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Best of 2019... Year End

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  2. I'm so 2000 and late but... for completionist sake I must post this:

    1. i want you around, snoh aalegra
    2. so hot you’re hurting my feelings, caroline polachek
    3. church, aly & aj
    4. number one fan, MUNA
    5. binz, solange
    6. crowded table, the highwomen
    7. die a little bit, tinashe
    8. peachy keen, l devine
    9. when i wasn’t watching, mandy moore
    10. don’t call me up, mabel
    1. new breed, dawn richard
    2. songs for you, tinashe
    3. ugh those feels again, snoh aalegra
    4. high expectations, mabel
    5. the jungle is the only way out, mereba
    6. scenery, emily king
    7. planet y2k, liz
    8. saves the world, MUNA
    9. ventura, anderson paak
    10. when i get home, solange
  3. housekeeping

    | < 2019


    01 | Shura forevher
    Boldly (re)claims happiness and love as something we deserve, whilst in all kinds of flights—about connection and desire and mortality—over soundscapes as freshly alive as they are familiarly dreamy. In the process, recolours blue as joyful and warm. A triumph.
    ► “tommy”, “skyline, be mine”, “BKLYNLDN”

    02 | Jamila Woods Legacy! Legacy!
    Personal narrative reinterpreted through historical homage which somehow doesn’t get consumed by the gimmick. A meticulously considered placement of the self on a long trajectory of black people speaking and singing through time, with power.
    ► “SONIA” feat. Nitty Scott, “GIOVANNI”, “BALDWIN” feat. Nico Segal

    03 | Lana Del Rey – Norman Fucking Rockwell!
    Sad, wry songs suspended in the late afternoon sunlight of a golden age in decline. Theatrical in the most moving of ways—of going through the motions of performance to avoid fate’s inevitabilities, of loneliness and sorrow and being, in the end, no one.
    ► “Mariners Apartment Complex”, “Cinnamon Girl”, “Venice Bitch”

    The next production vanguard—myriad ideas floating and dissolving into the night, and the music catching up to and matching every beat. So smoothly accomplished that the whole album feels like it’s at a mere fraction of his capacity.
    ► “The Worst In Me” feat. Tinashe, “Need It” feat. Masego, “Culture” feat. Teedra Moses

    05 | LIZ Planet Y2K
    A consummate deconstruction of nostalgia, not just in the sounds, melodies and rhythms of a very particular period of pop history, but somehow in invoking the very feelings of that time. In railgunning it into this specific time and place, some 20 years later, doubles as a very clever exclamation and question mark.
    ► “Baby Blue”, “Everybody”, “Intuition”

    06 | Sorry Girls Deborah
    Eighties pastiche relayed to sound fresh and somehow current. Astutely and cleverly concise, but with frequent moments of giddy abandon.
    ► “Waking Up”, “Give Your Love”, “Under Cover”

    07 | Carly Rae Jepsen Dedicated
    The year’s most accomplished pop album. Confident, no-fuss exercises of the craft which, best of all, reset the weight of astronomical expectations in the most emphatic way.
    ► “Want You In My Room”, “Real Love”, “I’ll Be Your Girl”

    08 | Will Young Lexicon
    Songs of elevated gay maturity, impeccably put together and performed with quiet, magisterial command. Translates the fears and motions of getting old into affecting, deeply considered reflection, without losing the ear for elation.
    ► “Get Me Dancing”, “All The Songs”, “Ground Running”

    09 | FKA Twigs Magdalene
    The macabre surreal as both earthly and completely otherworldly. An alien being’s dreams dreamed under our stars.
    ► “cellophane”, “mary magdalene”, “sad day”

    10 | Tourist Everyday
    Grey whispers which get stuck between the ears and slowly generate iridescent, unknowable colours. Something like peace.
    ► “Emily”, “Love Theme”, “Apollo”

    Honourable Mentions
    ** | Ariana Grande thank u, next | ► “ghostin”
    ** | Charli XCXCharli | ► “Warm” feat. HAIM
    ** | Clairo Immunity | ► “Alewife”
    ** | DidoStill On My Mind | ► “Hurricanes”
    ** | Madonna Madame X | ► “Crave” feat. Swae Lee
    ** | MUNA Saves The World | ► “Pink Light”
    ** | Nina Nesbitt The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change | ► “Colder”
    ** | The Japanese House Good At Falling | ► “We Talk All The Time”
    ** | Weyes Blood Titanic Rising | ► “Something To Believe”
    ** | Tinashe Songs For You | ► “Know Better”
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  4. < 2019 | SINGLES


    “Gone” – Charli XCX feat. Christine and the Queens | 01
    “Number One Fan” – MUNA | 02
    “God Is A Dancer” – Mabel, Tiësto | 03
    “Thinkin Bout You” – Ciara | 04
    “bad guy” – Billie Eilish | 05
    “BKLYNLDN” – Shura | 06
    “Don’t Call Me Up” – Mabel | 07
    “All The Songs” – Will Young | 08
    “Dancing With A Stranger” – Sam Smith feat. Normani | 09
    “Don’t Start Now” – Dua Lipa | 10

    Honourable Mentions
    “Gimme” – BANKS | **
    “So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings” – Caroline Polachek | **
    “Let You Know” – Flume feat. London Grammar | **
    “Summer Girl” – HAIM | **
    “Fast” – Juice WRLD | **
    “Never Really Over” – Katy Perry | **
    “trevi fountain” – Leo Kalyan | **
    “DripDemeanour” – Missy Elliott feat. Sum1 | **
    “Motivation” – Normani | **
    “All The Time” – Zara Larsson | **​
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