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Best & Worst Movie Adaptations? (From TV, Cartoon, Video Game or Graphic Novel)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by bonnieetclyde, Dec 22, 2020.

  1. When I think of a lot of these they all seem a bit hit and miss (perhaps with the exception of Marvel movies or early Batman).

    What do you consider the best and worst movie adaptations?
  2. This is a controversial take but Daredevil season 2 is a pretty great adaption of the comics. It takes some liberties with things but it feels like it was taken straight out of the Bendis comics at times. Most comic shows seem to stick to one main story and this had the Punisher, Elektra and the Hand and then Foggy and Karen’s slow loss of Matt to Daredevil. While the Elektra/The Hand stuff could have been a bit stronger, I think it worked pretty well and it felt like I was reading a years worth of a comics.

    Kind of hoping the Disney+ series bring that sort of feeling as the films kind of lack. I only felt that with The Winter Soldier, Thor Ragnarok and I guess I’ll toss in the GOTG films. The comics don’t all feel the same so why should the films/shows?
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  4. Tragic.

    Absolutely Tragic.

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  5. Despite their obvious flaws, I do find the Angelina Jolie Tomb Raider movies pretty fun and felt like they captured the feel of the original games much better.
  6. I think the Alicia Vikander one was so much better than the AJ ones. I love Angelina but those movies were really bad and had little to no real connection to the games.
  7. That's fair. I personally find them really entertaining. I fell asleep at the cinema watching the re-booted movie and have no desire to watch it again. I guess they were basing that one on the modern version of the games and the Jolie ones were based on the originals.
  8. I feel like the Angelina ones weren't based off of anything. There is only the very bare bones of the original Lara games in her movies. I can appreciate not wanting to copy a story from the games but they went too far away from the source material.

    The Alicia one, for me, was a perfect example of taking the ReBoot story and changing it enough to make it feel new.
  9. It was still boring though...........

    I joke. But I really didn't like it. I wonder if they'll bother with a sequel as I don't think the reviews were great?
  10. I found it pretty exciting, but then I love the newer games.
    I think there is a sequel coming, I mean if the AJ one got one this one can.
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    I know most, if not all, video game adaptions are shit, but I quite enjoyed Dead or Alive and all of its cheese.
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