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Best of 2017... Year End

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  1. 30-11

    30. HAIM- “You Never Knew”
    29. Kelela - “Take Me Apart”
    28. Sabrina Claudio - “Confidently Lost”
    27. RAYE - “The Line”
    26. Tyler, the Creator - “Garden Shed” feat Estelle
    25. Feist- “Any Party”
    24. CupcakKe- “Cartoons”
    23. Ace Tee - “Bounce auf dem Beat”
    22. Camille- “Fontaine de lait”
    21. Lorde- “Green Light"
    20. Alvvays - “Saved by a Waif”
    19. Charli XCX - "Pull Up" feat. MØ
    18. Wolf Alice - “Space and Time”
    17. Katy Perry - "Bon Appétit"
    16. Bjork- “Saint”
    15. Feist- “The Wind”
    14. Goldfrapp - “Anymore”
    13. Lana Del Rey- “God Bless America- and All the Beautiful People in It”
    12. St. Vincent - “MASSEDUCTION”
    11. St. Vincent- “Young Lover”

    10-1 still to come.
  2. Tried listening to this album again today & it's so disappointing. Borderline awful. I know she's only 21, but she's hyper-self-conscious & the entire album is so pretentious. Typically I'll gladly give points for ambition, but you can literally hear the #effort made to make herself come off as intelligent & unique.

    There are a couple highlights - Your Delight & The Girls, but she mostly sounds like she needs to get her head out of her ass. Everything Is Weird In America would be a bop, but... there's no depth to the message whatsoever? (Maybe I just #dontgetit).

    It's all a shame since her earlier stuff like Fall In is fantastic. I hope that (if she records a 2nd album) she risks being more vulnerable & less cold/studied.
  3. Albums:

    Lady Gaga - The Cure
    Lana Del Rey - God Bless America - And All The Beautiful Women
    Katy Perry - Bon Appétit
    Rita Ora - Anywhere
    Charli XCX - ILY2
    Blondie - Too Much
    Shania Twain - Swingin' With My Eyes Closed
    Carly Rae Jepsen - Cut to the Feeling
    Katy Perry - Swish Swish (Feat. Nicki Minaj)
    Goldfrapp - Anymore
    Fifth Harmony - He Like That
    Una Healy - Stay My Love
    Kesha - Boots
    Steps - Scared of the Dark
    Dua Lipa - New Rules
    Miley Cyrus - Malibu
    Kelly Clarkson - Cruel
    Jessie Ware - Your Domino
    Lana Del Rey - Lust for Life (feat. The Weeknd)
    Fergie - Enchanteé (Carine)
    Steps - Neon Blue
    CNCO - Reggaetón Lento (Remix feat. Little Mix)
    Julia Michaels - Issues
    Lana Del Rey - Beautiful People Beautiful Problems
    Goldfrapp - Systemagic
    Little Mix - Is Your Love Enough
    Shania Twain - Who's Gonna Be Your Girl
    Kelly Clarkson - Medicine
    Taylor Swift - ...Ready For It?
    The Killers - The Man
    Rita Ora - Your Song
    Niall Horan - Slow Hands
    Lorde - Supercut
    Kelly Clarkson - Move You
    HAIM - Little Of Your Love
    Demi Lovato - Daddy Issues
    Lorde - Homemade Dynamite
    P!NK - Beautiful Trauma
    Zara Larsson - Symphony
    Scissor Sisters & MNDR - SWERLK
  4. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Moderator

    7 of your albums were in my top 10 @tylerc904!

    Which I guess I never posted:
    1. Reputation - Taylor Swift
    2. Now - Shania Twain
    3. Life Changes - Thomas Rhett
    4. Lust for Life - Lana Del Rey
    5. Melodrama - Lorde
    6. Something To Tell You - Haim
    7. Flicker - Niall Horan
    8. Meaning of Life - Kelly Clarkson
    9. The Waiting Game - Una Healy
    10. Wonderful Wonderful - The Killers
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  5. 10. CupcakKe - “33rd”
    -This year, Queen Elizabitch proved she’s more than just a shock-rapper. Refreshing and defiant.

    9. Kitty - “Miami Garden Club”
    -The best-kept secret in pop music. Like being told a deep dark secret by a friend in her backyard at 2 AM.

    8. St. Vincent - “Young Lover”
    -An epic, tragic, cinematic track from St. Vincent’s fifth strong album in a row. Even including a chill-inducing climactic note.

    7. Camille - “Twix”
    -Batshit crazy and intensely catchy. Like a French witch incantation. Witty and beautifully crafted.

    6. St. Vincent - “Pills”
    -Glamorous and flawless intelli-pop. St. Vinny’s taken her craft and perfected it. A pop-rock epic.

    5. Fifth Harmony - “He Like That"
    -An unexpected triumph. A feel-good, irresistible track which suits each member’s voice perfectly. The best pop song of the year.

    4. Lana Del Rey - “Get Free”
    - The epic finale of Lana’s return-to-form album. Beautiful and exhilarating. A true work of art.

    3. SZA - “Love Galore” feat. Travis Scott
    - A laid-back, sexually charged duet with a rap feature that doesn't feel tacked on (which is something a lot of pop hits can say). Stunning.

    2. SZA- "Drew Barrymore"
    - Beautiful and soulful. A true triumph of raw emotion.

    1. Ace Tee - "Bist du down ?" feat. Kwam.E
    - Who would have thought a rap song in German would knock this hard? The beat is so addictive and one of the best "throwback" tracks in years. Out of this world good.
  6. I finally finished my Best of List! I know it's really late at this point but I figured Q1 is always slow so why rush it? Posted originally from my blog, here we go:
    1. Syd- Fin

    This was one of the first albums that came out last year that I really liked. I already assumed this would be a really good album because I love The Internet but she switched things up over here (this is way more electronic) and it paid off. There’s a lot of variety- Know sounds like an Aaliyah Timbaland collab, All About Me is the haunting and icy lead single that told us this would not just be some flop side project, Got Her Own is a feminist, sex positive anthem in the vein of Six Inch by Beyonce, Over captures the paranoia of the end of a relationship and Insecurities is a sunny conclusion to the album. Her bonus EP that came out in September is also great, with Bad Dream/No Looking Back having a great noir switch up at the end.

    2. Willow Smith- The First

    Her first album was okay but forgettable so I have no clue where this album came from, especially at 17 years old. Angry, contemplative, curious, Willow does it all and more on this minimally promoted masterpiece. Her vocals are amazingly impressive. Boy, the opening track is the best example of teen poetry since Darlene Connor served us To Whom it Concerns. The Awkward Life of an Awkward Girl is a beautiful instrumental. Oh No!!!, featuring some Blood Orange, belongs on Broadway. Warm Honey is some of the best falling in love music I’ve heard. Human Leech is a bold and angry (and makes me wonder where her parents were) declaration against people who exploit emotional labor. My personal favorite is A Reason, which features peak vocals and instruments. I wish people wouldn’t treat her like a joke artist or a meme because she is so much more- even her interludes end up with an unexpected rocking out.

    3. Charli XCX- Number 1 Angel

    I remember when I was in my night class and I saw that Charli was going to release a mixtape that week, I was so excited. With Sucker being the only project I’m so so about, I thought this would be amazing. At first listen, I was just like what the hell, because that was the only reaction I could have to something so bold and different. Some part of this work was alienating to me because it was too goofy and I’m here for all angst, all the time, but the futuristic Araki inspired electronics helped warm me up to the album and I realized that even if I didn’t think of this at first, Number 1 Angel is one of my favorite works of the year. Dreamer, Baby Girl, Blame it On You helped me go into this as a True Romance fan, but now I can proudly say I’m here for 3 AM, Babygirl, and Lipgloss too. Although I would like to see her eventually switch to other sounds again, I Got It and Delicious from Pop 2 are fun enough for now and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the album grows on me.

    4. Vince Staples- Big Fish Theory

    Greg Arakkian (yes, I use him as a reference point for anytime something is surreal and in your face) style dance music. He worked with a variety of collaborators on this album, from whisper poet Kilo Kish to Blur frontman Damon Albarn to Kendrick Lamar to DJ Flume. If you need dance production to get into rap music, this album is your 3 AM drunk train on the LIRR taking you back after a messy night out. Aaliyah’s self titled album has a note on its Wikipedia page for “ Ernest Hardy of Rolling Stone compared the album’s experimentation to the sounds on OutKast’s Stankonia (2000), Sade’s Lovers Rock (2000), and Missy Elliott’s Miss E… So Addictive (2001).[36] According to Slant Magazine’s Sal Cinquemani, “like Elliott’s genre-bending So Addictive, Aaliyah provides a missing link between hip-hop and electronica.”[37] “ and I think this album should join that list. My personal favorites include Yeah Right, Crabs in a Bucket, and Big Fish.

    5. SZA- CTRL

    I saw someone call SZA “open mic night at the coffee lounge” but I think what separates this from something basic like Alessia Cara is the actual ~life she’s been through. I’m not a hardcore fan who has been with her since her mixtapes, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, besides giving Consideration an 11 last year in the Big Pop Girl’s Rate. Supermodel and Drew Barrymore are my favorite and probably most played songs of the year, while Prom captures the vibe that all these other “I was so WEIRD in high school can you BELIEVE it!!?” people try to go for. Basically, I’m at the point where even something like Wavy can make me feel sad for gaining that moment where you get closure and move on from a person.

    6. Curtis Harding- Face Your Fear

    Some fantastic, dreamy soul music. I think it’s cheap to say it’s just a soul throwback because this has a nice, trippy vibe that usual “retro” (read: white) artists miss. My favorites are Face Your Fear, Welcome to My World (which reminds me of an Air song with perfect soul vocals on it), Dream Girl (AMAZING instrumental on this), and Go As You Are (which has the loungey sound of The Virgin Suicides). Wednesday Morning Atonement is a lyrical combination sequel of Fast Car and Cats in the Cradle. This is Curtis Harding’s second album, but I hope he has a great career and this is only the start of everything for him.

    7. Nicole Atkins- Goodnight, Rhonda Lee

    Nicole Atkins is a New Jersey indie rock singer who my brother describes as “Miley Cyrus doing a Lana Del Rey impression to Christmas music”. I like her older albums but sometimes it felt like she was holding back. This time, she went into a soul sound and had a great album. My favorite songs on this are A Night of Wishful Drinking (that intro alone!), Say Goodnight Rhonda Lee, Colors, and If I Could (which reminds me of The Pixies). I genuinely think she has one of the best voices in the industry for what she does (you might know her for her cover of David Bowie’s Heroes which is used in commercials) but she gets overlooked because of ageism. There are a lot of other singers I like who try the rock/soul sound out and get big even if I think they’re more one note and less emotionally resonating (Schmangel Schmolsen).

    8. Kelela- Take Me Apart

    This album is futuristic electro R&B dance music. LMK was the perfect lead single for this and I don’t understand why it wasn’t big. Frontline reminds me of FKA Twigs, which is great if you’re like me and boycotting The Young Turks. Take Me Apart is the millennial Someday is Tonight. Onanon is the perfect song for driving late at night, preferably through a space time and continuum. I love all the details on this. It reminds me of the Little Dragon album from this year.

    9. Kelly Clarkson

    It’s amazing how much artist investment can improve an album. This wasn’t the groundbreaking soul album I wanted from Kelly, or the similarly unattainable 80′s Stevie Nicks/Pat Benatar sound I hoped for, but these songs are all good enough and her voice is still strong after all these years. There’s an intro! And a decent music video! The rut is over! I’m glad I can still keep my stan card going. This album feels like Wrapped in Red but year round for me. My favorites include Didn’t I, I Don’t Think About You, Cruel, and Medicine. Maybe it’s just because The View promoted it so much, but I even love Love So Soft at this point.

    10. Kesha- Rainbow

    This album is for people who watched Forrest Gump in US History II and only cared for the Jenny scenes. It’s sad that the music she wasn’t allowed to release was the best one of her career. We’re nowhere near done with the “country = authentic” trend but Rainbow is the best at that so everyone else should quit while they’re ahead. Bastards, Woman, Praying (those vocals!), Boots, and Spaceship are my personal highlights. I was barely a Kesha fan and even with the Zedd song I just assumed the album wasn’t gonna be that good but I was shocked that the album turned out to be so top notch. There was still a lot of growth (I mean that even the fun songs were better this time instead of all the self help songs) but she still had some humorous and campy moments and paid tribute to her singer songwriter interests. I feel bad that Kesha had all those years stolen from her and that one weirdo in her thread from 2016.

    Other albums I liked this year:

    -Chloe x Halle’s The Two of Us: First of all- did you know they’re not twins? But a full 2 year age gap!!! WHAT. Anyway. Yes, I realize that this is on the mixtape side but Simple/A Mistake/Tra La La/Up All Night are a great whimsical, magical unique run of songs.

    -Dreamcar’s Dreamcar: I never expected something this catchy and I don’t know why I’m shocked. The other members of No Doubt always had pop sensibilities and it’s always great to try something new. All of the Dead Girls is a fun and catchy 80′s pop punk song.

    -Leikeli47: Before I didn’t get why people hated pop rap so much and why Nicki (lol) and Iggy (LOL) got bad reviews but this album proves all of the what’s and the why’s. Apparently she’s on album 2 but has no Wikipedia page? #SayHaName. My favorites include Wash and Set and Miss Me. I’m guessing A. Banks isn’t going to take cultural sensitivity classes no matter how many days it’s been since her last incident so at least we have her?

    -Halsey’s Hopeless Fountain Kingdom: I don’t get why everyone hates Halsey so much if she just seems to be Demi Lovato without the PR training (which is saying something) for her attitude and stuff. I didn’t like her first album that much but musically it seemed as ~alt as the rest of what PopJustice considers alt, so I just shrugged. Personally, I’m glad she made the switch to… whatever this album was supposed to be, because before she was about as edgy as a censored 3 PM showing of Sex and the City on E!. This album had a lot of decent moments, like Now or Never (shout out to Rihanna for not suing), Alone (the musical bop we need), Bad at Love, and Strangers, for us South of Nowhere Spencer X Ashley Xanga fanfiction writers.

    -Lana Del Rey’s Lust for Life: I agree that this is a dreary album that goes on too long but so what? This year was anxiety inducing and sometimes you want an album that’s dreary and blah. I’m not gonna pretend like this is Rhythm Nation or anything but I like the subtle backdrop of world events in this album. I like that the general thesis for the album is “yeah bad things happen but I guess I can try to be happy”, which I should adopt. My favorites include the singles, In My Feelings, When the World Was at War, Heroin, and now, Get Free.

    -Demi Lovato’s Tell Me You Love Me: I can’t believe how far I’ve come from what I used to think of Demi. She learned how to use more restraint in her music and came up with a cohesive album that plays with her strengths. While I feel like this is give or take the best she’ll be allowed to do, I wouldn’t mind more of it. Ruin the Friendship, Concentrate, Cry Baby, and Lonely are all fine. I don’t even mind Instruction! In a year where we can all pretend that Mea Culpa’s career and 2 year campaign is a success, I’m glad Demi is in a better place personally and professionally.

    I hope to write more reviews in 2018! I have a lot of other favorites but I don’t know their albums enough so I’ll have to work on that.
  7. Another extremely late list for consideration, which I originally posted on Tumblr. Enjoy!

    Favourite music 2017

    The affording of enormous weight to barely concealed fragility and vulnerability; when I pore over the contents of my iTunes from the last twelve or so months it’s plainly apparent that this is the hill I’ve elected to die on. Almost all the albums I found myself infatuated with at some point or another in 2017 meditated upon desire, the transience of romance, and the anguish that often accompanies its pursuit.

    I’m acutely aware of how oddly this contrasts with my own life, which for the past almost-two-years has been romantically fulfilling in the way that my previous 25 absolutely weren’t. On this, I would say two things. First, that stability is elusive even (maybe especially?) for the most outwardly rose-coloured of us, and that maintaining relationship hygge takes compromise and is not easy, and for those reasons feelings of vulnerability are never far from the front of my mind; and, second, that it’s testament to the skill of certain songwriters and performers that their work was able to make this gay-ass conventionalist really feel something every now and again last year.

    I wouldn’t want to suggest that I only just worked out that the theatrical presentation of desire is something I’m drawn to, but certainly there were some things in the past year that I really did begin to understand. Theatricality is often used in a critical sense as pejorative; something that is too extra, that goes too far, that is all tell and no show. Despite its predisposition towards excess, musical theatre has, for instance, always played out as sterile and spurious to me. (Sorry. And look at it this way, you don’t ever need to worry about getting me tickets to Hamilton). It’s so dramatic that it becomes too dramatic; your self-awareness isn’t allowed the chance to be suspended, even for a moment. An album like Lorde’s Melodrama makes its intentions apparent before you’ve even heard a note of it, but its theatrics (and there are many - think of the wailed chorus of “Writer In The Dark”, the gory car crash of “Homemade Dynamite”, the bridge in “Supercut” that accelerates like you’re on a bike rushing down a hill) are as easily consumed by sitting silently in tears as they are dancing, or walking, or lifting heavy weights, or running up a hill (to make or not to make a deal with God), or lying in blissful supta baddha konasana. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that hyperemotional vulnerability is for all seasons and for all hours of the day and I am now happy to welcome it into every aspect of my life.

    I wrote over fifty blurbs for various songs on the Singles Jukebox last year. Some I loved, some I hated, what’s new. I wrote a blurb for “Praying”, Kesha’s first solo single in nearly five years, which turned out to be both the highest scoring song on the site for 2017 and the champion of my personal “list”. I sort of said all this already on the Jukebox, but my love for “Praying” lies nearly entirely in the way Kesha leans so heavily into her aphorisms, finding new ways to bring profundity to ostensibly simple lines like “I’m proud of who I am”. (Contrast this with most of Taylor Swift’s 2017 work, which forewent specific detail in favour of portentously loaded maxim, but forgot about nuance and came up mostly dry). When Kesha punctuates her sermon with a thunderous kick drum, it’s basically game over. As the stories of survivors of sexual assault, abuse and harassment began to dominate news media in the second half of the year, the song only gathered further resonance.

    Lorde’s album held court as my favourite for most of the year. A promo image released by Kelela at the beginning of August threatened a coup. The odds shortened a few days later upon the release of its lead single and the arrival of the full album at the beginning of October marked the tangible takeover. Take Me Apart is all juxtaposition, which when applied to albums is often code for jumbled quagmire, but here there’s too much attention to detail, steadfastness of narrative, and, er, feeling, to get mixed up in anything like that. It see-saws between playful flirting, introspection, self-acceptance, control, loss of control, falling slowly through the sky, and falling fast through the abyss. I love it so much. It’s also very queer and very Black. Support Black queer art! Especially when it’s this well crafted.

    Aside from all THAT, my favourite things in music last year were Moses Sumney’s Tiny Desk Concert, attending the Lorde show in the Botanic Gardens, the line “every single day I fight another war; every single night I feel more powerful!” in Rina Sawayama’s “Take Me As I Am”, and Rihanna telling Diplo his music sounded like a “a reggae song at an airport”.

    My ten favourite songs of 2017 were:

    1. Kesha “Praying” - as above and here;

    2. Lorde “Green Light” - see here. The score given, however, is wrong. Add another point.

    3. Sigrid “Strangers” - see here. I can’t wait until she’s everywhere and everyone knows her; her potential to me scans as “unlimited / infinite / fucking enormous, if it must be quantifiable”.

    4. MUNA “I Know a Place”. The album version is acceptable but I’m also partial to this live one, which involves some changes to the lyrics.

    5. Tove Lo “Disco Tits”. Like a wonky, filthy Kylie B-side played underwater.

    6. Kelela “Turn To Dust”. Refer also to the first set of songs below. She didn’t play this at her concert this week, which is lucky, because otherwise its title may have proved prophetic.

    7. Nilüfer Yanya “Baby Luv” - see here. See also dirgey diatribe above re: vulnerability.

    8. Rae Morris “Do It” - I’ve become more and more besotted with this as time has passed and am not sure whether I’m most impressed by a) the wordplay b) the ping-ponging percussion in the second verse c) the subtle yet giant switch-up halfway through d) the soaring vocals or e) managing all of the above in less than 3 and a half minutes.

    9. Rina Sawayama “Alterlife” - it did not take me long to request for lamination of a stan card for a popstar who loves key changes and here deftly incorporates influences as diverse as the Need For Speed soundtrack, Samantha Mumba and Madonna at her glassiest.

    10. Tove Styrke “Mistakes” - see here. I’m ready for her to run away with 2018, in or out of a wedding dress.

    Aside from those, here are some other songs I enjoyed in 2017, variously categorised and (with the “top 10″) collected in a Spotify playlist, located here:


    Songs that can make you feel like you’re floating slowly heavenward

    Björk “Arisen My Senses”
    Charli XCX “Track 10”
    Julie Byrne “Natural Blue”
    Julien Baker “Appointments”
    Moses Sumney “Quarrel”
    Rae Morris “Do It (Nico Muhly Dance Remix)”
    Sampha “(No One Knows Me) Like The Piano”
    Sevdaliza “Loves Way”
    Slowdive “Slomo”
    St. Vincent “Slow Disco”
    Susanne Sundfør “Undercover”


    Dance music that I barely pay any attention to throughout the calendar year and then become unusually enthusiastic about come end-of-year-list season

    Bicep “Vale”
    Gerd Janson x Shan "Surrender"
    Honey Dijon “Catch The Beat”
    Jad & The “Strings That Never Win”
    Kink “Perth”
    Minor Science “Volumes”
    Octo Octa “Adrift (Avalon Emerson’s Furiously Awake Version)”
    Shanti Celeste “Make Time”
    SW. “Untitled B2”
    The xx “On Hold (Jamie xx Remix)”
    Yaeji “Raingurl”


    Songs for the summer gloaming

    Charlotte Day Wilson “Doubt”
    Daniel Caesar “Blessed”
    Frank Ocean “Chanel”
    Jessie Ware “Stay Awake, Wait For Me”
    Ladi6 “Guru”
    Rachel Foxx “Happen To Me”
    Sampa The Great “Bye River”
    Sevyn Streeter “Before I Do”
    Syd “Body”
    Tyler, The Creator “Garden Shed feat. Estelle”


    Plaintive songs for grey afternoon walks

    Alvvays “Dreams Tonite”
    Amandla Stenberg “Let My Baby Stay”
    HAIM “You Never Knew”
    Kehlani “Advice”
    Khalid “Winter”
    Lana Del Rey “Love”
    Laura Marling “Next Time”
    Paramore “Forgiveness”
    Perfume Genius “Die 4 You”
    St. Vincent “Happy Birthday, Johnny”
    SZA “Prom”
    Taylor Swift “New Year’s Day”


    Best bangers

    Amber Mark “Heatwave”
    Charli XCX “Lipgloss feat. Cupcakke”
    Charli XCX “Porsche feat. MØ”
    Charlotte Gainsbourg “Deadly Valentine”
    Charly Bliss “Glitter”
    Drake “Get It Together feat. Jorja Smith & Black Coffee”
    Dua Lipa “New Rules”
    Haiku Hands “Not About You”
    Ibibio Sound Machine “Give Me A Reason”
    ionnalee “Samaritan”
    J. Balvin x Willy William “Mi Gente feat. Beyoncé”
    J. Hus “Did You See”
    Jessie Ware “Your Domino”
    Jorja Smith x Preditah “On My Mind”
    Kah-Lo “Fasta”
    Kelela “Truth Or Dare”
    Kendrick Lamar “LOYALTY. feat. Rihanna”
    Kllo “Last Yearn”
    Leikeli47 “Miss Me”
    Lorde “Sober”
    Maliibu Miitch “4AM”
    Miguel “Banana Clip”
    Nite Jewel “2 Good 2 Be True”
    Paramore “Hard Times”
    Phoenix “J-Boy”
    Rina Sawayama “Take Me As I Am”
    Ronika “Better Than Ever”
    Rose Elinor Dougall “All At Once”
    Sigrid “Don’t Kill My Vibe”
    Stormzy “Big For Your Boots”
    The Horrors “Something To Remember Me By”
    Tove Lo “Shedontknowbutsheknows”
    Whethan “love gang feat. Charli XCX”
    Wolf Alice “Don’t Delete The Kisses”

    Finally, here are thirty albums I loved last year.


    1. Kelela Take Me Apart
    2. Lorde Melodrama
    3. SZA Ctrl
    4. Fever Ray Plunge
    5. Charly Bliss Guppy
    6. Wolf Alice Visions Of A Life
    7. Rina Sawayama RINA
    8. Jessie Ware Glasshouse
    9. Tove Lo Blue Lips
    10. Charli XCX Pop 2


    11. MUNA about u
    12. Moses Sumney Aromanticism
    13. Sevdaliza ISON
    14. St Vincent MASSEDUCTION
    15. Susanne Sundfør Music For People In Trouble
    16. Ibeyi Ash
    17. Sampa The Great Birds & The Bee9
    18. Kink Playground
    19. Daniel Caesar Freudian
    20. Bicep Bicep


    21. Sophia Kennedy - Sophia Kennedy
    22. Miguel War & Leisure
    23. Laura Marling Semper Femina
    24. Ibibio Sound Machine Uyai
    25. Jen Cloher Jen Cloher
    26. Dua Lipa Dua Lipa
    27. The xx I See You
    28. Honey Dijon The Best Of Both Worlds
    29. Kesha Rainbow
    30. Leikeli47 Wash & Set
  8. Finally had time to sit down and do this now that the new year is upon us.

    Mental Illness by Aimee Mann
    Mental Illness was the album I returned to over and over again this year. There was a stretch this spring when I listened to it front to back every day after work. I understand that this may sound a bit dark considering the title and subject of the album, but it soothed me in a way few other albums ever have. The paired back instrumentation allows for Mann’s songwriting to shine after a few albums filled with denser production choices. Further, Mann leaning into her sad sack persona allowed for more straightforward sketches like “You Never Loved Me” and “Good for Me.” The acoustic production and direct lyrics allow her perennially underrated vocals to truly shine. There is a moment in the bridge of “Living a Lie” from Charmer where Mann’s voice breaks its comfortable distance from the character and dips into a wounded yet knowing tone. It’s probably my favorite part of Charmer and its a tone that Mann uses throughout much of Mental Illness. Mann sings these songs from herself, not from a character. She’s no longer narrating the trials and tribulations of a group of unfortunate souls from a comfortable distance. The one two punch of “Goose Snow Cone” and “Stuck in the Past” opening the album let you know that these songs cut close.

    Masseduction by St Vincent
    I’ve been listening to St. Vincent since my perennially cooler older brother got me her debut for Christmas. It’s been great to see her gain more and more praise, though at times a little annoying how more classic music gatekeepers present her as some supernatural guitar talent in a weird “here’s a woman who doesn’t just sing” way. In Masseduction, I feel like St. Vincent takes the prestige from these guitar worshipping white guys and makes them listen to a deeply personal pop album. “Sugarboy” feels like “I Feel Love” on speed while contorting gender in a wondrously catchy way. The ballads are some of the best of her career with “Slow Disco” being my personal favorite. I still remember how taken aback I was on my first listen, especially the simple yet devastating chorus. And that’s where St. Vincent really sells Masseduction. She wraps such powerful emotions and statements in simple pop lyrics. “I can’t turn off what turns me on.” “How can anybody love you and lose you and not lose their mind too?” “You’re the only motherfucker in the city who can handle me.” “Slip my hand from your hand, leave you dancing with a ghost.” All of these gems in one album are a masterclass in distilling powerful human emotions in poetic lines. This is what pop music is supposed to be.

    Melodrama by Lorde
    Speaking of pop music full of powerful lyricism produced by Jack Antonoff, Lorde delivered on all fronts with her sophomore album (except for actual album roll out and promotion). Her loose narrative of a night out told through evocative lyrics and lush soundscapes capture the wild ride that is your 20s as effortlessly as her debut bottled the magic that is being a teenager. “Green Light” is a euphoric opener full of house keys and Knife-like backing vocals that starts the album with a punch in the gut. “Sober” is the “liquor wet lime” between your teeth while “The Lourve” is the self-aware love song complete with anti-chorus. “Writer in the Dark” give me full Tori Amos vibes and I live for it while “Supercut” is a masterclass in pop. “Perfect Places” is an absolute beast of a song and I’m confused as to why it isn’t a hit to this day. The thundering beat, her little gun cocking noise before the first chorus, the pure joy of the chorus. If that’s how all of Lorde’s parties end, I want to go to the next one.

    No Shape by Perfume Genius

    I’ve written a lot about this album here. More or less, it’s a beautiful examination and celebration of queer love in our current climate. It’s intimate and powerful, open hearted and vulnerable, a love letter to his longtime boyfriend and a love letter to all queer people. It’s an album I will continue to carry with me, like all of Perfume Genius’s albums, for a long time.

    Meaning of Life by Kelly Clarkson
    Kelly Clarkson is back and better than ever. Very few contemporary vocalists can touch Ms. Clarkson and those that can aren’t churning out bangers and ballads like those found on Meaning of Life. Clarkson believes in every single word she sings on this album and imbues it with such life that you buy trite lines like “You show me the meaning of life” without hesitation. “Heat” and “Slow Dance” are two easy career highlights that burn with a dual sense of sensuality and romance. “Medicine” is fun and contemporary without feeling throwaway. “I Don’t Think About You” is a vocal showcase that would make Whitney and Mariah proud. If you loved Breakaway as much as my gay heart did, then check this album out.

    Lust for Life by Lana Del Rey

    When this album first came out, I gave it a cursory listen and dismissed it as another soundalike production from an artist I’d fallen off the bandwagon of since her debut. I later returned to the album, and particularly in segmented listens, learned to love this record (Thanks! @constantino ). The opening salvo of “Love” was a standout from the get go but tracks like “13 Beaches” and “Get Free” revealed themselves to me in all their glory. The closing trio of songs are a particular highlight with my favorite being “Heroin.” The lyrical change up in the last chorus of “Heroin” always fucks me up in the best way possible. While not every song is necessary, this album did re-alight my passion for Lana. I’ve rediscovered Ultraviolence and Honeymoon and continue to dig into their respective gems. Her shift in songwriting perspective and amalgamation of styles within one album make me excited for where she goes next.

    CTRL by SZA

    I slept on SZA for most of 2017, but when I finally sat down and gave CTRL a proper listen, i was floored by her talent. Major thanks to @Mr.Arroz for his flawless rate for making me sit up and pay attention. She is the heir apparent to Frank Ocean as she lays her deepest thoughts and insecurities down to minimal yet catchy songs. Her voice is deceptively strong as the lyrics often take center stage. “20 Something” and “Normal Girl” are two instant self-anthems for the foreseeable future. “Prom” and “Drew Barrymore” are effortlessly cool and catchy while holding golden lyrics. It’s amazing that this is a debut when it feels so fully form with a clear sound and point of view. I’m excited where she goes next.

    I See You by the XX
    Since this came out in January of last year, I feel like it was unfairly forgotten for many year end lists. The XX expand their sound without losing themselves in their best collection of songs yet. After the somewhat navel gazing affair of their sophomore album, they spring back to life with Jamie XX feeling buoyed by the success of his solo outing. Oliver Sim and Romey Croft continue to deliver beautifully painted lyrics of queer love and experience in perfectly hushed vocal that draw listeners into the intimacy of their words. The XX are too often overlooked for just how gorgeously they can capture the queer experience due to the unassuming nature of both Sim and Croft and the narrative of the band often focusing in on Jamie’s production. There’s something deliciously subversive about the male-female exchange of Sim and Croft’s duets knowing that both of them are gay and the romantic tension so often read into their songs simply aren’t there. Also, “I Dare You” is a perfect song.

    My Favorite Songs of 2017:

    “Arm’s Length” by Kacy Hill
    My BOP for all of 2017.
    “Pipe Dreams” by Nelly Furtado
    Nelly does indie gospel and it melts my heart
    “Around U” by MUNA
    A near-perfect pop song in a debut album full of them.
    “Better” by Kelela
    A heart breaking reflection of a relationship past due, Kelela is another talent I've come to love thanks to that wonderful rate.
    “Kept Me Crying” by HAIM
    Yes, most of Something About You was a retread of what a HAIM song should sound like but this song moves me with every single listen.
    “Begging” by Dua Lipa
    "New Rules" is the obvious hit but "Begging" was the bop I returned to every time.
    “Midnight” by Jessie Ware
    Ms. Ware giving us vocals for days over a "Benny and the Jets" piano stomp.
    “Hero” by George Maple
    George came out of left field to snatch Ms. Ware's crown with this pulsating love song full of yearning, it just gets better with each listen.
    “I Love You More Than You Love Yourself” by Austra
    A love song for someone who's depressed that makes me want to dance around my apartment at 3 AM drinking red wine and practicing witchcraft.
    “Floorplan” by Sara Bareilles
    Bareilles delivered the standout moment of the Con X album for me, completely redefining Sara's quirky arrangement into a slow build piano torch song. This song reminds me what a vocal powerhouse Bareilles is and just how good of a songwriter Sara is.

    and one male vocalist

    “Mourning Sound” by Grizzly Bear
    I loved Painted Ruins but once I stopped listening, I rarely returned to it. Maybe I'll come back to it in time, but I know this song will stay with me.
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  9. EP of the Year : Ace Tee - Tee Time (actually had a higher average than any album)

    11. Inna - Nirvana
    Some of the best manufactured pop that I've heard in some time. This is pop down to a science.
    Highlights - "Gimme Gimme", "Tropical"
    10. CupcakKe- Queen Elizabitch
    -CupcakKe's first technical triumph which proves she's more than a shock-rapper. The most likeable artist on the scene and some of the most fun music you will ever hear.
    Highlights - "33rd", "Barcodes"
    09. Feist -Pleasure
    Her best overall album. Initially bored me to tears but stunned me with subtlety upon further listens. Also the winner of best album cover.
    Highlights- "The Wind", "Any Party"
    8. Lana Del Rey - Lust for Life
    Although I was in the minority being nonplussed by "Love", I was enamored by the creativity and lushness of some of the albums deep cuts. A return to form after the creative drout of Honeymoon.
    - "Get Free", "God Bless America"
    7. Kelela - Take Me Apart
    Ultra-modern and luxe-sounding. Nothing sounds quite like this. Cohesive and very elegant.
    Highlights - "Take Me Apart", "S.O.S.", "LMK"
    6. Tyler, the Creator - Scum Fuck Flower Boy
    A beautiful soundscape of '70s morning cartoons and daydreams. More cryptic and less crass lyrics. An almost overwhelming amount of creativity.
    Highlights: "Garden Shed" "Enjoy Right Now, Today"
    5. Camille - OUÏ
    Admittedly I have found almost all of Camille's work almost unsufferable to date bar "Ta douleur", but this album knocked by socks off. Witty and simplistic with beautiful vocals and lush instruments. Alternates between being beautiful and bonkers.
    Highlights: "Twix", "Fontaine de lait", "Seeds"
    4. Lorde - Melodrama
    - A true work of art that has it's faults but is all the more charming for it. Her first album was wise beyond her years, but this definitely sounds like a 20 year old released it. However, not many 20 year olds could have released such a well-realized vision and soundscape of his/her innermost thoughts quite like she does here.
    Highlights: "Supercut", "The Louvre", "Green Light"
    3. Bjork - Utopia
    Having found most of B's efforts since Vespertine a bit too outré too my tastes, I connected with the refreshing and bright sounds of Utopia unlike the rest of her albums. While she alienated a lot of listeners with this album, the lushness and sprightliness of this record is truly captivating. A thing of rare beauty. Bjork's voice and the flute are a great match. Pure art.
    2. St. Vincent - MASSEDUCTION
    - Perhaps St. Vincent's most consistent effort yet. Witty and enigmatically written songs that are actually fun to listen to. Usually artists either do one or the other, but she manages both. A pop delicacy.
    1. SZA- CTRL
    - SZA really found her voice on this album. She had a unique style from Day 1 but never harnessed it quite to the level she does here. Heart-wrenching vocals and just the coolest artist out there. She sings like she doesn't give a fuck, but her vocals and the lyrics prove that she really does. Stunning.
    Highlights: "Love Galore", "Drew Barrymore", "20 Something", "Go Gina", "Normal Girl"

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  10. A&E


    Yes, it is 5 February 2018 and I still haven't finished my 2017 lists.
    Except for this one. Gotta start somewhere.

    2017 in 217 tracks
    (biggest favourites in bold)
    1. Adrijana – Amare
    2. Aldous Harding – Horizon
    3. Aldous Harding – Imagining My Man
    4. Aldous Harding – Elation
    5. Alison Moyet – Reassuring Pinches
    6. Alison Moyet – April 10th
    7. Alison Moyet – Other
    8. Alma – Requiem
    9. Ankathie Koi – Black Mamba
    10. Ankathie Koi – Cult
    11. Anja Nissen – Where I Am
    12. Ark – Made for Us
    13. Artsvik – Fly With Me
    14. Astrid S – Bloodstream
    15. Astrid S – Such a Boy
    16. Austra – I Love You More Than You Love Yourself
    17. Barbelle – Never Too Much
    18. Beatrice Eli – Careful
    19. Beatrice Eli – That's Not Us
    20. Bella & Filippa – Crucified
    21. Betsy – Heavy Head
    22. Björk – The Gate
    23. Blanche – City Lights
    24. Blonde Redhead – 3 O'Clock
    25. Bosco feat. St. Beauty – Castles
    26. Bosco – Adrenaline
    27. Calidora – Glory
    28. Cat Pierce – You Belong to Me
    29. Cazzette feat. Jones – Handful of Gold (Extended Mix)
    30. – #hashdark
    31. Charlotte Gainsbourg – Deadly Valentine
    32. Chelsea Jade – Life of the Party
    33. Chelsea Jade – Ride or Cry
    34. Cherrie feat. Janice & Sikai – Lämna han (Remix)
    35. Club La Persé – My Little World
    36. Cosima – To Build a House
    37. Courage & Lao Ra – Wild at Heart
    38. cupcakKe – Barcodes
    39. Dan Black feat. Kelis – Farewell
    40. Dan Black feat. Imogen Heap – We Drift On
    41. Daniel Kvammen feat. Lars Vaular – Som om himmelen revna
    42. Danny L Harle – 1UL
    43. Destroyer – Tinseltown Swimming in Blood
    44. Dihaj – Skeletons
    45. Dua Lipa – New Rules
    46. Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton – Fatal Gift
    47. FAE – Psycho Killer
    48. Femme – Fire with Fire
    49. Fever Ray – To the Moon and Back
    50. Fever Ray – Red Trails
    51. First Aid Kit – You Are the Problem Here
    52. Frank Gamble feat. Abra Cadabra – J'adore
    53. French Montana feat. Mariah Carey & Swae Lee – Unforgettable (Remix)
    54. Furniteur – Brat
    55. George Maple – Kryptonite
    56. George Maple – Hero
    57. Goldfrapp – Ocean
    58. Gordi – Heaven I Know
    59. Grace Mitchell – Now
    60. Haerts – Your Love
    61. Halia Jack – Careless
    62. Hanne Kolstø – Is
    63. Hercules and Love Affair feat. Faris Badwan – Controller
    64. Hercules and Love Affair feat. Sharon van Etten – Omnion
    65. Hortlax Cobra feat. Noonie Bao – As Far as My Eyes Could See
    66. InShow-Ha – Le:mon
    67. ionnalee – Samaritan
    68. ionnalee – Not Human
    69. Izabela Trojanowska – Skos (Radio Edit)
    70. Jack Colwell – Beneather
    71. Jana Burčeska – Dance Alone
    72. Janice – Love You Like I Should
    73. Janice feat. Saint – Black Lies
    74. Japanese Breakfast – Machinist
    75. Jax Jones feat. Demi Lovato & Stefflon Don – Instruction
    76. Jennie Abrahamson – To the Water
    77. Jennifer Paige – The Devil's in the Details
    78. Jessie Ware – Egoísta
    79. Ji Nilsson – Sapphire Amour
    80. Josefine Myrberg – Head over Heels
    81. Kacy Hill – Hard to Love
    82. Kacy Hill – First Time
    83. Kacy Hill – Clarity
    84. Kali Uchis feat. Jorja Smith – Tyrant
    85. Kelela – LMK
    86. Kelela – Better
    87. Kelela – Onanon
    88. Kirin J Callinan – Bravado
    89. Kissey – Delusional
    90. Koit Toome & Laura – Verona
    91. Krista Siegfrids – Snurra min jord
    92. Lana del Rey – 13 Beaches
    93. Lara Fabian – Growing Wings
    94. Lee Hyori – Black
    95. Leslie Clio – Darkness Is a Filler
    96. Lights – Savage
    97. Lindstrøm feat. Frida Sundemo – But Isn't It
    98. Lisa Ajax – I Don't Give A
    99. Little Dragon – Sweet
    100. Little Jinder – Kvicksand
    101. Lizzo – Truth Hurts
    102. London Grammar – Big Picture (Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas Remix)
    103. Lorde – Green Light
    104. Loreen – Statements
    105. Loreen – '71 Charger
    106. Loreen – Jupiter Drive
    107. Lou Canon – Fever
    108. LPX – Tightrope
    109. Mabel – Bedroom
    110. Mai Lan – Vampire
    111. Mariah Carey feat. YG – I Don't
    112. MarieMarie – Wrap Your Night Around Me
    113. Mariette – A Million Years
    114. Marika Hackman – Boyfriend
    115. Marlene – Miss You a Little
    116. Marnie – Lost Maps
    117. Mary Epworth – Me Swimming
    118. Mary Epworth – Surprise Yourself
    119. Mary J. Blige – U + Me (Love Lesson)
    120. Mary J. Blige feat. A$AP Rocky – Love Yourself (Remix)
    121. Mash Up International feat. Ji Nilsson – Put It On
    122. Maty Noyes – London
    123. Mery Spolsky – Miło było pana poznać
    124. Mew – Carry Me to Safety
    125. Michelle Branch – Hopeless Romantic
    126. Midnight Sister – Blue Cigar
    127. Min Stora Sorg – Truth song
    128. Miranda! – 743
    129. Miss Li – Aqualung
    130. Miss Li feat. Nea Nelson – Dangerous
    131. Molly Sandén – Rygg mot rygg
    132. Motez feat. Antony & Cleopatra – The Future
    133. Moto Boy feat. Nina Persson – Dead for Seconds
    134. Nabiha – Grand Piano
    135. Nabihah Iqbal – Zone 1 to 6000
    136. Nadia Nair – Forever
    137. Nadia Nair – Pull Your Fingers Through My Hair
    138. Natalia Kukulska – Kobieta
    139. Natalia Kukulska – Hard to Find
    140. Natalia Nykiel – Fala
    141. Natalia Nykiel – Total błękit
    142. Necronomidol – 4.7L
    143. Nerina Pallot – Man Didn't Walk on the Moon
    144. Nick Jonas – Find You
    145. Niia feat. Jazmine Sullivan – Sideline
    146. Niia feat. GoldLink – Nobody
    147. Nils Bech – Apart
    148. Norma John – Blackbird
    149. Paloma Faith – Crybaby
    150. Pápai Joci – Origo
    151. Perfume Genius – Wreath
    152. Peter Peter – Nosferatu
    153. Petra Glynt – This Trip
    154. Pierre Kwenders – Woods of Solitude
    155. Pixx – I Bow Down
    156. Pnau – Go Bang
    157. Porcelain Raft – Distant Shore
    158. Prequell feat. Rae Morris – Part XIV
    159. Prequell feat. Fyfe – Part XI
    160. Prequell feat. Cruel Youth – Part VII
    161. RABBII – All Men Must Die
    162. Rae Morris – Reborn
    163. Rebekka Karijord – Statistics
    164. Red Velvet – Red Flavor
    165. Rina Sawayama – Alterlife
    166. Rita Ora – Anywhere
    167. Rose Elinor Dougall – All at Once
    168. Roy Woods – Little Bit of Lovin
    169. Sabina Ddumba – Manboy
    170. Saint Etienne – Heather
    171. Salena Mastroianni – I Don't Wanna Fight
    172. Sada Vidoo – Northern Lights
    173. Samantha Urbani – Hints & Implications
    174. Sandra Kolstad – Bling Bling Bling
    175. Sandra Kolstad – Al Love You
    176. Sarsa – Volta
    177. Sevdaliza – Bluecid
    178. Sigrid – Strangers
    179. Sin Fang, Sóley & Örvar Smárason – Random Haiku Generator
    180. Sivu – Lonesome
    181. Sivu – Flies
    182. Skott – Mermaid
    183. Slowdive – Star Roving
    184. Snoh Aalegra feat. Vince Staples – Nothing Burns Like the Cold
    185. Sofi de la Torre – $
    186. Sondre Lerche – Soft Feelings
    187. Sophie – It's Okay to Cry
    188. Spoon – Hot Thoughts
    189. St. Vincent – New York
    190. St. Vincent – Los Ageless
    191. Sufjan Stevens, Nico Muhly, Bryce Dessner & James McAlister – Saturn
    192. Sumie – Leave Me
    193. Susanne Sundfør – Undercover
    194. Svala – Paper
    195. Tei Shi – Say You Do
    196. Texas – Let's Work It Out
    197. The Cranberries – Why (Radio Mix)
    198. Thomas Azier – Gold
    199. Todd Rundgren feat. Robyn – That Could Have Been Me
    200. Toni Braxton – Deadwood
    201. Tops – Petals
    202. Tori Amos – Up the Creek
    203. Tori Amos – Reindeer King
    204. Tove Lo – Disco Tits
    205. Tove Styrke – Say My Name
    206. Trina feat. K. Michelle – If It Ain't Me
    207. Vanbot – Collide (Krasnoyarsk)
    208. Vaz – Solitary Ghost
    209. Vera Blue – Mended
    210. Vulkano – C'est bon
    211. Wafia – Bodies
    212. Whissell – Legs Crossed
    213. Yasmine Hamdan – Balad
    214. Young Galaxy – Elusive Dream
    215. Young Galaxy – Stay for Real
    216. Zaho – Tant de choses
    217. Zola Jesus – Soak

    My absolute favourite song of 2017:

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  11. My favorite 10 record from 2017.

    1. Kelela - Take Me Apart
    2. Perfume Genius - No Shape
    3. Lorde - Melodrama
    4. Allie X - CollXtion II
    5. Paramore - After the Laughter
    6. Kendrick Lamar - DAMN
    7. Lights - Skin & Earth
    8. Everything Everything - A Fever Dream
    9. Björk - Utopia
    10. Pvris - All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell

    I've also discovered and really appreciated Kate Tempest's Everybody Down though it was released in 2014.
  12. That was actually my #1 record of 2014. It's a masterwork of poetry. It's hard to make what is basically a 45 minute poem interesting each minute, but she does that.

  13. I discovered her thru this thread and thought it'd be appropriate to post this life-changing tune here since she doesn't have her own thread.

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  15. Another one I don't know where to post to but since this album made it on alot of people's year end list, I came to post and just say that I'VE JUST HEARD 'HEAD OF THE HORSE' for the first time AND MY LIFE IS FOREVER CHANGED.

    WHAT A FUCKING TUNE. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG. I won't listen to anything else this weekend.

    Philip took me out for pizza in London
    He said they were his friends and they weren't mine
    Philip took me for a walk in New York City
    Please hug me when I come home
    He told me my story was boring
    He told me my story was boring

    Here, here I go again
    All these memories
    Coming back at me
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  16. it did?
  17. Yes, cyst - check the list. Or I might've gotten the tip from another site. HA!
  18. A&E


    Top non-English albums & EPs of 2017

    Another step towards disrupting the Anglo-Saxon agenda~
    Releases needed to feature less than 50% English lyrics to qualify.


    42. A-Lin – A-Lin (Mandarin)
    41. Louane – Louane (French, English)
    40. Anita Lipnicka & the Hats – Miód i dym (Polish, English)
    39. Kumisolo – Kabuki femme fatale (French)
    38. Muzyka Końca Lata – Złoty krążek (Polish)
    37. Brigitte – Nues (French)
    36. Indochine – 13 (French)


    35. Sarsa – Pióropusze (Polish)
    34. Wednesday Campanella – Superman (Japanese)
    33. Populous – Azulejos (mostly instrumental, vocal tracks in Spanish)
    32. Daniel Kvammen – Vektlaus (Norwegian)
    31. Darin – Tvillingen (Swedish)
    30. Calypso Valois – Cannibale (French)
    29. Shy'm – Héros (French)


    28. Zagi – Kilka lat, parę miesięcy i 24 dni (Polish)
    27. Camille – Ouï (French)
    26. Lee Hyori – Black (Korean)
    25. Ebow – Komplexität (German)
    24. Mery Spolsky – Miło było pana poznać (Polish)
    23. Kobieta z Wydm – Bental (Polish)
    22. Nolwenn Leroy – Gemme (French, English)


    21. Daniel Kvammen – Maktlaus (Norwegian)
    20. Miranda! – Fuerte (Spanish)
    19. Necronomidol – Deathless (Japanese)
    18. Madeline Juno – DNA (German)
    17. Joy Wellboy – Les pieds dans la merde, la tête dans les étoiles (French)
    16. SALK – Matronika (Polish, English)
    15. Bovska – Pysk (Polish)


    14. Pierre Kwenders – MAKANDA: At the End of Space, the Beginning of Time (Lingala, Tshiluba, French, English, Kikongo)
    13. Natalia Lafourcade – Musas (Vol. 1) (Spanish)
    12. Ben Frost – The Centre Cannot Hold (instrumental)
    11. Linnea Henriksson – Linnea Henriksson (Swedish)
    10. InShow-Ha – ? (Japanese)
    09. Kedr Livanskiy – Ariadna (Russian)
    08. – Not Not Me (Japanese)


    07. Natalia Nykiel – Discordia (Polish, English)
    06. Yasmine Hamdan – Al jamilat (Lebanese and other Arabic dialects)
    05. Peter Peter – Noir éden (French)
    04. Emel Mathlouthi – Ensen (Tunisian Arabic)


    03. Charlotte Gainsbourg – Rest (French, English)
    02. Natalia Kukulska – Halo tu Ziemia (Polish, English)
    01. Min Stora Sorg – Bitch Lover Child Mother Sinner Saint (Swedish, Spanish)



    07. Necronomidol – Dawnslayer (Japanese)
    06. Tomas Andersson Wij – Så Mycket Bättre 2017 – Tolkningarna (Swedish)
    05. Ace Tee – Tee Time (German)
    04. Adrijana – Faser (Swedish)


    03. Buscabulla – EP II (Spanish)
    02. Jærv – Smuk & ond (Danish)
    01. Sabina Ddumba – Så Mycket Bättre 2017 – Tolkningarna (Swedish, English)


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