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Betty Who - Betty (3rd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Enrique Garcia, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. Sis, give The Valley a chance again. There are some absolute bops in there.
  2. The Valley is...flawed, especially in comparison to the first album (and the cover blows), but there are some Moments there. Mama Say, Human Touch, and Blue Midnight Heaven Crush were great.

    I'm still extremely disappointed by her cover of I Love You Always Forever, though. How are you gonna decide to cover one of the greatest songs of all time, one that on paper is perfect for you, and then put out a rendition that sounds that neutered?
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  3. I was on board during the first album era but most things she did since then has a whiff of desperation to them, something I think people can sniff out.
  4. The weird thing is, I used to think she was SO COOL. And now? Not so much.
  5. In other news, High Society remains The One™.
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  6. The odd thing about her to me is she seems like such a hard worker, but when the quality of what she does is so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it all seems for not.
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  7. This is dull, which is a shame because I thought the most recent EP was a return to form of sorts.
  8. Wow, it is incredibly dull.

    I think at this point I’m taking Human Touch and running. ‘Twas fun while it lasted Betty.
  9. Missing You remains her most gorgeous song.
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  11. I’m sorry but... I don’t know him?
  12. As if drunkenly dragging someone off stage when no one asked isn't a moment.
  13. I like her, but I always thought her voice was painfully similar to Katy perry’s voice, which isn’t that pleasing to begin with
  14. The only one, for me

  15. Cute video, wish it was for a better song though. Saw Out magazine tweet about it being remarkably queer which got me excited considering she talked about how she's been in relationships with women back in October.

    Glad she can still chuck out videos as an independent artist, it's good to see how she's invested in her career. Now just give us the bops again.
  16. The video is cute! I also like the song better than most.
  17. Guy


    New single out January 10th. She described it as a ‘dance-bop.’ Cautiously perched.
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  18. The cover is a serve. The title is making me scream.
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  19. Entertainment Tonight using “coming for wigs” makes me so irrationally annoyed.
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