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Betty Boo - Boomania!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by RHOPJ, May 11, 2009.

  1. I just hope it isn't totally autotuned. The thought of an autotuned singing and rapping Betty Boo makes me feel ill.
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  2. Having just bought Girls Aloud's debut album I was surprised to see that she wrote and produced a few tracks on it.
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  3. That would be amazing, I love both of her albums.

    The Let Me Take You There video made me gay!
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  4. Imagine my delight when I saw Betty Boo trending on Twitter last night. All the love for our icon!
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  5. I guess the new material was delayed until next year? I was SO looking forward to it!
  6. It seems that way.

    Fuck you Covid.
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  7. Maybe she was simply delaying it until after her forthcoming appearances on Top of the Pops 1990 as a small bit of retro promotion of her name.
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  8. I'd heard that story before. Eeeek.

    I'm still waiting for the new single and album she's putting out.
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  9. We all are.
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  10. She's signed. It happened last year. I'm like...hurry up, but I'm also completely understanding of the current situation.
  11. What was it? Just a blank square now…
  12. Hmm it was Betty with a fan at Hoopla but maybe he took it down or the acc is private? She looked amazing.
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  13. Cool… Would have been fab to see Betty!

    I hope the new music is still coming.
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  14. I took this picture at her set in Liverpool 'Let's rock...' festival a few weeks back and she does indeed look fab. Great 5 song set as well. betty boo.jpg
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  15. Gorgeous!

    Where is this new album though?!?
  16. That Brits dress is so iconic.

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  17. Never seen that before. My beating little heart.

    Happy Mondays for best newcomer in 1990, though. Whoops.
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