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Best Songs of the Decade Countdown : K-Pop Edition (RESULTS)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Dangerous Maknae, Dec 5, 2019.

  1. Dilly Dally was a double A-side single with Lady Luck. Put some respect on her name!

  2. You’ve got good taste!! WE are here for the bops!

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  3. I'm still waiting for a song elimination to really make me go, "No! This should have done better!" Maybe when we reach the latter stages of the countdown.
  4. ddd why does "that ballad" sound so shady.

    Also yaas, @nikkysan and @soratami pulling through for my girl, legendaric behaviour.
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  5. 76. Crayon Pop - Dancing Queen

    Year: 2012
    Chart Peak: #156 on Gaon (Loona is shook)
    Artist Appearance: 1st

    31 Points

    @Deja-Boo (20) + @Snatched (6) + @Slice of Life

    These girls tried to sabotage their faves by voting for version 1.0 and version 2.0, but I'm generous and counted all versions as one.

    75. Sunmi - Full Moon

    Year: 2014
    Chart Peak: #2 on Gaon
    Artist Appearance: 1st

    32 Points

    @Ana Raquel (18) + @ysev (14)

    The first time I heard this was in Queen Sohye's iconic performance of it and I was stanning without knowing the singer. And it's still probably my favorite song of Sunmi.

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  6. Not one of my favorite songs of the decade already out!!!!!

    At least she made it, proud of you girl!
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  7. 74. Chungha - Rollercoaster

    Year: 2018
    Chart Peak: #6 on Gaon
    Artist Appearance: 1st

    32 Points

    @codecat (13) + @BEST FICTION (10) + @Sanctuary (8) + @Slice of Life (1)

    The true star of Produce 101!

    73. Loona - Butterfly

    Year: 2019
    Chart Peak: 1
    Artist Appearance: 1st

    33 Points

    @soratami (15) + @PopZeitgeist (12) + @31entrance (6)

    This... is one of the best songs of the decade, I guess.

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  8. Now that Loona is here is time to unite these two last eliminations and stan this cover
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  9. What a serve that was.
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  10. 72. EXO - Love Me Right

    Year: 2015
    Chart Peak: #1
    Artist Appearance: 2nd

    33 Points

    @eccentricsimply (16) + @Sanctuary (13) + @Salami (4)

    I had no idea this was the most popular EXO song here but I approve it.

    71. Shinee - Good Evening

    Year: 2018
    Chart Peak: #10 on Gaon
    Artist Appearance: 1st

    35 Points

    @eccentricsimply (18) + @nikkysan (17)

    I always wonder if @eccentricsimply is more of an SM stan instead of a boy group stan that I assumed her to be.

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  11. Love Me Right is phenomenal and I hate I completely forgot that it existed.

    Good Evening is gorgeous.
  12. 70. Fromis_9 - Love Bomb

    Year: 2018
    Chart Peak: -
    Artist Appearance: 1st

    35 Points

    @Reboot (12) + @savilizabeths (12) + @Hurricane Drunk (11)

    Another win for nugu fans!

    I'm not sure why is Jisoo in the thumbnail of this video but here is a performance of Love Bomb!

    69. Sunmi - Gashina

    Year: 2017
    Chart Peak: #1 on Gaon
    Artist Appearance: 2nd

    36 Points

    @soratami (17) + @Sanctuary (7) + @Dangerous Maknae (7) + @eccentricsimply (5)

    This wasn't an instant favorite for me but it grow on me more and more, and it seems like I'm never going to get tired of listening to it. Like I said before, Full Moon is still my favorite Sunmi song but Sunmi's comeback narrative, the way she combined the tropical sound that was a trend at the time with her unique sound, the amount of charisma you can observe in the MV and the performances, the tongue in cheek lyrics, and the overall impact that it had made me pick Gashina instead.

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  13. 'Love Bomb' is such a bop. It most definitely made my 2018 shortlist, but I had to send it home...xx
  14. With @savilizabeths and I losing our first song, there are only 3 people whose lists have remained untouched so far.


    How do you feel girls? Do you feel superior or you feel left out and forgotten?

    Share your experience and be prepared because one of you is also going to lose his/her first in my next post.
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  15. Wait, are you serious? Oh my god, I hadn't even realize that ddd.'s going to be one of mine, isn't it? I actually have a theory in mind.
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  16. Me, @Vixen and @RUNAWAY

    Also me when it turns out I haven’t lost anything because majority of my ballot is in the bubbling under charts
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2020
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  17. Not me being the Farrah of the group. I can imagine Vocalixen saying she's happy because everyone in the group can finally sing.
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  18. Ahh, as long as we agree that I am the Beyoncé. xx
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  19. I thought Love Bomb wouldn't get any other voters so I'm very happy!
  20. The only boygroups I ever talk about are SM boygroups and BTS and now TxT so I thought that was obvious nñn
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