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Betty Who - Betty (3rd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Enrique Garcia, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. Taste is still one of my favourites. She fill the inoffensive bubblegum-pop bubble that Meghan Trainor attempts without all of the...Meghan-ness.
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  2. Guy


    Fun fact: She and Meghan actually went to Berklee College of Music together. I’ve always been pretty bitter that of the two, Meghan was the one to really break out, but at least Betty is still capable of getting her albums released
  3. I don't get how Taste made the album but Look Back didn't. They are both kind of trash, but at least Look Back is fun trash.
  4. Guy


    The EP was incredible, one of my favorite releases last year, a serious return to form, etc.
    But.. all the tracks from it should have stayed there. They have no business on the album. It’s not like they were hit singles, so like, what was the point?
  5. I’m pleasantly surprised by this. It’s nothing revolutionary but it’s all solid well-produced pop. Definitely a return to form after The Valley which was algorithm-driven pop at its worst.
  6. This is much better than The Valley. "Language" is my favourite.
  7. So, I think this might be my favorite Betty Who record.

    Take Me When You Go blew me away in its day, but in hindsight, she is so buried in all those layers of instrumentation. This record seems to be what she wanted The Valley to be, because it does listen like a close cousin to that record -- but this new one has more personality and variation. She has always been here for a good time, not to push boundaries, so I'm not quite sure why anybody would be upset that this record isn't revolutionary.

    Favorites are Just Thought You Should Know, Marry Me, and The One. (That last one is so incredibly Y2K-era Max Martin. No idea how she nailed it down that well.)

    Wrote a very quick review that includes a bit about pop's rebirth under the mainstream's radar.
  8. SCREAMED at the “albums getting released” bit lol they actually released their debuts around the same time, but she always had way more personality than Meghan in my opinion. And here is Betty on her third record, selling out shows, doing it all independent. I really don’t know how funding records works for indie artists, but I assume that Betty either makes a lot of money off of touring, or has money to invest in her music. Which is great cause I love her and her music, so keep the bops coming.
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  9. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    she'll never do better than this;

    I wish she'd done a video for it.
  10. I really really want this album to make into Billboard 200.
  11. I just listened to the iTunes previews, and there seem to be at least six bops here. Where’s the promotion at? This sounds really cool
  12. Whisper is that BOP. It's quite a great little pop album.
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  13. I have a really strong feeling that Betty has a lot of potential to blow up in UK/Europe. I am not saying that she should ignore US but i feel like she should give UK/Europe a shot.
    What do you guys think?
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  14. MB


    Good lord yes. I'd love her to do a tour. I've introduced so many people to Betty who all enjoy her music. Clutching at straws but H from Steps is a fan so maybe we'll get her supporting them on their next tour (in 2020!)
  15. She did a few shows in Europe before, during the The Valley era (I think she played London, Paris, and Berlin), I think she has what it takes to blow up anywhere, but people just keep sleeping on her lol
    The Panic tour gave her some good exposure though and she keeps booking good gigs like the Kesha cruise, The James Corden Show, so hopefully she’ll get the recognition she deserves soon.
  16. The One is what all music should sound like in 20191999. Genius!
  17. I'm here to say how much The One has changed my life. That's all.
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  18. Also Stop Thinking About You is gorgeous, and is giving me I Love You Always Forever teas.
  19. This album is genuinely a breath of fresh air after The Valley, which is hilarious considering it's more or less her going back to the sound that worked for her in the first place. It's all really solid, and even Between You & Me in all its facelessness is easily ignoreable.

    Welcome back Betty!
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