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Betsy - Self titled debut album September 2017

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Jan 21, 2016.

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  2. I should add major props to PressPlayOK for signposting me to this.
  3. Oh come on. Nothing?
  4. I am getting major new star in the making vibes from this. Not one comment from anyone?
  5. Her voice really reminds me of someone. Maybe an 80s singer? Lisa Stansfield or someone? I sort of love it.
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  6. Clare Maguire?
  7. This is going very well on the blogs. Why no comments on here?
  8. Love this so much. She is overdressed for the paddling pool though.
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  9. Half a million plays on Spotify and still doing it for me. Any PJers heard it yet?
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  10. I know a lot of what I post on here is a bit leftfield but i really expected more love for this. I do despair sometimes at the growing lack of engagement - yet endless comments on the atrocious Beyonce single.
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  11. I hadn't seen this before - I try to check New posts rather than just Unread/Watched thread posts....but actually clicked on it expecting Betsy Cook! The wonderful, underrated lady who wrote Docklands and Wonderland and whose 1992 album was, I think?, produced by Trevor Horn.

    Ok, now I have to see who this Betsy is...
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  12. Hmmmmmm.....
  13. Still think she's a star in the making.
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  14. Liking the sound of this. She's got a hint of Annie Lennox in her voice.

    Love the cinematics of the video too.
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  15. She also featured on this song a few years back:

  16. Fair is the kind of atmospheric 80s ballad I secretly hope Alex Parks comes back with one day.
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  17. That video. Blimey.
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  18. The budgie is amazing.
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  19. This song is literally gorgeous.
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