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Best & Worst Christmas Movies

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Hudweiser, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. I find the characters in Deck the Halls really unlikable. I mean, in the Family Stone, even if you don't like the characters, somehow they're relatable. With Deck the Halls, I don't relate to them or like them.
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  2. I tried Home Alone 2 again today - it's got some good parts but is too remakey and dumbed down. Joe Pesci looked bored af and they went way too slapstick, plus it runs two hours!!!
  3. I don't fuck with Home Alone 2 simply because of the Tr*mp cameo now but it's honestly meh regardless.

    One film that has emerged as a classic for me at least has been Christmas With the Kranks.
  4. OMG I somehow missed him!

    Ally Sheedy reduced to playing an airline clerk though!?
  5. Home Alone 2 is amazing even if it is essentially a complete remake of the first.

    Kevin and Pigeon Lady touched me so much more than him and Old Man Marley.
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  6. I adore Home Alone 2- it’s no where near as good as the first film but it’s got some great festive touches and I love the Irish lady.
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  7. My mum bought Christmas with the Coopers on iTunes and said she’d give me the money for it the next time I saw her (we have a share account so all purchases go on my card).

    She HATED it and therefore didn’t think she should have to give me the money for it!

    For me, these are my Christmas classics.

    - The Grinch
    - Love Actually
    - Home Alone
    - The Family Stone
    - Rise of the Guardians
    - The Holiday

    Last Christmas will definitely be getting added to this list as I LOVED it.
  8. So I’m the only one who thinks Home Alone 2 is infinitely better than the first? It’s a stone-cold classic. It does help that NYC is my favourite city in the world but it’s still brilliant.

    My favourite Christmas movie of all time, however, must be A Muppet’s Christmas Carol, which I’m sure has been mentioned but I can’t be bothered to check!
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  9. Yes I went along to see them filming at the cottage in a village called Shere as my parents live nearby.

    They had covered the whole field in fake snow, and the cottage itself was a fake exterior made of plastic/polystyrene type material I believe.

    We watched Diaz and Law filming a scene where she kisses him in the car I think and got told to hide behind a tree because we were in the shot.

    That’s my whole story.
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  10. Same!
  11. I remember AMC (in the U.S.) aired Home Alone 2... on the night of the election.

    I think Sheedy was doing a favour for John Hughes. Or that's what I've always assumed.

    Home Alone 2 is saved by the NYC setting, and Tim Curry's performance. He's brilliant. I wish he had been the main antagonist instead of retreading Marv and Harry.
  12. I read Ally was considered to play Kevin's mom in the first, so you're probably right in it being a favour for John Hughes.

    The film would be so much better without the re-run of the first movie's gags and villains. It's at its best before they reach the uncle's NY house. Though Culkin was also starting to get just a little bit overexposed at the time.
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  13. Yeah, I find I watch Home Alone 2 up until they head to the uncle's house and then I resume watching for the scene at Rockefeller Center. The gags go on way too long for my liking. I just don't find seeing people getting hit by different objects funny but I understand that's part of the Home Alone appeal.

    I can't imagine anyone else than Catherine O'Hara as Kevin's mom. She is so perfect. Honestly, even an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress wouldn't have seemed silly to me.
  14. I’ve always preferred Home Alone 3 over the other two. I guess because it was the first one I’d seen, wasn’t even aware of the other two until years later.
  15. What? How is this even possible?
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  16. No idea to be honest, blame my parents haha
  17. I really love the original Grinch, but in recent years I’ve found it to be so dark - like literally the colour of it is so grey when it should be absolutely popping from the screen. It’s a tiny thing but it’s kinda ruining the movie for me lately? The sets and costumes should be absolutely bursting with colour but it’s just all so dull. It’s a real shame because the sets look amazing and Jim Carey’s performance is hilarious. I want a restoration of it so that the colour is more saturated. It’s practically black and white!

  18. The Holiday was a good one too.
    Love Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz... And Jack Black!

    Elf is a classic too
    Christmas With the Kranks is kinda so bleh that it's good. I adore Jamie Lee Curtis.
  19. I'll echo so many others and say The Muppet Christmas Carol is the best. Probably the greatest Christmas movie ever made. A Christmas Story might be overplayed but it comes in 2nd - a classic. Meet Me In St. Louis absolutely counts as a holiday film and I love it - one of the greatest musicals of all time. And The Holiday is always fun to watch, though Kate and Jack Black are the better part of the movie. Though I agree Jude was at peak hotness here.
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  20. The Home Alone screening with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra was simply magical.

    I have never really cared for the film’s third section (pratfalls and traps are not really funny to me) but seeing the movie with many children - I get it now.

    The score is one of my favourites. And then to have John Williams - THE John Williams - come on stage after the film was unforgettable. A true meeting of film and music.

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