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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by _Gru_, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. Just wondered if there was any other fans? Been working my way though all ten seasons. Not watched it all in years.

    Obviously being a big Charmed fan I love Brenda as played by uber talented Shannen Doherty however my fave character is Andrea (see my av) she is so unintentionally hilarious and Gabrielle is another great actress.

    Tori Spellings acting makes me weep.

    Fave season? I love three with the big love triangle. I liked when they were at High School over College. Andrea at the blaze and David and Donna running the radio station. Classic.

    Brenda vs Valerie?

    Both great characters played by great actresses. Wish they both had been on at the same time.
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  2. KAG


    I preferred Melrose Place but 90210 was fun during the Valerie years. Brenda was a good character and Shannen out acted everyone else, however the show was too issue based and earnest in those seasons. Andrea and Brandon's friendship was cute though.
  3. I will be watching Melrose Place next. Have never watched that ever but seen clips. I believe the first and last season's are the worst.

    I quite like the issue based episodes like the one about the girl being date raped.

    It does become much soapier in Season 2 though.
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  4. The first season of Melrose is a bit of a trial, but the last third is when it starts to find its feet for the amazing four seasons to follow.

    I have fond memoirs of BH90210 getting aired on a Saturday late evening on ITV, before Baywatch. Amazing stuff, Brenda was EVERYTHING.
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  5. I love Shannen and Brenda's a great character but the show itself isn't that great. The latter seasons especially are hard to get through. Melrose Place is better.
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  6. Can't say I'm looking forward to revisiting the Matt and Noah seasons. Gina was pretty good though I recall her saying Tori and Jennie were really unpleasant to her.

    Apparently Shannen was offered the chance to return in Season 9 with Luke Perry but declined the offer to do Charmed instead. I'm glad she did.
  7. Oh really? I'm glad she took the risk and went with Charmed. Season 9 was pretty bad. I couldn't imagine anyone else playing Prue either.
  8. BH90210 and Melrose Place were my absolute life when they were on the air. I was usually left devastated after each episode.
    I bought all seasons on dvd but have never watched them because I have no time and because I do hear that a lot of the music has been replaced. I do have them all on VHS taped from tv but not in stereo and obviously if I were to watch them again it would have to be in digital quality.
    Brenda and Donna were my favorites, I never like Kelly. I did have a soft spot for Andrea.
    Grant Show was a bit of a dream for many I'm sure.
  9. I hate how they replaced REMs "Losing My Religion" in the iconic Brenda & Dylan break up scene.

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  10. I love this scene haha

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  11. I tried watching this when they started airing it nightly on CBS Drama a while back as I was so aware of its reputation, but I just couldn't get into it. However, I did low-key enjoy the trashtastic Lifetime movie: "The Unauthorized Bevery Hills, 90210 Story." The casting was spot on.

    I did watch the first four seasons of "90210" (the CW one) but had to give it up due to increasing crappiness. It was always in guilty pleasure territory, but then it just started sucking.
  12. KAG


    I only watched the first two seasons of 90210 and it was okay, however not as juicy as Gossip Girl. It’s a shame Lucille Bluth 2.0 didn’t stick around for long though. The remake of Melrose Place was dull. Katie Cassidy was the only redeeming part.
  13. Oh no please don't turn this thread into a discussion of the god awful 90210.
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  14. I loved 90210, it did lose its way towards the end but the first 3 seasons in particular were amazing.

    I watched the first season of BH90210 when I was about 10 and my mum fancied Luke Perry and I fancied Jennie Garth, I totally wanted to be like Kelly when I grew up (it didn't happen) About 8 years ago I bought the first 6 seasons on DVD with the intention of buying them all but I started to lose interest around season 5.

    Gutted that they had to change the music.
  15. The remake of 90210 was good for the first 2 series but lost it's way. I loved the remake of Melrose Place. Shame it only lasted one series.
  16. It was around season 3/4 when 90210 went from being a nice piece of drama fluff to being totally diabolical shit.
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  17. Has Beverly Hills 90210 been issues in any other country on DVD with a chance of real music and unedited episodes?
  18. I don't believe so.

    There are TV rips "out there" though with the original music.
  19. I remember, what people had to resort to before studios started to release tv shows I believe.
  20. Another iconic scene so cheesy yet fabulous.

    I mean as if all these people cared about Donna Martin graduating mahaha

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