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Best of 2018... Year End

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Nov 20, 2018.

    Hayley Kiyoko - Expectations
    Tommy Genesis - Tommy Genesis
    Say Lou Lou - Immortelle
    Christine & The Queens - Chris
    Pale Waves - My Mind Makes Noises
    Florence + The Machine - High As Hope
    Lykke Li - so sad so sexy

    Allie X - Super Sunset [EP]
    Hatchie - Sugar & Spice [EP]
    L Devine - Peer Pressure [EP]
    No Rome - RIP Indo Hisashi [EP]
  2. 1. Angèle – “La thune”
    - Flawless pop. A very straight-forward pop song, but for some reason I just hammered this song all year. Found through a YouTube suggestion, the video is my favorite of the year. Beautiful, delicate, sunny, and French, which is about all I could ever ask for. I could see Lily Allen doing a song like this. Every note is so effortless, and the production is just so perfect for the song. Five star pop.
    2. Melody’s Echo Chamber – “Quand les larmes d’un ange font danser la neige”
    - Trippy and intensely complex. I might even say this is a stroke of genius. Over 7 minutes including abrupt transitions between the feminine and lush song and a creepy spoken word piece from Nick Allbrook talking about "shitting myself when I die". Insane, comforting, gorgeous, and completely exhilarating.
    3. Rosalía – “Malamente”
    - Rosalía is definitely the best new arrival onto the music scene, and this song is stunning. Living in Spain, this song kind of became the butt of jokes, but this is one of the best pop fusions to have ever been created. She does Spain proud here. Also, the music video is a classic already.
    4. SOPHIE – “Immaterial”
    - The beginning makes me feel like I died and my spirit is coming out of my body dressed in drag and ascending to queer heaven. Stunning production. The vocal distortion in the post-chorus is a bit too much for me, but the chorus and verses are truly sublime.
    5. Lily Allen – “Cake”
    - My favorite song from Lily in over a decade. The song just gives me warm feelings and is the perfect end to the album. A perfect ride off into the sunset. Her voice and the production is so comforting.
    6. Christine & the Queens – “5 Dollars”
    - A triumph. Catchy and very avant-garde as well. Soaring vocals and perfectly-punctuated synths make this song a true testament to her talent, although the album was a slight disappointment.
    7. Kali Uchis – “Feel Like a Fool”
    - This song is so Amy Winehouse that it's not even funny. The Dap Kings sound is apparent and so wonderful to hear, especially after the loss of Sharon Jones. Excellent vocals from Kali. A true delight.
    8. Mitski – “Nobody”
    - Based on the lyrics, this should be an acoustic, coffee house dirge, but it's fluttery and jumps all over the place vocally and manages to be both fun and sad. Reminds me a lot of "Cruel" by St. Vincent. Amazing.
    9. Qveen Herby – “Sade in the ‘90s”
    - A complete banger. Despite the cringeworthy video, she does better than a lot of the "alt-R&B" girls out there with a melodic hook and strong vocals. Hard to believe she is from Nebraska or wherever.
    10. Rosalía – “Maldición”
    - I tend to not listen to this song much because it is so incredibly devastating and emotionally dense, but that's what's so stunning about it. One of the best vocal moments of the year, if not the best.
    11. Kali Uchis – “After the Storm” feat. Tyler, the Creator and Bootsy Collins
    - Deliciously warm retro production without feeling like a pastiche. Her voice sends shivers up my spine here, especially on the line "I know it's hard, but did you even really try?"
    12. Angèle – “Jalousie”
    - Absolutely stunning. One of the best mid-tempos of the year. Like a sad nursery rhyme.
  3. I've discovered so many fab songs from this thread (including the Number One song on my list). Here are my personal favorite tracks of 2018:

    32. "There is a Rainbow" -Vincent Blue
    31. "Youngblood" -5 Seconds of Summer
    30. "Made for Now" -Janet Jackson
    29. "Show Me How" -Men I Trust
    28. "Seesaw" -BTS
    27. "Still Feel" -Half Alive
    26. "Polaroid" -Liam Payne & Stella Lennon
    25. "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart" -Miley Cyrus
    24. "Need You" -Flight Facilities
    23. "In My Blood" -Shawn Mendes
    22. "It's Not Just Me" -Let's Eat Grandma
    21. "Venice Beach" -Lana Del Rey
    20. "Second Hand Smoke" -William Fitzsimmons
    19. "Sad Story (Out of Luck)" -Merk & Kremont
    18. "Angela" -William Fitzsimmons
    17. "This is America" -Childish Gambino
    16. "I'll Never Love Again" -Lady Gaga
    15. "One Kiss" -Dua Lipa & Calvin Harris
    14. "Raining Glitter" -Kylie Minogue
    13. "Every Day, Every Night" -Paul Kim
    12. "New Light" -John Mayer
    11. "In My Head" -Maisie Peters
    10. "Make Me Feel" -Janelle Monae
    9. "In the Light" -William Fitzsimmons
    8. "Summer's Gone" -Ashmute
    7. "High Horse" -Kacey Musgrave
    6. "Nice for What" -Drake
    5. "What Is Love?" -Twice
    4. "Rainbow" -Kacey Musgrave
    3. "Thank You, Next" -Ariana Grande
    2. "Better Now" -Post Malone
    1. "Brooklyn Love" -Lolo Zouai

    Let's keep Poppin' in 2019!
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  4. Every list without this is an incomplete list:

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  5. [​IMG]

    01 Troye Sivan + Ariana Grande - Dance To This
    02 Sophie - Immaterial
    03 Charli XCX - Focus
    04 Kylie Minogue - Dancing
    05 Lykke Li - Deep End
    06 Troye Sivan - Bloom
    07 Ariana Grande - No Tears Left To Cry
    08 Lizzo - Fitness
    09 Oscar Key Sung - Simple Luv
    10 Planningtorock - Much To Touch

    11 Troye Sivan - My My My
    12 Sophie - Faceshopping
    13 Lykke Li - Utopia
    14 Jenny Wilson - Rapin
    15 Renaida - All The Feels
    16 Tinashe - Faded Love
    17 Dizzy Fae - Booty 3000
    18 Ariana Grande - Everytime
    19 Kali Uchis - Dead To Me
    20 Metroplane + Bree Runway - Word Of Mouth

    21 Troye Sivan - The Good Side
    22 Let’s Eat Grandma - It’s Not Just Me
    23 Lykke Li - Sex Money Feelings Die
    24 Ionnalee - Work
    25 Benjamin Ingrosso - Dance You Off
    26 Sophie - Ponyboy
    27 Ssion - At Least The Sky Is Blue
    28 Ariana Grande - Thank U, Next
    29 Tinashe - Throw A Fit
    30 Tove Styrke - Sway

    31 Charli XCX + Troye Sivan - 1999
    32 Kim Petras - Heart To Break
    33 Let’s Eat Grandma - Hot Pink
    34 LIZ - Super Duper Nova
    35 Liv Dawson - Talk
    36 Janice - You Only Say You Love Me In The Dark
    37 Mariah Carey - The Distance
    38 Ssion - Heaven Is My Thing Again
    39 Bronze Avery - Secrets
    40 Fever Ray - Mustn’t Hurry - Tami T Remix

    41 Troye Sivan - Animal
    42 Charli XCX - Girls Night Out
    43 Kim Petras - In The Next Life
    44 Kylie Minogue - Raining Glitter
    45 Poppy - Hard Feelings
    46 Robyn - Missing U
    47 All Saints - Love Lasts Forever
    48 Ssion - Inherit
    49 Kelela - Waitin - Tre Oh Fie Remix
    50 Sennek - A Matter Of Time

    51 Teyana Taylor - WTP
    52 Fischerspooner - Top Brazil
    53 Carly Rae Jepsen - Party For One
    54 Ciara - Level Up
    55 Kali Uchis + Tyler The Creator - After The Storm
    56 LCAW + Sophie Ellis Bextor - Hummingbird
    57 Mabel - Fine Line
    58 Red Velvet - Bad Boy - English Version
    59 Sevdaliza - Soul Syncable
    60 Eleni Foureira - Fuego

    61 Jessica Andersson - Party Voice
    62 Troye Sivan - Lucky Strike
    63 Ariana Grande - God Is A Woman
    64 Jenny Wilson - Lo Hi
    65 Kylie Minogue - Lost Without You
    66 Mashrou Leila + Roisin Murphy - Salam
    67 Hayley Kiyoko - Curious
    68 Isadora - Visions
    69 Planningtorock - Transome
    70 Ravyn Lenae - Sticky

    71 Christine And The Queens - The Walker
    72 Troye Sivan - What A Heavenly Way To Die
    73 Dizzy Fae - Indica
    74 LIZ - Queen Of Me
    75 Kylie Minogue - Stop Me From Falling
    76 Mariah Carey - GTFO
    77 Tommy Genesis - 100 Bad - Charli XCX Remix
    78 Dorian Electra - Career Boy
    79 Yung Baby Tate - Bugaboo
    80 Cupcakke - Duck Duck Goose

    81 Danny L Harle - Blue Angel
    82 Easyfun - Be Your USA
    83 Rae Morris - Lower The Tone
    84 Robyn - Between The Lines
    85 Dotter - Cry
    86 Lykke Li - Hard Rain
    87 Serpentwithfeet - Cherubim
    88 Dorian Electra - VIP
    89 Mariah Carey - A No No
    90 Niki Rouge - 2 AM

    91 Nina Kinert - Evil Flower
    92 Poppy + Diplo - Time Is Up
    93 Rae Morris - Dip My Toe
    94 Robyn - Honey
    95 Molly Sandén - Undanflykter
    96 Lykke Li + Aminé - Two Nights
    97 Troye Sivan - Plum
    98 Charli XCX + Dorian Electra + Mykki Blanco - Femmebot
    99 Planningtorock - Beulah Loves Dancing
    100 LIZ - Could U Love Me

    101 Nina Kinert - Chapped Lips
    102 Jessica 6 - Ridiculous
    103 Lilly Ahlberg - Bad Boys
    104 Lily Allen - Trigger Bang
    105 Tommy Genesis - Play With It
    106 Borns + Lana Del Rey - God Save Our Young Blood
    107 Cher - Gimme Gimme Gimme
    108 Charli XCX + Carly Rae Jepsen - Backseat
    109 Kali Uchis - Body Language
    110 Kim Petras - Can’t Do Better

    111 Lykke Li - So Sad So Sexy
    112 Renaida - Loco Notion
    113 Ariana Grande - Breathin
    114 Troye Sivan - Seventeen
    115 Christine And The Queens - 5 Dollars
    116 Emily Burns - Bitch
    117 Cher - SOS
    118 Charli XCX - 5 In The Morning
    119 Kali Uchis - Miami
    120 Orkid - So Rude

    121 SVE - Njne1 (Not Just Anyone)
    122 Borns - I Don’t Want You Back
    123 Ariana Grande - Goodnight N Go
    124 Delta Goodrem - Think About You - Initial Talk Remix
    125 Kelela - LMK - What’s Really Good Remix
    126 Kim Petras - Close Your Eyes
    127 LIZ - Last Call
    128 Charli XCX - Taxi
    129 Mai Lan - Autopilote
    130 Slayyyter - Candy

    131 Troye Sivan - Better Now
    132 Wednesday Campanella - Three Mystic Apes
    133 Aquaria - Burn Rubber
    134 Kylie Minogue - Dancing - Initial Talk Remix
    135 Ariana Grande + Nicki Minaj - The Light Is Coming
    136 Big Freedia + Lizzo - Karaoke
    137 Goldilox - Touch You Where It Hurts
    138 Lily Allen - Come On Then
    139 Little Boots - Shadows
    140 Madame Monsieur - Mercy

    141 Petra Marklund - En Tuff Brud I Lyxförpackning
    142 Poppy - Fashion After All
    143 Tove Styrke - On The Low
    144 Twin Shadow + Rainsford - Brace
    145 Nicki Minaj + Ariana Grande - Bed
    146 Broods - Peach
    147 Ily - Dead End
    148 Lily Allen - Lost My Mind
    149 Jenny Wilson - Exorcism
    150 Kylie Minogue - Stop Me From Falling - Cerrone Remix

    151 Mark Ronson + Miley Cyrus - Nothing Breaks Like A Heart
    152 Nao - Curiosity
    153 Slayyyter - BFF
    154 All Saints - Glorious
    155 Charli XCX - No Angel
    156 Christine And The Queens - Girlfriend
    157 Dorian Electra - Man To Man
    158 Eva - Touch Me
    159 Hayley Kiyoko - Sleepover
    160 Janice - Queen - Medsyster Version

    161 Kim Petras - All The Time
    162 LIZ - Pandemonium
    163 Mariah Carey - With You
    164 Sudan Archives - Nont For Sale
    165 Benin City - Final Form
    166 Coco & Clair Clair - Sims 2
    167 Diplo + Lil Yachty + Santigold - Worry No More
    168 Kimbra - Like They Do On The TV
    169 Hayley Kiyoko + Kehlani - What I Need
    170 Margaret - In My Cabana

    171 Mecha Maiko + Dana Jean Phoenix - Cold
    172 Years & Years - Sanctify
    173 Alina Baraz - I Don’t Even Know Why Though
    174 Goldilox - Sex Paranoia
    175 Liyv - I Still Dance On My Own
    176 Millie Turner - The Shadow
    177 Oscar Key Sung - Club Mate
    178 Yelle - OMG
    179 Yung Baby Tate - Beckham
    180 Zoot Woman - Lonely By Your Side - Redesigned

    181 Billie Eilish - My Boi - Troy Boi Remix
    182 Blanche - Wrong Turn
    183 Kilo Kish - Elegance
    184 Kylie Minogue - Every Little Part Of Me
    185 L Devine - Peer Pressure
    186 Tinashe + No Drama
    187 Troye Sivan - My My My - Cash Cash Remix
    188 Vera Blue - Lady Powers
    189 Ariana Grande + Missy Elliott - Borderline
    190 Cupcakke - Quiz

    191 Gwenno - Tir Ha Mor
    192 Julia - Sexto
    193 Little Boots - Picture
    194 Kylie Minogue - Golden
    195 Lykke Li - Bad Woman
    196 Mïrändä - Glow
    197 Oh Land - I Vand
    198 Planningtorock - Powerhouse
    199 Tinashe - Joyride
    200 Twin Shadow - Too Many Colors

    201 Young Fathers - In My View
    202 Bülow - Sad And Bored
    203 Dizzy Fae - Her
    204 Jenny Wilson - Forever Is A Long Time
    205 Lykke Li - Jaguars In The Air
    206 Kiiara - Messy
    207 MGMT - Me And Michael
    208 Porches - Goodbye
    209 Tinashe - Me So Bad
    210 Rina Sawayama - Cherry

    211 Tamar Kaprelian - Poison (Ari Ari)
    212 Troye Sivan + Gordi - Postcard
    213 Zayn - Let Me
    214 Ariana Grande - Better Off
    215 Lykke Li - Last Piece
    216 BORNS - Blue Madonna
    217 Chromeo + The Dream - Bedroom Calling
    218 Dua Lipa - IDGAF
    219 Girl Unit - WYWD - Kelela Remix
    220 Goldilox - I Love You

    221 Lily Allen - Higher
    222 Tinashe - Like I Used To
    223 Tsar B - Medagelous
    224 Uffie - Drugs
    225 Lykke Li - Better Alone
    226 Zayn + Timbaland - Too Much
    227 Ciara - Dose
    228 Cupcakke - Crayons
    229 Kali Uchis - In My Dreams
    230 MNEK - Tongue

    231 Sophie - Not Okay
    232 Tinashe - No Contest
    233 Yubin - Lady
    234 All Saints - Don’t Look Over Your Shoulder
    235 Chaka Khan - Like Sugar
    236 Charli XCX - 1999 - Michael Calfan Remix
    237 Cher - The Winner Takes It All
    238 Hayley Kiyoko - Let It Be
    239 Mikolas Josef - Lie To Me
    240 Poppy - Metal

    241 Sophie - Is It Cold In The Water?
    242 Ssion - Big As I Can Dream
    243 Sylvie Kreusch - Seedy Tricks
    244 Titiyo - Som Ingenting
    245 Tove Styrke - Changed My Mind
    246 Asap Rocky + FKA Twigs - Fukk Sleep
    247 Ariana Grande - Raindrops (An Angel Cried)
    248 Bronze Avery - Want 2
    249 Fischerspooner - Everything Is Just Alright
    250 Jenny Wilson - It Hurts

    251 Sophie - Infatuation
    252 Jetta - Losing Control
    253 Kylie Minogue - A Lifetime To Repair
    254 L Devine - Like You Like That
    255 Lana Del Rey - Mariners Apartment Complex
    256 Let’s Eat Grandma - Falling Into Me
    257 Madame Monsieur - Au-delà
    258 Netta - Toy
    259 Oscar Enestad - Heaven On My Skin
    260 Porches - Find Me

    261 Svala - For The Night
    262 ADULT. - Perversions Of Humankind
    263 Aeris Roves - Best Dressed Man
    264 Ariana Grande - Imagine
    265 Childish Gambino - This Is America
    266 Femme - Be Shy
    267 Folly Rae - You Don’t Love Me
    268 Ily - You Give Me Life
    269 ionnalee - Blazing
    270 Jay-Jay Johanson - Rush

    271 Jenny Wilson - Disrespect Is Universal
    272 Jessica 6 - Get Loaded
    273 Kali Uchis - Just A Stranger
    274 Kate Nash - Body Heat
    275 Little Dragon - Lover Chanting
    276 Poppy - In A Minute
    277 Salt Ashes - Girls
    278 Cher - Fernando
    279 Emma Bale - Cut Loose
    280 EXID - Lady

    281 Jenny Wilson - The Prediction
    282 GWSN - Puzzle Moon
    283 Kylie Minogue - Music’s Too Sad Without You
    284 Madame Monsieur - Mercy - English Version
    285 Mariah Carey - Caution
    286 Nina Kinert - Der Dom, il Duomo
    287 Nina Las Vegas - I Know How It Goes
    288 Cher - The Name Of The Game
    289 Oscar - 1UP
    290 Ponette - Hours - Carl Louis Remix

    291 Jenny Wilson - It’s Love (And I’m Scared)
    292 Raye - Friends
    293 Kylie Minogue - Radio On
    294 Robyn - Missing u - Weiss Remix
    295 Roisin Murphy - All My Dreams
    296 Selena Gomez - Back To You - Riton + Kah-Lo Remix
    297 Tommy Genesis - Bad Boy
    298 Christine and The Queens - Doesn’t Matter
    299 Fischerspooner - Have Fun Tonight
    300 Yung Baby Tate - Back Up

    And because it turns out a quarter of my 2018 list are queer or trans artists...
    A separated list of 20GAYTEEN:
    @Trouble in Paradise
    1. Troye Sivan + Ariana Grande - Dance To This
    2. Sophie - Immaterial
    3. Troye Sivan - Bloom
    4. Oscar Key Sung - Simple Luv
    5. Planningtorock - Much To Touch
    6. Troye Sivan - My My My
    7. Sophie - Faceshopping
    8. Dizzy Fae - Booty 3000
    9. Troye Sivan - The Good Side
    10. Sophie - Ponyboy
    11. Ssion - At Least The Sky Is Blue
    12. Charli XCX + Troye Sivan - 1999
    13. Kim Petras - Heart To Break
    14. Ssion - Heaven Is My Thing Again
    15. Bronze Avery - Secrets
    16. Fever Ray - Mustn't Hurry - Tami T Remix
    17. Troye Sivan - Animal
    18. Kim Petras - In The Next Life
    19. Ssion - Inherit
    20. Fischerspooner - TopBrazil
    21. Troye Sivan - Lucky Strike
    22. Mashrou Leila + Roisin Murphy - Salam
    23. Hayley Kiyoko - Curious
    24. Planningtorock - Transome
    25. Christine and the Queens - The Walker
    26. Troye Sivan - What A Heavenly Way To Die
    27. Dizzy Fae - Indica
    28. Dorian Electra - Career Boy
    29. Rae Morris - Lower The Tone
    30. serpentwithfeet - Cherubim
    31. Dorian Electra - VIP
    32. Rae Morris - Dip My Toe
    33. Troye Sivan - Plum
    34. Charli XCX + Dorian Electra + Mykki Blanco - Femmebot
    35. Planningtorock - Beulah Loves Dancing
    36. Jessica 6 - Ridiculous
    37. Kim Petras - Can't Do Better
    38. Troye Sivan - Seventeen
    39. Christine and the Queens - 5 Dollars
    40. Kim Petras - Close Your Eyes
    41. Troye Sivan - Better Now
    42. Aquaria - Burn Rubber
    43. Big Freedia + Lizzo - Karaoke
    44. Goldilox - Touch You Where It Hurts
    45. Christine and the Queens - Girlfriend
    46. Dorian Electra - Man To Man
    47. Hayley Kiyoko - Sleepover
    48. Kim Petras - All The Time
    49. Hayley Kiyoko + Kehlani - What I Need
    50. Years & Years - Sanctify
    51. Goldilox - Sex Paranoia
    52. Oscar Key Sung - Club Mate
    53. L Devine - Peer Pressure
    54. Troye Sivan - My My My - Cash Cash Remix
    55. Planningtorock - Powerhouse
    56. Dizzy Fae - Her
    57. Rina Sawayama - Cherry
    58. Troye Sivan + Gordi - Postcard
    59. Goldilox - I Love You
    60. MNEK - Tongue
    61. Sophie - Not Okay
    62. Charli XCX + Troye Sivan - 1999 - Michael Calfan Remix
    63. Hayley Kiyoko - Let It Be
    64. Sophie - Is It Cold In The Water?
    65. Ssion - Big As I Can Dream
    66. Bronze Avery - Want 2
    67. Fischerspooner - Everything Is Just Alright
    68. Sophie - Infatuation
    69. Jessica 6 - Get Loaded
    70. Kate Nash - Body Heat
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  6. Yes. Yes. Yes.

    (They obviously deserve higher but I’ll take it)
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  7. Taken from a previous list with about 200 highlights of the year, these were the ones that excited me the most... It was far from an easy task.

    50. Sunni Colón - Technicolor
    49. Four Of Diamonds - Name On It ft. Burna Boy
    48. Lauren Daigle - You Say
    47. King Princess - Holy
    46. Cakes - Ill
    45. TS Graye - MY2
    44. Ariana Grande - Imagine
    43. A Place To Bury Strangers - Never Coming Back
    42. Emily Warren - Poking Holes
    41. VNV Nation - All Our Sins

    40. Blackstone - Samba Oscura
    39. Hilary Woods - Jesus Said
    38. Swae Lee, Slim Jxmmi, Rae Sremmurd - Guatemala
    37. Marlene & Ji Nilsson - There
    36. Florence + The Machine - The End Of Love
    35. Georgi Kay - American Psycho
    34. Low - Disarray
    33. Carly Rae Jepsen - Party For One
    32. Whispering Sons - Waste
    31. Kacey Musgraves - Oh, What a World

    30. Hatchie - Adored
    29. Stockholm Noir - Alive
    28. Liines - Shallow
    27. Lotic - Hunted
    26. Years & Years - Palo Santo
    25. Olivia Noelle - Fck Around & Fall in Luv
    24. Rosalía - Que No Salga la Luna
    23. The Beths - Little Death
    22. Travis Scott - HOUSTONFORNICATION
    21. Alan Walker - Diamond Heart (feat. Sophia Somajo)

    20. Marlon Hoffstadt - Digital Desire
    19. BirdPen - Oh So Happy
    18. Ionalee - Dunes of Sand (feat. Jamie Irrepressible)
    17. Amen Dunes - Miki Dora
    16. Second Still - Automata
    15. Billie Eilish - lovely (with Khalid)
    14. Tirzah - Basic Need
    13. Thom Yorke - Suspirium
    12. William Ryan Key - No More No Less
    11. Kelly Lee Owens - Bird (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)

    10. Sasha Sloan - The Only
    9. Tiara Thomas - Ride You Like A Wave
    8. Father John Misty - Just Dumb Enough to Try
    7. Dilly Dally - Sober Motel
    6. Kim Petras - Close Your Eyes
    5. Beach House - Lemon Glow
    4. Jaloo ft. MC Tha - Céu Azul
    3. 1010 Benja SL - Wind Up Space
    2. Lauv - Paranoid
    1. Sarah Blasko - Read My Mind

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  8. Albums:
    1. Robyn - Honey
    2. Accu - Echo the Red
    3. Mellt - Mae'n Hawdd Pan Ti'n Ifanc
    4. HMS Morris - Inspirational Talks
    5. Gwenno - Le Kov
    6. Rosalia - El Mar Querer
    7. Laurie Anderson/Kronos Quarter - Landfall
    8. DRINKS - Hippo Lite
    9. JPEGMAFIA - Veteran
    10. Fischerspooner - Sir
    11. Adwaith - Melyn
    12. Young Fathers - Cocoa Sugar
    13. Anna Calvi - Hunter
    14. The Internet - Hive Mind
    15. Lily Allen - No Shame
    16. SOPHIE - Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides
    17. Earl Sweatshirt - Some Rap Songs
    18. Ariana Grande - Sweetener
    19. Lleuwen - Gwn Glan Beibl Budr
    20. Nicki Minaj - Queen
    21. Junglepussy - Jp3
    22. Lykke Li - so sad so sexy
    23. Serol Serol - Serol Serol
    24. Kali Uchis - Devotion
    25. Blood Orange - Negro Swan
    26. U.S. Girls - In a Poem Unlimited
    27. Teyana Taylor - KTSE
    28. Camila Cabello - Camila
    29. Mitski - Be the Cowboy
    30. Cardi B - Invasion of Privacy
    1. Azealia Banks - "Anna Wintour"
    2. Troye Sivan - "My My My"
    3. Robyn - "Honey"
    4. Adwaith - "Fel i Fod"
    5. Mitski - "Nobody"
    6. Clean Bandit/Demi Lovato - "Solo"
    7. Lana Del Rey - "Mariners Apartment Complex"
    8. Los Blancos - "Clarach"
    9. Roisin Murphy - "All My Dreams"
    10. MNEK - "Tongue"
    11. Rosalia - "Malamente"
    12. Omaloma - "Bubblegum"
    13. Bitw - "Siom"
    14. Anna Calvi - "Don't Beat the Girl Out of My Boy"
    15. Charli XCX - "Focus"
    16. Accu - "Am Ser"
    17. Kali Uchis/Reykon - "Nuestro Planeta"
    18. Yaeji - "One More"
    19. Naomi Smalls - "Pose"
    20. Rae Morris - "Lower the Tone"
  9. Thank God for the latest replies. I thought nobody even made best-ofs anymore and I just abandoned my list since no one would read it anyway. Here are my top albums with commentary, what the hell.

    Honorable Mentions
    12. Tierra Whack - Whack World - A bit hard to consider this an album since the songs are only a minute long, but it shows that she is a force to be reckoned with going forward.
    11. Courtney Barnett - Tell Me How You Really Feel- She topped my list in 2015, so this album was a bit disappointing to not make the top 10, but there are still some insanely creative, witty songs on here, even though I think some of the edge of album one is gone.
    Top 10 Albums
    10. Against All Logic - 2012-2017 - I actually only listened to this album in the last week of 2018, and I was quite floored. It would likely be higher if I had more time with the album. Pure musical wizardry and perhaps the best 1-2 punch of the year with the first two tracks. Reminds me of The Avalanches.
    9. Hinds - I Don't Run - Winners of the 2016 prize for best album, this album was a slight disappointment along with Courtney Barnett and (sorry) Robyn. Still, you can hear how much fun they have when they are singing and playing. Chill, sunny, and informal, but perhaps a bit too polished.
    8. Let's Eat Grandma - I'm All Ears - A clear step-up in cohesion and artistry from their debut, which makes me think they will only grow exponentially with each album. Beautiful stream-of-consciousness lyrics and unique artistic risks. Still, some songs are a bit self-indulgently long.
    7. Florence + the Machine - High as Hope - Beautifully pared back with lyrics that are less up-front but pack more punch once actually read aloud and studied. While on other albums she maybe went a bit too over-the-top with the drama, sometimes these songs feel a bit too sparse. Still, a work of art.
    6. Angèle - Brol - With "La thune" being my song of the summer and #1 single of the year, this album was highly awaited, and she shows her immense talent on this album. I was slightly disappointed how mid-tempo the album is, but her eye for melodies is impressive on tracks such as "Jalousie"
    5. Christine & the Queens - Chris - The attention to detail and quality control is evident on this album, even though some of the 80s tracks sound a bit tacky. She truly shines on the more ethereal tracks like "5 Dollars" and "Doesn't Matter". Well sung and well-produced.
    4. Lily Allen - No Shame - A remarkable return to form. I actually prefer this to forum fave It's Not Me It's You! I love the slight nod to the ska rhythms used on Alright Still without sounding like she's singing over a sample. Honest lyrics and warm, comforting vocals. Genius.
    3. Kali Uchis - Isolation - Sheer beauty. A truly relaxing album and one of the best debuts in recent memory. She took the lushness and beauty of her previous work and added a bit more flavor and expanded on various themes. Immaculately produced and endlessly listenable with tons of variety.
    2. Melody's Echo Chamber - Bon Voyage - Her voice is almost healing at times. I listened to this over the summer when I was very depressed and kind of lost, and I feel like this album was purifying and the perfect form of escapism. Intricate, artistic, and one-of-a-kind. A magical record.
    1. Rosalía - El mal querer - One of the first albums in years where I gave an average above 9.0. SO much artistry and talent that it's almost unbelievable. Despite being very heavy to listen to, this album is head and shoulders above the other albums on this list. Might even become a future classic. Every note, every sample, every harmony is placed perfectly into this intricate jigsaw puzzle of an album. Genius-level work.
  10. Here is my extremely delayed list! Warning for blocks of text. Originally published on my blog.
    Isolation by Kali Uchis- This was a hard album to write for, not because of the quality (obviously), but because it’s so all over the place and hard to classify. I first paid attention to her through an ONTD original about pop stars with personas, then I thought of her as an indie pop girl, and her collaborations with rap and Latin artists make me compare her to women in R&B or urban music as well. But she’s just Kali. People always talk about “it took Ms.Nancy 8 years for her debut but it’s iconic!!” but for Kali I definitely feel it. The psychedelic baroque intro alone lets you know that you’re about you go on a journey of an album. Songs like Miami, Tomorrow, and Your Teeth, My Neck (and I guess Just a Stranger) all talk about the uncomfortable intersection between wealth and desire, while songs like Dead to Me (lol) give some brevity and energy to this album. For critics who think she can’t sing, Killer has a great Winehouse-esque performance. The album cover looks like a Prince Protege vanity set fantasy painting.

    Joyride by Tinashe- Tinashe had a weird 2017, with Flame flopping, Light Up the Sky dropping, and a bizarre Taco Tuesday outing (why?!?! They said it was a networking event, but for who? The girl has more collaborations than all the different companies Pepsi distributes for), but her 2018 was better. We got a random HQ picture that turned out to be the first cover for a tringle that lead to Joyride. She answered many questions like yes, she did need to use legal options to release Joyride, and no, she didn’t like Flame. She release a great pop album that is a little Frankensteined together but you can still use all the songs. Although things seem murky now, I feel that Tinashe will keep giving us great, unique music. Personal favorites include No Drama, Faded Love, No Contest, and Ooh La La.

    Caution by Mariah Carey- I keep seeing people mention that this is their first Mariah album, which is appropriate, because this feels like a new beginning for her. It’s my first Mariah album too, but I’ve seen one Popjustice member say that this is her only album where she mainly sings in a lower register and where the background instrumentals are darker electronics. I’ve heard that Me.. I am Mariah at least tried out new things, but this incorporated everything successfully. I’ve never really listened to Mariah before because I just figured it would be mostly ballads and midtempos, but this album kept things unique. Highlights include GTFO, A No No, Giving Me Life, and Portrait. This album is the sonic equivalent of putting your favorite Bath and Body Works moisturizer on, making a warm drink, and hiding under a weighted blanket, and who doesn’t want that in a year like this?

    Take Me to the Disco by Meg Myers- People say that there are too many meaningless buzzwords (true) but I don’t think alt vs indie rock is one of those. Indie is generally minimal and guitar based but alt is left of the middle rock and expansive. Meg went for category 2. Following her great debut album from 2015, she went for a bigger, better, and darker sound this time. It reminds me of Tori (Tear Me to Pieces and Jealous Sea sound very Choirgirl), PJ, Trent, and the Smashing Pumpkins. Take Me to the Disco is a nice ballad that starts out the album, which doesn’t prepare you at all for Numb, the following track. Done and Funeral are also strong. Listen if you’re tired of slackers in music.

    Childqueen by Kadhja Bonet- If music indicates mood, I don’t know what Spotify premium subscribing, Allmusic reading, time travelling aliens would know about 2018. Sure, there were some political albums, but I feel like the pace of crappy events was faster than (High quality) political music. Even on a personal level, 2018 wasn’t ridiculously iconic or anything for me, and I was still petty and had grudges to work on. That being said, I have no clue how psychedelic music became big for me this year. We had Moodoid, Melody’s Echo Chamber, The Internet (sort of), and Dita Von Teese. But my favorite is perhaps Kadhja Bonet, whose theatrical sounds are like the score to an old Disney movie. Mother, …, and Second Wind are great. Bonus EP was released this fall.

    so sad, so sexy by Lykke Li- I haven’t really listened to Lykke before, so I figured her pop reinvention was a good time to get into her. This album reminds me of Nelly Furtado for indie songwriting but with hooks. Although sometimes the trap parts are a little awkward (use vaporwave instead!), this was a good reinvention. My favorites include Two Nights featuring Amine (he is NOT a rent a rapper!), Jaguars in the Air (you and me we’re psychedelic!), and of course, sex money feelings die. I would love a Jessy Lanza remix album commissioned.

    Silk Canvas by Vanjess- Everyone loves whisper registers and high pitched whisper singing in R&B (Diana Ross, Janet, Aaliyah, Ciara, Cassie, Tinashe) but what I really love is a deep voice (or at least one that sounds a little raspy). Vanjess joins Her, Total, and T Boz and even The Weeknd in the deep vocals crowd. Don’t mark these Nigerian princesses as spam, just give them a stream, no bank accounts required. I like that they have a better understanding of making a cohesive album with different genres and still staying in a certain vibe instead of doing the same song 12 times. Even their remix EP gets that. Control Me and Addicted, the big singles from this album, are good symbols for their moody R&B sound but they have more than that. Touch the Floor is more uptempo in the vein of Kaytranada, as are the excellent Through Enough and Another Love. My Love reminds me of Aaliyah’s One in a Million. The One picks up where the 80’s revival trend left off, but improves on the synth funk sound. Even Cool Off the Rain, a 2 minute interlude, is worth listening to.

    7 by Beach House- I don’t know what made this album click with me. This is my 4th album for Beach House, so I thought I just wouldn’t get them by now, I listen to dream pop and shoegaze enough where I thought I’d like any vibey music. This album didn’t reinvent the wheel but it has warmth to it, without losing their signature ‘when your arm has pins and needles and you need to wiggle yourself to a healthy blood circulation again’ sound. Favorites include Lemon Glow, Black Car, Dark Spring, and Girl of the Year. I also recommend Wax idols and Pinkshinyultrablast if you’re looking for more shoegaze..

    Dita Von Teese by Dita Von Teese- This was always going to be a niche passion project by a burlesque artist, so I don’t think it was ever going to set the charts on fire, but not even the internet cared about this? If you miss Lana’s old Hollywood glamour, you should check out this album. It mixes 60’s psychedelics with electronic music to create a perfect loungy sound. I’m not saying I’m those “I miss 2012 Lana!!” but I stuck with her through her Old Hollywood Jackie Kennedy Born to Die phase, her 60’s Manson Girl Ultraviolence cult phase, her 50’s (?) maps to the stars Honeymoon, and 70’s singer songwriter Lust for Life phase, so I was excited to see what other incarnations we would get. Would we get a full on spaced out culty version of Honeymoon? An 80’s Midwest goth album? A late 90’s vaporwave mixtape? Okay, most of these are just words thrown together that nobody would want, but Dita’s album had the concept and the execution there, all it needed was the audience. The French songs have a certain sadness in them. I like Bird of Prey and Dangerous Guy as well, but the whole album is well produced and beautiful sounding, so you should listen to it if you just want some easy listening that’s riskier than most of pop and alternative’s current artists.

    Black Panther- Yes, this should count as an album. I’ve seen people treat The Hunger Games soundtracks (yes, those movies didn’t spontaneously appear on TNT one day) as real albums and stan Lorde’s vision for it. I’ve seen people stan the soundtrack for A Star is Born, like it’s a real Lady Gaga album, but Black Panther is where y’all draw the line? Okay. Aside from the breakout single, you get a good vocal performance from SZA, a top tier Jorja Smith song, the best flute performance of 2018, and the downtemp Seasons. That a random soundtrack can have that much cohesion is good for Kendrick Lamar but bad for other artists.
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  11. Here's my EP list because my write up was too long (dd maybe next year I should take up editing instead of writing).
    Princess Nokia- For this EP, Princess Nokia switched to an emo rap style popular on Soundcloud. I thought I wouldn’t like or even understand this EP because I don’t listen to Soundcloud rap, I didn’t really have Fueled by Ramen fever in middle school, and I never liked nu metal (which Princess Nokia says this EP is inspired by but I don’t personally hear it). I listened to the songs ironically until they began to grow on me. Those warbly vocals. The repeated Smash my heart to pieces line. How For the Night sounds like Frere Jacques instrumentally. And now I can proudly say it holds my top spot in my 2018 EP list. I’d like to say something about “in a world where we’re always told to look like we’re unbothered and #winning and other people are always pressed, Princess Nokia tells us it’s okay to feel normal human emotions” but that’s not close. 2018 was the year of Princess Nokia for me, so it’s only natural her new EP would be my favorite. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be with a wink and a nudge but let’s ask all the other Soundcloud rappers first.

    Kilo Kish- While Kilo Kish’s sound is the epitome of chill, her lyrics are bizarrely accurate portraits of millennial anxiety and contemplations. This time, she changes her ambient spoken word poems for outsider electronic music that is neither PC music nor generic tropical house. In one interview, she said that her biggest regret was that she didn’t go as experimental as she could’ve on this project, so here’s to wondering what the multi hyphenate will do for her next project.

    Ojerimie- I feel like 2018 is the year that alt r&B became oversaturated. Personally, I think as long as there will be sad and lonely late night texters, there will be an audience for musicians who can’t always sing, use electronic production, and claim to be influenced by Sade. Artists like The Weeknd and Beyonce who used to receive more commercial attention (or at least better first week numbers) were unable to meet previously set high expectations; Drake, who set the tone for alt r&b in 2011, turned out to be a secret father, cementing his status as f***boi supreme with several years of worst behavior including streaming schemes, Spotify takeovers, cultural appropriation, mental health misstatements, age gaps, and celebrating human traffickers, showing us that sensitive isn’t always good. Genre gentrifiers like Disclosure, The 1975, Justin Timberlake, Years and Years, and Ryan Hemsworth left to do other sounds; critical darlings like Blood Orange and The Internet have less hype for their albums this time around, newcomer Jorja Smith was completely clowned upon by Twitter for her vocals, and artists like Zayn, Tinashe, and Indiana all had albums all pushed back and compromised (all on Sony), so hearing a newcomer have late night red wine R&B music is a great pleasure. Highlights include drum and bass 2003, 80’s sophisti pop sounding Heat, and camming theme song 4U. Do yourself a favor and check out her great back catalogue as well.

    Ravyn Lenae- I listened to Ravyn’s EP back in February, but what made me really remember her now was her performance on the now cancelled Rundown with Robin Thede on BET. Not only was it a good place for politics, but also a good venue for smaller artists. SNL is only decent for white hipster bands so it’s nice for black artists who aren’t that huge yet to have places to perform on television. Ravyn is from the Chicago scene and has put out 2 projects before this. EP highlights include the chill Night Song, the uplifting Sticky, and her stellar collaborations with Steve Lacy. With catchy hooks, sweet vocals, and a short track list that leaves you craving for more, Ravyn Lenae is the real Sweetener of 2018.

    Hatchie- I once read that shoegaze and noise pop are popular because the whirring and noises from the guitars make it sound like people are talking, which makes people feel less lonely. I can’t say whether or not that’s true as a fact, but I can admit that Hatchie does make me feel happy. The shoegazer from the South has toured with Kylie Minogue and worked with Robin Guthrie already. Her songs have a joyful warmth to them and remind me of 90’s artists like The Cranberries, Drop Nineteens, and Madder Rose. Don’t incubate- hatch today.

    Disclosure- I once read about the 2nd album UK artist curse, where an artist who had a specific UK niche tries to go too general for their sophomore album and end up losing everyone, with Katy B and Duffy being some examples of it. I still loved Caracal by Disclosure, but other people thought it was just a straightforward pop album rather than a forward thinking electronic album. Then another bad EP in 2016 made me lose interest in them until their new EP this year. It’s more sample heavy and very retro inspired but I think anyone would like it, but in a good way and not like Maroon 5.

    Kitten- 2 years after their most recent EP, Kitten is back with their first fan funded project. Truth be told, I don’t really see why their had to be an independent label, because it stays in the same 80’s goth synthpop atmosphere as their previous songs. That doesn’t mean it’s derivative, but I’d like to know what happened at the label. Tracks include the Halloweenish Pink Champagne, the Robert Smith sounding I Did It!, and the vulnerable Abigail.

    Kaytranada- More straightforward R&B/synth than his albums and remixes but good stuff to chill to.

    Childlike Sound- I’ll be honest and say that I don’t know too much about them. I always saw @emoblackthot promote them on Twitter which encouraged me to try them out. Although they’re self produced, they go above and far beyond most bedroom pop acts. Some of their songs sound nu disco while others would fit right in on Solange’s True. Remember, why act grown when you can be Childlike?

    St Beauty- A duo of singer songwriters on Janelle Monae’s label, St Beauty released a promising debut EP this year. Maybe this is because I had no expectations, but I preferred this to Dirty Computer because they were more concise and didn’t try too hard with the concept. I enjoyed Stone Mountain, a niece to Cranes in the Sky by Solange. Tides is a nice pseudo trip hop song (well, at least it sounds more trip hop than whatever the hell Morcheeba and Hooverphonic have been putting out for a decade), and Colors is a nice summery dancehall song.

    Channel Tres- He joins Princess Nokia’s Versace Hottie as the only non Azealia Banks or Drag Race contestant hip house song that came out after the year 2000 and is actually good. Minimal camp value though, if that’s what you’re looking for.

    Shygirl- Bombastic club music perfect for a night out or the last night on earth. A cross between Jlin and Charli XCX, has enough bite in it to keep you going the whole night. Bring your steel toe boots.

    Yuno- How someone this catchy flew past me is a complete mystery, but I’m glad I know about him now. If you liked when Tame Impala remixed Miguel, you would enjoy this. It’s perfect enough to soundtrack your summer to, or at least a soundtrack for cruise line commercials and martinis in a can. Some slight unconventional moments like pitched vocals.

    The Marias- Lofi, chill, jazzy, summer, outdoorsy music. I’m still waiting for an a ha moment song but for now, I’m enjoying the nice psychedelic vibes that they give me.

    Alina Baraz- I was almost finished with this list, but I thought 14 was an ugly number and some Russian collusion(her family is Russian, this isn't just a forced reference) lead me to putting Alina Baraz on my EP list! I didn’t listen to this too much yet, but I can always appreciate minimal electronic music with pleasant vocals and decent features, especially now that Sabrina Fraudio has been exposed.
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  12. Not too late for this, right? Don't kill me pls @NecessaryVoodoo

    | < 2018 >


    01 | Kasey Musgraves Golden Hour
    And it’s all gonna be alright. (+)
    ► “Oh, What A World”, “Slow Burn”, “Happy & Sad”

    02 | Robyn Honey
    An otherworldly comeback, so perfectly conceived, crafted and polished in another dimension that when it appears in ours it answers and erases all possible questions.
    ► “Honey”, “Ever Again”, “Send To Robin Immediately”

    03 | Mariah Carey CAUTION
    A concise, meticulous and comprehensive sequence that plays as both the greatest hits of an incredible career, and a shot across the bow to a whole genre to lift its game.
    ► “Giving Me Life” feat. Slick Rick and Blood Orange, “The Distance” feat. Ty Dolla $ign, “A No No”

    04 | Florence + The Machine High As Hope
    Strips away nearly all artifice from her sound and songwriting so much so that when she finally lands gently, gorgeously, on earth, singing about very human fears and griefs, it’s all the more moving.
    “Grace”, “No Choir”, “The End Of Love”

    05 | Now, Now Saved
    The late-night drive as an entire album moodpiece. Swooning vocals, hazy colours, and electrically wet to the touch. Unbelievably romantic.
    “Yours”, “Knowme”, “AZ”

    06 | Christine and the Queens Chris
    Gritty takes on trying to wrest a self from the incessant noise of identity and existence which are fantastically bold and interesting and fun.
    ► “Damn, Dis Moi” feat. Dâm-Funk, “Comme Si S’Aimait”, “La Marcheuse”

    The sound of pop being very carefully disassembled, both the cracks and the detonations together as a disconcerting, often exhilarating, whole.
    ► “It’s Okay To Cry”, “Immaterial”, “Pretending”

    08 | Christina Aguilera Liberation
    How to make a comeback and not get consumed by the weight of legacy, time and expectation. All the more thrilling for not giving a single fuck.
    ► “Accelerate”, “Deserve”, “Like I Do” feat. GoldLink

    09| Tierra Whack Whack World
    Short, sharp and very, very sweet.
    ► “Black Nails”, “Hungry Hippo”, “Fruit Salad”

    10 | Chelsea Jade Personal Best
    Quietly confident bops with an assured eye on both the pop target and the possibilities off its centre. Circles ~quirky~ with the most endearing wit and irony.
    ► “Colour Sum”, “Ride or Cry”, “Pitch Dark”

    Honourable Mentions
    ** | All Saints Testament | ► “After All”, "Testament In Motion"
    ** | Lily Allen No Shame | ► “Lost My Mind”
    ** | Blood Orange Negro Swan | ► “Orlando”
    ** | The CartersEverything Is Love | ► “Heard About Us”
    ** | CupcakKeEphorize | ► “Duck Duck Goose”
    ** | Jon Hopkins Singularity | ► “Emerald Rush”, "Singularity"
    ** | Max Cooper One Hundred Billion Sparks | ► “Hope”
    ** | MNEK Language | ► “Honeymoon Phaze”, "Tongue"
    ** | Janelle Monáe Dirty Computer | ► “I Like That”
    ** | ROSALÍA El Mal Querer | ► “De Plata”
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  13. < 2018 > | SINGLES


    “Damn, dis-moi” – Christine and the Queens feat. Dâm-Funk | 01
    “Day by Day” – Perlo | 02
    “After All” – All Saints | 03
    “Accelerate” – Christina Aguilera feat. Ty Dolla $ign, 2 Chainz | 04
    “Honey” – Robyn | 05
    “Kyla” – Hosini | 06
    “From Fire” – Perta | 07
    “My My My!” – Troye Sivan | 08
    “Cherry” – Rina Sawayama | 09
    “No Tears Left To Cry” – Ariana Grande | 10

    Honourable Mentions
    “Anna Wintour” – Azealia Banks | **
    “I Like It” – Cardi B feat. Bad Bunny, J Baldwin | **
    “Duck Duck Goose” – CupcakKe | **
    “Made for Now” – Janet Jackson feat. Daddy Yankee | **
    “Overtime” – Jessie Ware | **
    “Fine Line” – Mabel feat. Not3s | **
    “Stressed” – Maja Francis | **
    “Tongue” – MNEK | **
    “Delicate” – Taylor Swift | **
    “Fast Slow Disco” – St. Vincent | **​
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