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Betty Boo - Boomerang (Oct 14)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by popmachine, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Ditto. Having read the post, I re-listened to the song. Honestly, I don’t hear Sophie on backing vocals at all. It would be impossible to miss her distinct vocals even in the background. Maybe she is featured on the album version of the song. Her insta-story is quite cryptic. “I sing with her on this song on the album”
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  2. I think there are more guest slots on the album, but I don't know for sure.
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    Betty Boo’s the best thing since sliced bread.
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  4. I like the new song but lyrically it is very predictable and a bit basic...
  5. It is a very trad pop song, but I appreciate that Betty's feeling her way slowly back into music again.
  6. Betty Mars vibes
  7. I love both singles she has done this year. Both songs are super fun. I'm living. Bring on the album.

    Also, I wish this thread was in the Comeback Corner. Many more people were commenting when it was there.
  8. I'm delighted to see her in the main section! Isn't it lovely that she doesn't need to be relegated to Comeback Corner?
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  10. I saw that Betty Boo performed at Let's Rock Wales over the weekend. Anyone have the set list?
  11. Here is a video on YourTube of her performing Where Are You Baby? ...

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  12. Didn't she tease new album news a week or so ago? Did we actually hear anything after that?
  13. She's doing a live Instagram on Friday so maybe we will learn more then!
  14. Ever since this thread moved from the Comeback Corner to here, no one posts here. I wish it would move back.

    Anyway, her live chat on Instagram was fab. She has 2 more singles coming before the album this fall. She already has test pressings on vinyl. Sophie Ellis-Bextor is on the album. As is David Grey and Chuck D, who are both on the next single.

    I asked her about collaborating with Bananarama and she said she'd love to as she quite likes Keren and Sara. I'm going to campaign for Tripping On Your Love 2022 by Bananarama featuring Betty Boo!

  15. I love that Chuck D is on the album. It sounds random until you remember how it all started for Betty.
  16. Imagine they´d do a cover of some early Public Enemy tracks like Bring The Noise or Black Steel in The Hour Of Chaos. Chuck and Betty battling it out would be amazing!
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  17. Love this.
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  18. Pre-ordered the signed vinyl!
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