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Betty Who - 2nd Album & 'Human Touch' (Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by CaliforniaKing, May 31, 2016.

  1. After a wildly brilliant first album, looks like Betty is coming back to save the summer-- just posted this on Facebook:


    Let's go, Betty! Bring the heat!

    (I really hope the title isn't 'I Love You AF')
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  2. I enjoyed her first album, though it didn't have a lot of staying power with me. High Society is a jam though.

    Also she's super nice and insanely tall holy shit.

    Please don't tell me the title means "I Love You As Fuck" though...
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  3. She just performed at some raggedy gay bar down here. Come to think of it, the promo for her first album has really been 100% with The Gays. I still use High Society and jam to Dreamin' About You, though. The whole album kinda felt like budget Teenage Dream.
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  4. I never actually listened to the full album because it took FIVE HUNDRED YEARS to finally reach the UK, but The Movement and Convertible Nights EPs were both fantastic. High Society is indeed The One.

    Yes! I saw her in a tiny pub venue in Glasgow last year and she genuinely had to perform hunched over 'cause the ceiling was too low.
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  5. Oh my god, the full album is perfect- you have to check it out (though I can't believe the original listing didn't include 'Giving Me Away'...)
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  6. It's one I've always meant to go back to! I'll definitely give it a listen before #ILYAF.

    (Why was my first thought "I Love You Anne Frank"? I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_.)
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  7. Strangely fitting, given that this is what allowed her to become a 'thing' in the first place.

    What dreadful, shameless attempt to pander to The Gays will she be rolling out next?
  8. I still listen to High Society quite often so I'm in.
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  9. The first album is pretty amazing (besides the ballads) so I'm down for some new Who.
  10. She'll debut a brand new song called Dragged Queen which is basically an EDM beat with Betty reciting arch putdowns ("Your ass is as deep and hollow as an artificial leg," etc) while the video will obviously feature Drag Race queens, but only the rubbish ones like Serena ChaCha, Rebecca Glasscock, and Penny Tration. It would be like the time Lady Gaga cast the Real Housewives in her G.U.Y. video, but without the excessively high budget.
  11. Perhaps a sponsorship for a second-tier gay underwear brand. (One suspects Andrew Christian is too upmarket for her)
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  12. I adore her, I adore the first album, and I'm ready for this. "I Love You Always Forever"? maybe? Don't tell Donna Lewis...
  13. It'll be an ironic cover of 'Johnny, Are You Queer?' designed to promote and push Sukrew jockstraps. With the download card attached to the band.
  14. Just Like Me remains my melancholic jam.
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  15. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I adore her debut - A Night To Remember is an absolute gem. I'm so ready for more from her
  16. MB


    It felt quite strange as I loved both of the EP's but the album didn't quite click with me. I do welcome new music and hopefully she'll get more success this time round!
  17. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    Finally a relatable pop star for me.
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  19. I still use Silas quite a bit, I hope she brings a stronger album this time.

    I would be only somewhat disappointed...
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