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Betty Who - Betty (3rd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Enrique Garcia, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. If the new stuff could be more like Just Thought You Should Know that would be great. She’s just not consistent when it comes to the quality of what she puts out at all.
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  2. @lushLuck needs to get ha people in line
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  3. I... don't like that album cover at all
  4. I’m perched for the new single, the “dance-bop” genre is usually where she shines
  5. Melanie C Northern Star era realness.
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  6. Sorry, not sorry.
  7. Scream at her addressing fans wanting something to dance to in response to Between You & Me and literally saying ‘I’ll give you what you want.’ I’m all for her growing and trying new things, but it just didn’t pack the right punch for me. Hopeful that I Remember is a return to form.
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  8. First the Betty Who - The Valley/The Who - Betty Valley mixup and now I Remember Betty Who... I can't with her album art typography anymore.
  9. How is she the one Australian popstar that’s able to consistently release music?
  10. She looks like a mix of Taylor Swift and P!nk on that album cover!
  11. That’s called money, sis.

    I’m just guessing tho, I don’t really know .
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  12. Paris Hilton has money and has released 0 albums since that debut in 1981.
  13. "I Remember Betty Who" instead of "Betty Who : I Remember" is definitely a choice. Irony queen.
  14. But does @Nunya B remember Betty Who?
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  15. Good
  16. Why are we bringing toxicity into 2019 with us
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  17. It’s not like music is her main focus either...
  18. [​IMG]
    1. Old Me
    2. Do with It
    3. Just Thought You Should Know
    4. I Remember
    5. Marry Me
    6. Language
    7. Taste
    8. All This Woman
    9. Between You & Me
    10. Ignore Me
    11. Whisper
    12. The One
    13. Stop Thinking About You
  19. nn don't tell me she heard all of you ribbing her for her font choices and decided to scrap the cover and do without.
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  20. Ugh I love her but I can’t at her adding Ignore Me, Taste and Just Thought You Should Know to the album. I want NEW material, but excited for the album regardless
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