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Best & Worst Christmas Movies

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Hudweiser, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. itzkk96

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    I watched this film yesterday, It was really good and I loved how everyone got a happy ending.
  2. I know it's late but....

    For the ultimate Christmas movie experience, if you're ever in London over Christmas, then go to Waterloo and the Imax cinema and see The Polar Express.

    It's just so fantastic in 3D Imax, plus I saw it last year at Christmas Eve, and that was it, I was feeling optimum christmassy then.
  3. Good
    Le père Noël est une ordure (1982)
    Gremlins (1984)
    Die Hard (1988)
    Home Alone (1990)
    While you were sleeping (1995)
    La bûche (1999)
    The Family Stone (2005)
    The Holiday (2006)

    The Family Man (2000)
    Four Christmases (2008)

    It's complicated
    Love Actually (2003) I hate that I love this movie.
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  4. 'Home Alone 2' is all I need.
  5. I watched my most favourite Xmas film ever earlier Miracle on 34th Street Black & White version.

    It truly is an amazing film in every way + I like the B&W version better than the colourised version.

    I kind of like the nineties Mara Wilson/Dylan McDermott remake aswell but it has nothing on the original.
  6. Jingle All The Way is amazing what is wrong with you people.

    But yes, Muppet Christmas Carol is the best, followed by Home Alone. I have a soft spot for the Ted Allen Santa Clause one as well.
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  7. Anyone checked out A Very Murray Christmas on Netflix? I actually enjoyed it. It worked as a starter to get me in the festive mood before I watch all of the classics.

    For 90s childhood nostalgia, I look to Look Who's Talking Now, Home Alone, The Santa Clause and Miracle on 34th Street. Also the Gremlins though not a 90s film, I watched it a lot growing up.

    My favourites from the 2000s are Bad Santa, Elf, The Grinch and Love Actually. If I want a classic I'll go for It's a Wonderful Life. Also unpopular opinion but I love The Holiday.
  8. It's all about the Muppet Christmas Carol, I cannot get enough of it and have to watch it at least once every year.
  9. I once watched a Christmas film with the woman who played Sabrina the Teenage Witch in. I can't remember what it was called, but the storyline was something along the lines of her planning on taking a boyfriend to her family Christmas, he breaks up with her so she's "forced" to kidnap some random man in a cafe and hold him hostage while he pretends to be her boyfriend. They eventually fall in love. One of the worst things I have ever seen.
  10. I mean, really.
  11. I'm trying to find some new films to put on the list as I've retired a lot of the classics in recent years as there is just too much fatigue even after not watching them for a year.

    Krampus (2015) and Better Watch Out (2016) have become staples that meet nicely in the middle between my usual love of horror meets something like Gremlins which is my favourite Christmas film.

    Last year I watched Christmas with the Kranks and Deck the Halls and honestly found them both really charming ddd.
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  12. I know it’s a reach but Addams Family Values recreates the Thanksgiving story at the summer camp so I’ll have that.

    Plus...Debbie Jellinksy. Camp as Christmas.
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  13. The Holiday might be my favourite Christmas movie. It’s a bit saccharine, but if you can’t enjoy some twee at Christmas, when can you?
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  14. I love that The Holiday has very slowly become a staple over the decade. RT says it has 48% which I'm sure used to be much lower many years ago and was known as that terrible Christmas film after it first came out which was undeserved if you ask me. Just seemed like an overreaction to a mushy Christmas film with an ensemble Hollywood cast.
  15. Prometheus <3


  16. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Count me in with those who love The Holiday. I don't even necessarily seek out Christmas movies so I can't remember when/where/how/why I watched it, but I did and I honestly loved it. (It helps that Jude Law was at his peak hotness too).
  17. Kate's country cottage still makes me weep of jealousy.
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  18. They filmed a lot of The Holiday in Godalming when my bf was working there - they made everything look a lot more twee and cutesy than it was in reality.

    Sweet movie though.
  19. Home Alone 5 exists as well you know. I kind of enjoyed it but maybe because after 4 nothing could be worse.
  20. I’ll Be Seeing You is one of my favourite Christmas movies. It’s an old black and white film starring Ginger Rogers as a prisoner on leave who falls in love with a wounded soldier played by Joseph Cotten.

    In complete contrast, Christmas Evil is also amazing.
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