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Best & Worst Christmas Movies

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Hudweiser, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. I love Home Alone. In a few weeks I will see it accompanied by an orchestra. So excited! I have seen it so many times but I appreciate it more each year. John Williams’ score is so beautiful and Catherine O’Hara is a gem. Her performance shows off both her comedic and dramatic chops. I am fond of the sequel, mostly because I love the idea of Christmas in New York.

    Black Christmas does conjure up Christmas atmosphere with all the Toronto locations and Christmas lights. A Christmas Story gets aired a lot but it is well acted and directed. Amazing that Bob Clark directed both of these films.

    The Family Stone is a film I loved at the time. I much prefer Diane Keaton in dramatic films. I remember the IMDB threads were entertaining. So many posters LOATHED the family and felt bad for Sarah Jessica Parker’s character.

    One film I finally saw a few years ago was The Gathering, a TV movie with Ed Asner and the late, great Maureen Stapleton. It won a bunch of Emmy Awards in the late ‘70s.

    Meet Me in St. Louis - it's not really about Christmas but the scene of Judy Garland singing Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas is so affecting. Garland is absolutely luminescent in this film. It may not even be her best performance but it may be my favourite of hers.

    I agree with others about A Muppet Christmas Carol. I love so many versions of that story. The Jim Carrey/Robert Zemeckis version is stunning in 3D and I do have a soft spot for the 1984 TV movie starring George C. Scott. He is absolutely brilliant as Scrooge.

    I used to despise Christmas with the Kranks but somehow it won me over. Mostly due to Jamie Lee Curtis. She gives a great comedic performance. But then, when is she ever bad in a movie?

    Not Really Christmas Films But Somehow They Are Festive:

    I agree Addams Family Values is a good choice. Same with Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Films about Thanksgiving somehow conjure up that Christmas feeling.

    The Sound of Music. I love this film unabashedly. It usually gets aired on Canadian TV around Christmas. I usually watch it between Christmas and New Year's because it's not about Christmas but it has that holiday spirit to it.

    The Bodyguard. Strange choice maybe but it's usually played here on Canadian TV on Boxing Day and I always associate this film and soundtrack as dominating winter of '92. And the whole section at the log cabin just gives me those Christmas vibes. Can you imagine if there had been a Christmas song on the soundtrack???

    Sex and the City The Movie. Okay, hear me out. That scene where Carrie runs to Miranda's place Auld Lang Syne always gets to me.
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  2. I love holiday movies. Like, I enjoy most of them.

    The Holiday (It has two Imogen Heap tracks which helps a lot)
    Christmas Vacation
    The Family Stone
    The Family Man (one of Nic Cage’s few good films)
    Last Christmas (it’s cute, that’s what I want from a holiday film)
    The Santa Clause
    Love, Actually
    Batman Returns
    A Christmas Story
    Nightmare Before Christmas
    Bad Santa

    It’s A Wonderful Life
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  3. Three I watch every year -

    Home Alone
    Black Christmas
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  4. It's a Wonderful Life is such a 'not like other Christmases' film. I swear some people say it's the best Christmas film without even watching it. Weird flex.

    Home Alone 3 is actually watchable, if you haven't seen it. I used to watch the VHS in the 90s probably more than 1 and 2 ddd. It also stars 12 year old Scarlett Johansson.
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  5. One of my nephews tried to put it on the other day but my sister stopped him.
  6. I love Christmas films, and it's a huge tradition for me to watch most of them each year, though some of these films have moved to a 2-3 year rotation.

    The Nightmare Before Christmas is a film I watch in November, as it fits nicely anywhere between Hallowe'en and Christmas.

    Krampus I watch on St. Nicholas' eve, obviously.

    Then it's Home Alone 1&2, Santa Claus: The Movie, The Santa Clause (sometimes 2 & 3 but they're not as good as the first), Christmas With The Kranks, Deck The Halls, A Christmas Story, A Christmas Carol (1984, Muppet, 2001 and Jim Carrey versions), Elf, The Grinch (2000, last year's one was atrocious), and then, without fail, The Polar Express as the sun sets on Christmas Eve.
  7. I watch Hallmark Christmas movies. Most are predictable and cheesy to the bone, even bad but I still watch them every year, I really like them haha!

    But when it comes to big budget movies, I really like Home Alone 1 and 2, The Elf, Love Actually, the classics really.

    Last Christmas is really good. I was dreading the Croatian elements of it as I am Croat but its not that bad actually. Swearing is hilarious, the dinner scene was very funny. I just don't know why Emma Thompson didn't make it easier for herself and make her character British and just the dad a Croat since the actor is Croat. Her trying to speak Croatian was hilarious. Emilia Clarke was actually decent while speaking.
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  8. Oh, I forgot Rare Exports, that's a great little film.
  9. The Hallmark and Lifetime films grow each year. Isn't there something like 50 new Christmas movies this year? It's a complete industry on its own. And now they are pushing for "Christmas in July" so they air them throughout July.

    I admit I watch them too. Lacey Chabert, Candace Cameron Bure, Autumn Reeser, Holly Robinson-Peete and Alicia Witt have become the Queens of Christmas TV movies.
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  10. It is pretty fun. Macaulay Culkin's absence seems to be the key factor in its hate, even if it's largely a remake of the first one, but it's still a decent time waster.

    A friend of mine in California writes and directs heaps of these cheap movies for various cable channels with all manner of once-knowns, usually themed around dogs that save Christmas.
  11. I really enjoyed Last Christmas, and would recommend it to any romcom fan.
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  12. I know it got horrible reviews and can see why but I have a real soft spot for Love the Coopers:

    I'll sing for the chorus on Last Christmas too. It's a cheesy romcom but its got heart and wit to it. Michelle Yeoh steals the film.
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  13. I love The Family Stone. It’s definitely one I make a point of watching each year. That said, I do think the family were horrible to Meredith.

    The dinner scene in particular was hard to watch. As a gay person, I wouldn’t wish for my child to be gay. That doesn’t mean I would love them any less. Why would you wish for your child to be part of a marginalised group? I totally understood what Meredith meant, even if she didn’t put it particularly eloquently.

    The family made no attempt to understand her (not just at the dinner, but during her whole stay). As someone who is a bit socially awkward, whose foot seems to permanently live in his mouth, I emphasised a lot with Meredith.
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  14. That was a great scene. I found the Stones to be awfully self-righteous at times but then again, I understood where they were coming from, too, in that particular moment.
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  15. Last Christmas is one of the worst Christmas films I've seen, and one of the worst films of the year..but it was kind of endearingly shit. I enjoyed myself.

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  16. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    Every year I watch

    Home Alone
    Home Alone 2
    Christmas With the Kranks
    Santa Claus The Movie
    The Muppet Christmas Carol
    How The Grinch Stole Christmas (original animated version)
    and not forgetting
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  17. Loving all the Family Stone love, its an absolute favourite, I only saw it first time about a year ago but I've already shared it with lots of friends. That dinner table scene is brilliant, and I can totally sympathise with SJPs character too. It's just a really well written moment.
    I didn't know anything about the film when I watched it first but I knew as soon as I saw Diane napping on the bed it was about to take a turn.
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  18. Love Actually, The Family Stone and The Holiday are my "modern classic" Christmas trifecta.

    Haven't seen Last Christmas yet, but it's on my list!
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  19. I do love The Holiday. I think it's Cameron Diaz's best performance. She and Jude Law have great chemistry. I love the scene when she's running and then she takes a break... to catch her breath. Just a perfect moment.
  20. Every year I need to watch:
    Christmas With The Kranks
    Love Actually (Don’t @ me, it’s one of my faves)
    Black Christmas
    Black Xmas (I said don’t @ me!)
    The Family Stone
    The Holiday
    Home Alone 1&2
    Bad Santa

    I used to love Deck The Halls and Jingle All The Way too, but I have had zero interest in watching them for a long time.
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