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Betty Who - Betty (3rd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Enrique Garcia, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. After blessing us with countless bops and the Betty -Pt. 1 EP this year, Australian queen has been hard at work on her third studio album and just announced her new single. Out this Wednesday. I’m here for it.

  2. Part 1 is a great EP, so bring it on.
  3. She’s touring the US in January/February opening for Panic! at The Disco. Love them both, I’m excited for her.
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  4. Oh I love how she’s doing very well on her own. Go Betty!
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  5. More Look Back/Taste and less Just Thought You Should Know, please.
  6. Hopefully a Hilary Duff cover.
  7. I'll gladly take more of all of those, because they're all amazing.
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  8. What are the general thoughts on The Valley? The debut is still exceptional but I barely use the follow up.
  9. I really don't bother with her debut but The Valley is really underappreciated for it's basic pop glory. Betty, Pt 1 is her best work thus far, though.
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  10. Girl.

    (technically the last two were from EPs but those got folded into the debut album when it was released digitally so they still count)
  11. I trust your taste the most on this friggin' forum so I will dive in, sis! Runaways is that 80s bop!
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  12. Aw shucks. To be honest, I'm of the firm belief that The Valley was a significant step down from the debut, so I'm interested to see how you end up feeling.
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  13. Add Glory Days and this is immaculate.
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  14. "All of You" as well! That is still my top fav from The Who.
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  15. I... own both of the albums and I remember just how 5 songs go right now. The EP was great though.
  16. The Valley might feel basic production wise, but she’s giving me all the hooks, and bops and heartbreak anthems that I love. In its essence it is still Betty.
  17. Pretend You're Missing Me is that heartbreak song.
  18. YES. I’ve also cried to Wanna Be countless times.
  19. A Night To Remember is still that song.
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  20. Take Me When You Go is still wonderful. Not a bad song on it, even the ballads are a nice change of pace. The Valley isn't awful but it's generic as hell and has none of the charm of the debut.
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