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Best of K-Pop 2017 + Hopes and Fears for 2018

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Dangerous Maknae, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. I opened the thread expecting you to quote the list and say:

    Where's Gucci?

    I'm disappointed.
  2. [​IMG]

    25 Favorite B-Sides/Stations

    25. Hitchhiker x Taeyong - Around
    "this is real, a true dream round that spins/round and round, round"

    24. NCT Dream - Dunk Shot
    "go on no more second guessing/just trust yourself and jump"

    23. Girl's Day - Love Again
    "i'm sorry it's my fault/words that spill out of the crack of my lips"

    22. Taeyeon - Sweet Love
    "we should swim in a blue ocean/and be each other's lights"

    21. Jonghyun - Let Me Out
    "i can't forgive myself/i can't forgive you/i keep making myself cry"

    20. CLC - Call My Name
    "you shine like a diamond/you stole my gaze"

    "nights without you twinkle too/autumn will, too, turn into spring"

    18. SNSD - One Last Time
    "stop the time, while holding my hand tightly/let me stay inside of your embrace"

    17. 10cm x Chen - Bye Babe
    "if i say that/and coldly turn around/the sad one is still gonna be me"

    16. PRISTIN - Black Widow
    "fly far far away/farther farther into a different world/the heavy line of reason breaks"

    15. Taemin - Do It Baby
    "we'll go on a reckless adventure/with desire in my right and despair in my left"

    14. IU - Jam Jam
    "tell me that you love me/say those fake words prettily/sticky sticky i'll preserve it and keep it/for a long time so it won't rot"

    13. LOONA / ODD EYE CIRCLE - Chaotic
    "you and i can not stop/unknown secrets unfolding endlessly"

    12. Dreamcatcher - Sleep-Walking
    "broken heart/i try to fill it up with you/but everything disappears/even the memories you gave me last night"

    11. Ten - Dream In a Dream
    "i don't wanna come down from your love/we'll get lost together/let me flow"

    10. Taemin - Thirsty (OFF-SICK Concert Version)
    "in the frame of night, we're like a painting/what words are needed tonight, come in here"

    09. EXO - Forever
    "i run to you, through the darkness/i'll hold you close to me through this crazy race"

    08. Seohyun - Magic
    "i wanna stop time/like this, forever/into your magic/i'm into you"

    07. BTS - Pied Piper
    "maybe i'm a bit dangerous/like the pied piper/i'm testing you/like the fruit from the tree of good and evil"

    06. NCT 127 - 0 Mile
    "i'm matching my footsteps/to the music you're listening to these days"

    05. Red Velvet - You Better Know
    "when you need wind to soothe/your tired heart/will you listen to my song/that will blow fragrantly?"

    04. Taemin - Stone Heart
    "i take a step forward with a hurting heart/as i flush red, the deeply paved scar won't let me forget you"

    03. TWICE - 24/7
    "seems like it's over but the sighs repeat/the weather is sunny but there are clouds over my head"

    02. EXID - Velvet
    "look at that shaking light/what we're making aren't noises but a lullaby"

    01. Primary feat. Solji - Diet
    "i wanna hug you/on days i don't wanna say goodbye/you're never here on days like today"

    +1. EXO - Lights Out (it came out after I finish the list and I didn't want to change anything nñn)
    "don't be lonely anymore, morning will come as usual/so you can smile comfortably, at the end of this sadness/turn the lights out today"

    And a Spotify playlist:

    It was supposed to be one per artist but obviously I couldn't do that with Taemin.
  3. YATH MY UNDERRATED FAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please be more active, unnie/oppa!!!!!!!! ♡♡♡
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  4. In no particular order and I'm sure I'm forgetting something.
    My 2017:
    • Dreamcatcher.
    • Butterflies in my mind.
    • DEAN. With Suran. With Loco. With Fanxy Child. With YeRin Baek(!!!!). With offonoff. With DPR Live. With himself. With someone I'm forgetting. Come Over. God, what a song. I cry just humming it.
    • Alright, dammit. Energetic. Yes. I'm finally in.
    • The entire Wonder Girls diaspora. Gashina and anything and everything by Yenny. My muse.
    • Taeyeon's sneaky, lull-you-then-rip-your-fucking-scalp-off vocal riffs. God, I love Taeyeon.
    • The ONF boys. If you don't know them, know them. Most underrated group of the year.
    • Soshi's wonderful, glossy, life-affirming last blast.
    • Highlight's amazing rebirth. Love them so much.
    • Coming to terms with my inner Once. Sana making my life suck so much less.
    • Bulletproof boy scouts.
    • Everything single thing Primary touches.
    • One great The Rose. Lotsa great Day6.
    • Suran. Subin. Sumin.
    • Miso. YESEO. Ooyho.
    • Hoody.
    • Really. Really.
    • Jam. Jam.
    • We. Are. Pristin.
    • The Bob. Pingletip. Rainbow saving my life.
    • Girl's Day punching me in the face. And I liked it.
    • Those girls in Chuck Taylors. But especially Kimberly Lip. Eekalips. Still.
    • The Sweet Crazy Love video. Digipedi's masterpiece.
    • Dreamcatcher. Again.
    • Odiah. Odiah.
    • BoA singing Japanese in New York and SES still crushing it.
    • Somehow making it without f(x).
    • @Ceir's constant, irrepressible K-Indie feedings. The people of P-Town will thank you someday if I ever get the nerve to do my K-radio show at WOMR. It's gonna happen in 2018. Can feel it. Hold me to it.
    • KARD. Namyu. Snuper. Monsta X.
    • Stellar breaking my heart.
    • T-Ara making me cry.
    • Jonghyun making me weep. Still. Probably for a long time...
    • You crazy people at KPJ. I honestly don't know what I'm doing here but I adore you all.
    • And probably most of all.... Led Belbet. They got me through so many, many, many tough days. And so did you all.
    I love you all and wish everyone a daebak (I know that's so 2015) New Year.
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  5. Oh no. I should be thanking all of you.
    Not only have you guys given me a little corner to discuss a music "genre" (is it really a genre or just pop music from another region? TAXONOMY), but you'd let me dive into this little niche and are receptive to my mania...

    @Cotton Park , you and @Squashua are literally there to discuss every new indie release I fling into that thread. And poor @D is for Danger! let me subject him to a near-CONSTANT onslaught of tracks over the summer.

    Not to mention the whole subforum actually encouraging me to choose an indie them for the KPSC. Y'all are amazing.
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  6. Me and @junglefish reading this post:

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  7. 3Xs



    Korean Singles 2017

    1. Yaeji - Drink I'm Sippin' On
    2. BLACKPINK - As If It's Your Last
    3. G-Dragon - Untitled, 2014
    4. Knock - Open Up (열어줘)
    5. Yoon Jong Shin - 좋니 (Like It)
    6. Brave Girls - Rollin'
    7. Taemin - MOVE
    8. Wanna One - Energetic
    9. Baek Yerin - Like I Don't Know Myself (feat. Car, the garden)
    10. Yves - new

    11. Yaeji - Raingirl
    12. OKDAL - Coming of age
    13. Jinsoul - Singing In The Rain
    14. Girls' Generation - All Night
    15. Kim Lip - Eclipse
    16. HyunA - Lip & Hip
    17. Zion.T - Snow (feat. Lee Moon Sae)
    18. EXID - Night Rather Than Day
    19. Sunmi - Gashina
    20. Odd Eye Circle - Sweet Crazy Love

    21. YESEO - Fill My Holes
    22. Produce 101 - 나야 나 (Pick Me)
    23. Jay Park - YACHT (feat. Sik-K)
    24. Highlight - Plz Don't Be Sad
    25. CIFIKA - Intelligentsia
    26. YESEO - No City For Love
    28. Gallant, Tablo, Eric Nam - Cave Me In
    29. BTS - Not Today
    30. Suzy - Pretend

    31. Humming Urban Stereo x Risso - Milky Way
    32. Heize - Don't know you
    33. Hoody - HANGANG
    34. KARD - Hola Hola
    35. DEAN - love (feat. Syd)
    36. Nine Muses - Love City
    37. Sik-K, pH-1, Jay Park - iffy
    38. HyunA - BABE
    39. Choerry - Love Cherry Motion
    40. S.E.S. - Paradise

    41. Block B - Shall We Dance
    42. MISO - Take Me
    43. TWICE - Heartshaker
    44. NCT Dream - My First and Last
    45. IU - Palette (feat. G-Dragon)
    46. EXO - The Eve
    47. TWICE - Likey
    48. AOA - Excuse Me
    49. 2NE1 - Goodbye
    50. Woo Won Jae - We Are (feat Loco & GRAY)

    EXO - Ko Ko Bop
    Taemin - Thirsty
    YESEO - Silhouette
    Sohee - Spotlight
    Kei - 별과 해
    G-Dragon - Bullshit
    LYn - On&On (feat. Chancellor)
    DAY6 - I Wait
    EXID - DDD
    The Barberettes - Summer Love
    Jane Jang, GIANTPINK, PERC%NT - Dumb Dumb
    Longguo & Shihyun - the.the.the
    Sunwoojunga - 구애 (求愛)
    Naul - Emptiness In Memory
    Taemin - Day & Night
    Moon Yirang - Aphasia (feat. Hoody)
    Sam Kim, Loco - Think About Chu
    ViVi - Everyday I Love You (feat. Haseul)
    WINNER - Really Really
    Groovyroom - Sunday (feat. Jay Park & Heize)
    Primary - Night Flower (feat. Car The Garden)
    BTS - DNA
    Top Secret - Mind Control
    OFFONOFF - Cigarette (Feat. Tablo, MISO)
    KARD - Don't Recall
    DEAN - Come Over (feat. Baek Yerin)
    Hyukoh - Wanli
    BTS - Spring Day
    Jeong Sewoon, Sik-K - Just U
    TWICE - Knock Knock
    Dreamcatcher - Chase Me
    DPR Live - Know Me (feat. DEAN)
    LOONA 1/3 - The Unknown Secret
    A Sol - No Play Time
    Flema - Forever Young (feat. Steel)
    Lang Lee - Why Do I Know?
    Just Music - Silky Boys
    Primary - 오늘은 왠지 (feat. OFA)
    John Park - DND (Do Not Disturb)
    Deepshower - Summer (feat. Jeebanoff, George)
    Apink - FIVE
    Hyolyn, Kisum - FRUITY
    Sugarbowl - Second Date
    Gain, Jeff Bernat - Pray

    And just for giggles I'll answer the same questions from the 2018 thread

    Who has been your favourite artist / group this year?
    2017 was definitely the year my BLACKPINK stanning hit new heights. The song soundtracked a summer which finally saw me quit my job and fulfill my dream of going to Seoul, and so there was no other song that quite encapsulated that explosive joy, that sense of just wanting to be "set free."

    Best comeback?
    SISTAR showed us just how you do a goodbye single and promotions, carting out all of their old classics over multiple performances that helped to remind the public why the group became such an unstoppable force on the charts, something which did not abate with "LONELY", a summery downtempo number that shot right to #1. They showed us how you literally go out on top as legends without any drama or regret.

    Most surprising turnaround?
    You can't really call it a "turnaround" as they'd just debuted but the LOONA girls coming out full-throttle with banger after banger after banger was certainly a shock, and one of the most exciting things to happen in K-Pop in a long time. It's a shame though that the budget and the good songs all seem to have been used for the pre-debut singles dddd

    Has this year lived up to whichever "golden age" you felt K-Pop peaked at?
    I mentioned in the 2018 thread that this was probably the stronger year but, WHEW, actually going back and looking at my playlists and charts from 2017? Literally scalped me. In a weaker year (like 2019 so far) any of the songs in the top 20 or 30 here could have made the top 10.

    Indie or alt finds you feel like everyone missed?
    Yaeji blends worlds, and sounds, on her first two EPs released in 2017. The moody trap-house banger "Drink I'm Sippin' On" transports the listener from Yaeji's artsy and eclectic Brooklyn abode all the way to Seoul's cramped neon alleyways, and back again. The bass-heavy beat, accented by smaller details, like a drip-drop effect that sounds like the actual "음료수" ("drink") she's sipping on, create a tense sort of atmosphere, but one that is contrasted by a moment of brightness in the pre-chorus. Here, in this relative lightness, she can be seen for who she truly is, basking in her confidence. ("Bringing out the colors in me / I feel so fine / Making up for what you can't see / I feel so fine") The listener is then plunged back into the deep end as the chorus rolls around, but despite the encroaching darkness, her confidence does not disperse, as if it were an inner light that could not be turned off. And so it's this one line "그게 아니야" ("That's not it") which serves as a sort of flashlight in the dark, keeping us moving through the minutia of our daily lives, telling oncoming bullshit and negativity, "nah, that ain't it". The song is thus not only a club banger, but also an anthem.

    For me personally, there is certainly something queer about this song, and Yaeji has said as much that it's about being misunderstood. Perhaps, it's not surprising. Like other Korean-American artists before her, Yaeji's music encompasses two different worlds and spaces in between, while at the same time this group is frequently denied a place in both of these worlds. This sense of isolation and misunderstanding comes through in this music, and it's part of what separates it. Trap has made its impact felt in Korean hip-hop for the better part of a decade now, but there's something about Yaeji's lived experience; her Koreanness, her Americanness, and definitely just some of her cool art girl aesthetic, that allows her to tell unique stories through her music that speak to others like her.

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  8. I couldn't have said it better myself. "그게 아니야" is a mantra for a new age. Story of my life.
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