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Betty Who - 2nd Album & 'Human Touch' (Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by CaliforniaKing, May 31, 2016.

  1. If you cherry pick tracks from Take Me When You Go, Carly Slae's Kiss, and 1989 you get a really terrific playlist.
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  2. If you remove Take Me When You Go, add tracks from Don't Stop, then add a few more from any B-52's album in place of the 1989 get an even better playlist!

    I don't know this from experience as I've never actually created that playlist.
  3. Well, her Facebook just posted that the title is I Love You Always Forever, so that's looking likely.

    I Love You Always Forever is one of my favorite ever songs, so I'm a bit nervous if it's a cover. It's hard to top something that's already perfect.
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  5. I like the sound of that iTunes preview. It's more...restrained than I was expecting, which is good.

    It does sort of sound like one of those covers that would soundtrack an ad for Sandals or eHarmony though
  6. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I don't particularly want a cover, but I think Betty + I Love You Always Forever is a pretty great match
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  7. Edu


    But will Donna come for her just like she did with poor Jojo?
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  8. I am 100% not here for this. Jojo already did it (and by the sounds of it, did it much better). I'm out until Betty releases something original. Not sure who thought this was a good idea, but this is a fresh mess.
  9. Did she learn the lyrics phonetically?
  10. Sounds like they sucked the soul out of it. The original sounds fresher than this.
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  11. ...Why?
  12. This sounds like the aural version of styrofoam...and I love the original. Can't believe DONNA LEWIS of all people is the type to clapback at covers of her song...s. But, scalp away Donn'Ta.
  13. The original is timeless.
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  14. 2014

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    You're all making assumptions from a snippet, right? Or is the full version out there?
  15. Full version is out there.

    And yeah, JoJo's small take is 10x better than this. I love Betty to death, but when the original is so fantastic, it's a bold move to cover this. Not sure it works, unfortunately.
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  16. Agree 100%. I actually find it infuriatingly stupid of her 'team' to do something like this. It's not cute or kitsch-y (I bet they were going for 'indie cred')-- but it's stale.
  17. I bet Betty already had the rights before Jojo released her "freebie", so Donna blocked Jojo's knowing she had the BW coin coming.
  18. I sure hope she didn't make any purchases with the money she expected to get from this cover.

    I wasn't exactly primed to like this, but it's really dreadful. The production is so cheap - it sounds like something you would expect from a theater group at, like, a school whose name starts with Loyola. And her phrasing is off pretty much throughout; it doesn't sound like she quite understands the words she's singing.

    There has always been such a cynicism and contempt for the audience pervading everything related to the whole "Betty Who" project but this reaches new heights; she's basically Sam Smith in a wig now.
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  19. ... I graduated from Loyola! Rude.
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  20. Oops. Yes, that was rude of me. Sorry.
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