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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by torontodj, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. Anyone watch this show? I love it. Pamela Adlon is terrific. I remember her all the way back to Facts of Life. I love that she allows her character to do unlikable things and yet Sam is still likable. I also like that Sam's daughters are written as complex teenagers.

    And Celia Imrie is a treasure.
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  2. One of the best shows on TV, for sure. The writing is fantastic. I'm glad Pamela Adlon is having so much success.
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  3. Yes! Series 1 was amazing, 2 is a bit opaque so far, but it's a really interesting insight. The daughters are very realistic, going from perfect angels to little shits and back like pendulums.
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  4. Yes, this show should be showered in praise and awards! It's so real in a way not many TV shows can handle, it can get quite deep and emotional while staying funny. Who wouldn't want Sam to be in their real life as a friend?
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  5. One of the most honest, effecting shows on television right now. Pamela Adlon is a revelation & deserves every award imaginable. I can't get enough of this program.
  6. The last episode was one of the best half-hours of television I have ever seen.

    Just wow.
  7. I hope that the Louis C.K. allegations don't affect this show (get it canceled). He wrote or co-wrote every episode this season and all but one in season 1, so dropping him from the creative side of things would be a big shake-up but I'm sure Pamela Adlon could find someone else. FX says they're currently assessing their relationship with him, while HBO has dropped him entirely including removing all of his specials + his series Lucky Louie (which also starred Pamela Adlon) from their On Demand platforms.
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  8. I am happy the season's ending before the Louis-ties make too many waves, but it does make me nervous for the show's future. Pamela's in an awkward spot: it was easy/smart for Tig Notaro to publicly disown his affiliation with her show because it was clear they weren't close, but Pamela and Louis appear to be best friends. They go to awards shows together, they do press together, they work on most of their projects as much as I want her to sever ties, I'm not sure she will, and that certainly leaves the show in jeopardy.

    This week's episode was stupendous! The show continues to cement itself as one of the best TV depictions of familial relationships ever.
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  9. I do wonder how much of the show is Adlon's own ideas, drive, influence, etc.

    If she severed ties with him, I wonder how much the show would change.
  10. If FX dumps all of their C.K. affiliations, that will leave an entire unaired season of Baskets in the trash and lose them two of their biggest comedies. Both have the advantage of not featuring Louis onscreen, but he's so heavily involved with Better Things behind-the-scenes that the show would certainly change a bit without him. But Veep carried on just fine without their creator / original head writer. Many shows have done it.

    The bigger issue will likely be Adlon, who is indeed very close with Louis. I saw his new film at TIFF and she has a big part in it. I wonder what her public reaction will be, if anything.
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  11. That's the thing: I think the show would be just fine without Louis' involvement, but I'm not sure Pamela would do it without him.
  12. FX has officially dropped Louis C.K. but seems like they will keep going onwards with Better Things if Pamela would want to of course.

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  13. I'm really glad she spoke out.
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  14. That's a good statement.

    I get her position.
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  15. Did anyone get to the finale? Just caught it last night & this genius final scene remaking Tilted left me in a pool of tears.

    Arguably the best comedy on television today.
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  16. I honestly think that if these allegations hadn't come out, this would have been Better Things' year at The Emmys (especially if Veep is pushed back and Julia Louis can't take the trophy for Lead Actress). Still, I think their best shot would have been in the writing category, but Louis wrote every goddamn episode this year.
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  17. I agree. Better Things would be a lock in EVERY single way...except that Louis is involved in almost every aspect of the show. Now they can only really hope for a 'Best Actress' nod, and Pamela should be a shoo-in.
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  18. Loved it. One of those few moments where I had NO idea what was going to happen. I thought there is no way she is going to get her a car or something lame like that. Glad to be surprised.
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  19. This show confuses me recently, lots of things kinda start and then get ignored, much like life in a family I guess, but its gear switching has been quite demented recently.
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