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Betty Who - 2nd Album & 'Human Touch' (Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by CaliforniaKing, May 31, 2016.

  1. Damn I'm disappointed this is true. The bridge is also pretty heaven/what I expect from her. Why are we going simultaneously for a "This Is How We Do" knockoff and Kesha-lite on those verses?!?

    "Human Touch" is leagues better than this.
  2. Guy


    It's not on Spotify US yet, but I listened to the iTunes preview and it sounds truly awful. Her debut was probably one of my most played albums in 2015, so I'm seriously bummed that this campaign is 0/3 for me so far.
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  3. Some Kind of Wonderful is very Icona Pop. I don't find it particularly remarkable, but it's very listenable. I like it.
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  4. Some Kind Of Wonderful isn't very good. The chorus is just... ok, the verses are really bad, the bridge is the best part.
  5. I completely agree. I almost stopped listening after the first 5 seconds but waited for the chorus out of curiosity. It definitely seems like two different songs.
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  6. The verses are very [​IMG] (the facial expression, not the artist pulling it).

    Betty sounds like FEMME on this one.
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  7. I know that was the face I was making while listening to it if I'm being honest.
  8. 1. Her name is already 'Betty Who'
    2. The image is completely anonymous
    (Deluxe Edition: The music is, too)
    3. The cover is inadvertently advertising an album by 'The Who'

    This is going to be a complete disaster, isn't it?

    30 copies sold shocker.
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  9. Some Kind of Wonderful is serving Wannabe 2017. It is amazing. AMAZING.
    What the Spice Girls should be releasing if they were releasing. Add to that the fact Betty sounds like Mel C...

    Anyway am I stanning? I am.
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  10. Some Kind of Wonderful... No thanks, keep it. Those verses are awful.
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  11. The verses are very:
    'How come every time you come around
    My London London Bridge want to go down'
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  12. Some Kinda Wonderful is incredibly obnoxious but I'm kind of getting my life.

  13. MY GOD YES.
  14. Yuck. I'm so disappointed.
  15. MB


    I actually love it. Perched for the album.
  16. Some Kinda Wonderful is fun but totally forgettable. Good for a filler album track but not single worthy in my opinion. That being said I'm very excited to hear the whole thing because her last album was great! Based on the three songs we've heard so far I love the sound direction for the album! Pure Bop Pop!
  17. Nothing has matched the highs of her debut so far, but I'm still in support of her! I appreciate that she's doing some new things with her sound.
  18. Too true. I thought the track was unlistenable, but then the chorus kicks in & I'm taken to pop heaven...until Verse 2.
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  19. Guy


    Just listened to the full thing; yes it's terrible, but I must be trash, because I'm actually bopping?
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  20. Guy


    Ok I've been hammering this disaster of a song all week, and I'm about to buy tickets to her tour where Ticketmaster has her listed as an alternative rock artist.
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