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Best TOTP Performances

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Island, Jul 26, 2017.

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  2. This really is the perfect TV promo appearance. Such effortless confidence and presence.
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  4. Where it all kicked off for me and my intense relationship with pop music, quite probably:

  5. Thanks for the topic, I could be here all day! Just a few of ones i personally think are great for different reasons.
  6. The fact that they actually had a guy come out and (pretend to) play the fiddle... LORD

    The lashings and memes a performance like that would get on social media these days. I miss the late 90s.
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  7. Love this one too!
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  8. The burning wall in the background still amazes me ngl
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  9. Island

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  10. This is the best thread ever! I am loving re-living these (and seeing many for the first time as well).
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  11. HRH


    Spice Girls serving major choreography!

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  12. They all looked so good during that performance even Mel C.

    They should've shot the album cover in their dressing room wearing those exact outfits. Would've been 1000 x better than the actual cover.
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  13. A few for very different reasons...

    (I can't find the one of Dave Gahan dropping the mic half way through the song... I'm sure that happened)

    Its Grim Up North with morris dancers

    Bjork rocking out

    The Orb staying still

    I can
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  14. Still fucking slays. RIP Queen.

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  15. Spice Girls performing Wannabe from Japan:

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