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Betty Who - BIG!

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Enrique Garcia, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. Betty Who makes fantastic, straight-forward pop music. I am in LOVE with her new single. Can’t wait for a new album!

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  2. Not really a fan of the new single, it doesn't bash you over the head the way it should. She knows her niche and rarely deviates from it.
  3. God dammit this is great. Figures, since Martin Johnson is involved. Genius
  4. So happy to have her back! Great song.
  5. This is just so painfully flat for me. It never really takes off in any way. Shame
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  6. I like it, I just think the lyrics and the message are a little too cheesy for me, but I’m looking forward to the album
  7. Same day as Ava Max and Tove Lo.

  8. And The 1975, 10/14 it's going to be packed
  9. That is a lovely album cover.
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  10. New song out. It’s cute, but extremely basic. Not saying that her music was groundbreaking but everything this era just sounds a bit bland, and I used to be the biggest Betty Who apologist in this forum. Like one would think she would go the opposite route after going independent.

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  11. MB


    Whilst I loved Blow Out My Candle I’m not really enjoying She Can Dance unfortunately.
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  13. High Society, Runaways and Human Touch remain an impeccable holy trinity.
  14. Tracklisting via Apple Music
    1. BIG - 3:36
    2. WEEKEND - 3:33
    3. HEY, IT'S BETTY - 1:20
    4. BLOW OUT MY CANDLE - 2:59
    5. I CAN BE YOUR MAN - 3:27
    6. SHE CAN DANCE - 3:04
    7. SOMEONE ELSE - 3:34
    8. THE HARD WAY - 3:25
    9. ONE OF US - 2:44
    10. AMELIA'S VOICEMAIL - 0:53
    11. GROWN UPS GROW APART - 3:54
    (Edited to add track lengths)
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  15. I think the remix is much better. I too am not the biggest fan of She Can Dance.
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  16. Hm, she's touring in 2023! AND coming to my area!
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    Booked meet & greet for London. Thought I'd make the effort for good ol' Betty.
  18. Okay, I really thought I wasn't going to like this album as much because She Can Dance was such an odd choice for a single in my opinion, but I'm enjoying it a lot. Weekend and Someone Else are the stand outs from my first listen. Both songs are up there among her best.
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  19. I’m starting my listen now. Big is beautiful, if kind of cheesy. It’s very Disney soundtrack. In a good way!
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