Caught In The Middle)


    8. SZA - Ctrl
    (Supermodel, Prom, 20 Something)


    7. Beck - Colors
    (Colors, Seventh Heaven, Up All Night)


    6. Khalid - American Teen
    (American Teen, 8Teen, Another Sad Love Song)


    5. Kelela - Take Me Apart

    (Waitin', LMK, Onanon)


    4. Beth Ditto - Fake Sugar
    (In And Out, Fake Sugar, We Could Run)


    3. The XX - I See You
    (Dangerous, On Hold, I Dare You)


    2. Lorde - Melodrama
    (Green Light, The Lourve, Supercut)


    1. MUNA - ABOUT U

    (So Special, Loudspeaker, Around U)

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  10. ALBUMS | < 2017 >


    01 | Lorde Melodrama
    Oh, but we’re all young in the end, aren’t we? (+)
    Supercut, “Perfect Places”, “The Louvre”

    02 | Kelela Take Me Apart
    A methodical stripping of flesh at midnight until all that remains is bone, glimmering inkily with the resolve of a woman who feels the world for exactly what it is.
    ► “Frontline”, “Better”, “Onananon”

    03 | Susanne Sundfør Music For Troubled People
    Simmering late night drawlings on love and existence, timed to fade from consciousness through lashings of jazz and glitch. Bleakly rich in a way that is alluring, menacing, disconcerting – both of here and alien, at once.
    ► “Bedtime Story”, “Undercover”, “The Sound Of War”

    04 | London Grammar Truth Is A Beautiful Thing
    A series of the most delicate structures arranged to reflect and refract a still-otherwordly voice, and every so often, to merge together and achieve gentle, impossible, flight.
    ► “Big Picture”, “Hell To The Liars”, “Non Believer”, “Who Am I”

    05 | CupcakKe Queen Elizabitch
    Hard, arduously won graft channelled as bold, self-affirming joy – ingeniously lascivious, unflinchingly biting, always compassionate.
    ► “CPR”, “Barcodes”, “Biggie Smalls”

    06 | Hiatus All The Troubled Hearts
    The fragile murmurings of memories, fathers, and losing both, sighed across gorgeous landscapes just as ephemeral and painful.
    Father, “Precipice”, “Delam feat. Dad”

    07 | Julie Byrne Not Even Happiness
    Irresolute melancholy sold as warm tonic. Every track lingers, separately and collectively, alternately disquieting and soothing. Inviting the pause, welcoming the embrace.
    ► “Sleepwalker”, “I Live Now As A Singer”, “Sea As It Glides”

    08 | The xx I See You
    Rediscovering companionship, and yourself in the process, and what that means for people who are just out of the picture – rendered with deft beats and prudent silences which, perhaps for the first time, exude warmth.
    ► “Say Something Loving”, “On Hold”

    09 | St. VincentMASSEDUCTION
    Intelligent, quick-witted and quickfire takes on the things and people and places we consume, and the neuroses that result. Visceral in analogue, like blood splattered on glowing neon.
    ► “Slow Disco”, “Pills”, “Smoking Section”

    10 | Sampha Process
    A disembodied conversation with the self about the stinging, feverish anxiety of grief which manages to be strikingly intimate.
    No One Knows Me (Like The Piano), “Blood On Me”

    Honourable Mentions
    ** | Brian Eno Reflection | ► “Reflection” (it’s the only track kii)
    ** | Dua Lipa Dua Lipa | ► “Be The One”
    ** | Gabriel Garzón-MontanoJardín | ► “Sour Mangoes”
    ** | George Maple Lover | ► “Hero”
    ** | Kelly Lee Owens Kelly Lee Owens | ► “Anxi”
    ** | MUNA About U | ► “Everything”
    ** | Perfume Genius No Shape | ► “Wreath”
    ** | ROSALÍA Los Ángeles | ► “De Plata”
    ** | Slowdive Slowdive | ► “Ashes”
    ** | Yasmine Hamdan Al Jamilat | ► “Al Jamilat”
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  11. < 2017 > | SINGLES


    (+) “Big Picture” – London Grammar | 01
    Perfect Places” – Lorde | 02
    Planet” – Four Tet | 03
    Hero” – George Maple | 04
    It’s Okay To Cry” – SOPHIE | 05
    Beautiful Life” – The Sound Of Arrows | 06
    Oceans” – Way Out West feat. Liu Bei | 07
    Undercover” – Susanne Sundfør | 08
    New Rules” – Dua Lipa | 09
    Views of You” – Sofi de la Torre feat. Taylor Bennett | 10​

    Honourable Mentions
    Need You” – Allie X feat. VALLEY GIRL | **
    Bodak Yellow” – Cardi B | **
    “Lucy (Sun Goes Up)”Chris Tall feat. Maydar | **
    Lucky Girl” – Fazerdaze | **
    Bon Appétit” – Katy Perry feat. Migos | **
    Lust for Life” – Lana Del Ray feat. The Weeknd | **
    Finders Keepers” – Mabel feat. Kojo Funds | **
    Yanada” – The Preatures | **
    Fluorescent Light” – Stars | **
    Won’t Stop” – Watermät feat. Kelli-Leigh | **​


    This is probably a sign that I need to move to a songs of the year list instead, because the following two songs off EPs were stunning constants for me through the year:
    • Yotto – “Edge Of Affection” from North EP, like the exact point the sun plunges into the horizon, captured on song.
    • Tontario – “Late” from Solitude EP, contains five single chords that are quietly shattering, like earthquakes in the throat.
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  12. Ddddd I’m amending this to include Meaning of Life.
  13. Albums:
    Lust for Life - Lana del Rey
    Melodrama - Lorde
    Pop 2 - Charlie XCX

    ...Ready for It - Taylor Swift
    Lust for Life - Lana del Rey ft The Weeknd
    It Ain't Me - Kygo ft Selena Gomez
    40. EXID – Night Rather Than Day
    39. Zayn feat. Sia – Dusk Till Dawn
    38. P!nk – What About Us
    37. Disciples – On My Mind
    36. The xx – Dangerous
    35. Camila Cabello feat. Young Thug – Havana
    34. Lorde – Perfect Places
    33. Louisa Johnson – Best Behaviour
    32. SOPHIE – It’s Okay To Cry
    31. Kesha – Praying

    30. Danny L Harle – 1UL
    29. Charli XCX – Boys
    28. Lady Gaga – The Cure
    27. Charlie Puth – Attention
    26. Miley Cyrus – Malibu
    25. Jax Jones ft RAYE – You Don’t Know Me
    24. Sigrid – Strangers
    23. Katy Perry feat. Nicki Minaj – Swish Swish
    22. Jax Jones ft Demi Lovato & Stefflon Don – Instruction
    21. Calvin Harris feat. Pharrell, Katy Perry & Big Sean – Feels

    20. DJ Khaled feat. Rihanna & Bryson Tiller – Wild Thoughts
    19. Carly Rae Jepsen – Cut To The Feeling
    18. Kelela – LMK
    17. Niall Horan – Slow Hands
    16. Paramore – Hard Times
    15. Lana Del Rey – Love
    14. Rina Sawayama – Alterlife
    13. CNCO & Little Mix – Reggaeton Lento
    12. Julia Michaels – Issues
    11. EXID – DDD

    10. Steps – Scared Of The Dark
    9. Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do
    8. Lorde – Green Light
    7. BLACKPINK – As If It’s Your Last
    6. Tove Lo – Disco Tits
    5. Little Mix feat. Stormzy – Power
    4. Katy Perry feat. Skip Marley – Chained To The Rhythm
    3. Clean Bandit feat. Zara Larsson – Symphony
    2. Rita Ora – Anywhere
    1. Dua Lipa – New Rules
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  15. Here's my 50 favorite albums of this year! It was a really good one indeed. Gonna have to break it into two or three because forum.

    50. Khalid - American Teen
    Top tracks: American Teen, Saved, Another Sad Love Song

    49. Joey Bada$$ - All-Amerikkkan Bada$$
    Top tracks: For My People, Temptation, Ring the Alarm

    48. Yung Lean - Stranger
    Top tracks: Red Bottom Sky, Hunting My Own Skin, Muddy Sea

    47. Aminé - Good For You
    Top tracks: Yellow, Wedding Crashers, Beach Boy

    46. Taylor Swift - Reputation
    Top tracks: Getaway Car, Dress, King of My Heart

    45. Syd - Fin
    Top tracks: Nothin To Somethin, Know, Over

    44. Japanese Breakfast - Soft Sounds from Another Planet
    Top tracks: Machinist, Road Head, 12 Steps

    43. Perfume Genius - No Shape
    Top tracks: Otherside, Wreath, Choir

    42. Four Tet - New Energy
    Top tracks: LA Trance, Lush, Planet

    41. Charli XCX - Number 1 Angel
    Top tracks: ILY2, Emotional, Roll With Me

    40. Moses Sumney - Aromanticism
    Top tracks: Quarrel, Doomed, Self Help Tape

    39. Miguel - War & Leasure
    Top tracks: Pineapple Skies, Sky Walker, Banana Clip

    38. Sampha - Process
    Top tracks: Kora Sings, (No One Knows Me) Like the Piano, Incomplete Kisses

    37. Mount Kimbie - Love What Survives
    Top tracks: Delta, Audition, SP12 Beat

    36. Beach Fossils - Somersault
    Top tracks: May 1st, That's All for Now, Tangerine

    35. Metro Riders - Europe By Night
    Top tracks: Stockholm 2024, Suburban Youth, Tension on the Train

    34. Young Thug - Beautiful Thugger Girls
    Top tracks: Family Don't Matter, She Wanna Party, Do U Love Me

    33. Kesha - Rainbow
    Top tracks: Praying, Rainbow, Bastards

    32. Gorillaz - Humanz
    Top tracks: Andromeda, Momentz, Charger

    31. Bicep - Bicep
    Top tracks: Glue, Kites, Aura
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  16. 30. Teen Daze - Themes for Dying Earth
    Top tracks: Rising, Cherry Blossoms, First Rain

    29. Migos - Culture
    Top tracks: Bad and Boujee, T-Shirt, Big on Big

    28. Danny Wolfers - Unfolding the Future with Amateur Space Jazz
    Top tracks: Clandestine Convention, Emotional Wealth is a Dream, Lunch Rain

    27. Surfer Blood - Snowdonia
    Top tracks: Snowdonia, Carrier Pigeon, Instant Doppelgängers

    26. The Sound of Arrows - Stay Free
    Top tracks: The Greatest, In the Shade of Your Love, Stay Free

    25. Calvin Harris - Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1
    Top tracks: Slide, Heatstroke, Rollin

    24. Zola Jesus - Okovi
    Top tracks: Siphon, Wiseblood, Remains

    23. Alvvays - Antisocialites
    Top tracks: Dreams Tonite, Plimsoll Punks, In Undertow

    22. Arca - Arca
    Top tracks: Desafío, Fugaces, Urchin

    21. Drake - More Life
    Top tracks: Get It Together, Madiba Riddim, Sacrifices

    20. King Krule - The Ooz
    Top tracks: Dum Surfer, The Ooz, Czech One

    19. Run the Jewels - Run the Jewels 3
    Top tracks: Call Ticketron, Legend Has It, 2100

    18. Jay-Z - 4:44
    Top tracks: Smile, Caught Their Eyes, Bam

    17. Iglooghost - Neō Wax Bloom
    Top tracks: Bug Thief, Solar Blade, Infinite Mint

    16. Ariel Pink - Dedicated to Bobby Jameson
    Top tracks: Time to Live, Feels Like Heaven, Dedicated to Bobby Jameson
  17. 15. Vince Staples - Big Fish Theory
    Top tracks: Crabs in the Bucket, Yeah Right, Rain Come Down

    14. Slowdive - Slowdive
    Top tracks: Everyone Knows, Star Roving, Sugar for the Pill

    13. SZA - Ctrl
    Top tracks: 20 Something, Doves in the Wind, Prom

    12. Kelela - Take Me Apart
    Top tracks: Frontline, Better, Onanon

    11. Charli XCX - Pop 2
    Top tracks: Backseat, Porsche, Unlock It

    10. Björk - Utopia
    Music loves too.
    Top tracks: Body Memory, Arisen My Senses, Saint

    09. Fever Ray - Plunge
    Top tracks: Mustn't Hurry, Wanna Sip, IDK About You

    08. Goldfrapp - Silver Eye
    Every moment is a luxury.
    Top tracks: Faux Suede Drifter, Become the One, Ocean

    07. Lana Del Rey - Lust For Life
    God bless America and all the beautiful women in it.
    Top tracks: Love, Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems, Tomorrow Never Came

    06. Kendrick Lamar - DAMN.
    Feel like I'mma learn you a lesson.
    Top tracks: DNA., PRIDE., XXX.

    05. Lorde - Melodrama
    Broadcast the boom boom boom boom and make 'em all dance to it.
    Top tracks: The Louvre, Green Light, Supercut

    04. Petit Biscuit - Presence
    We see a million lines in the sky, and we feel the heat of the planet.
    Top tracks: On the Road, Follow Me, Oceans

    03. Brockhampton - SATURATION I/II/III
    Best boy band since One Direction.
    Top tracks I: GOLD, SWIM, MILK
    Top tracks II: SUNNY, GUMMY, QUEER

    02. St. Vincent - MASSEDUCTION
    In Los Ageless, the waves they never break.
    Top tracks: Young Lover, Sugarboy, Pills

    01. Tyler, the Creator - Flower Boy
    My November's right now.
    Top tracks: Boredom, See You Again, Garden Shed

    Cheers guys!
  18. My favourite songs of the year (without repeating any artists otherwise Melodrama would have taken up most of the top spots)

    1. Lorde- Green Light
    2. Kesha- Praying
    3. Kendrick Lamar- DNA
    4. Paramore- Hard Times
    5. Kelly Clarkson- Slow Dance
    6. Frank Ocean- Biking (Solo)
    7. Sampha- No One Knows Me...
    8. The xx- Dangerous
    9. Miguel- Pineapple Skies
    10. Daniel Caesar- We Find Love
    11. Marshmello x Khalid- Silence
    12. Julien Baker- Appointments
    13. Calvin Harris- Slide
    14. PrettyMuch- Open Arms
    15. Bloodpop x Justin Bieber- Friends
    16. Khalid- Saved
    17. CNCO- Reggaetón Lento (Bailemos)
    18. Haim- Want You Back
    19. SZA- Drew Barrymore
    20. Drake- Do Not Disturb


    1. Lorde- Melodrama
    2. Kendrick Lamar- DAMN
    3. Paramore- After Laughter
    4. Kelly Clarkson- Meaning of Life
    5. The xx- I See You
    6. Miguel- War & Leisure
    7. Khalid- American Teen
    8. Drake- More Life
    9. Daniel Caesar- Freudian
    10. Sampha- Process
  19. Uno


    My taste is flop but I’ll share my Top 10 singles anyway:

    10. Rita Ora - Anywhere
    9. Rina Sawayama - Afterlife
    8. Kelela - LMK
    7. Tove Lo - Disco Tits
    6. Muna - I Know A Place
    5. Danny L. Harle - 1UL
    4. Dua Lipa - New Rules
    3. Clean Bandit ft. Zara Larsson - Symphony
    2. Carly Rae Jepsen - Cut To The Feeling
    1. Steps - Scared Of The Dark
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